Mermaids, strange creatures, demons – Things an Old sailor saw at SEA

A Nigerian man who had a conversation with an old sailor with about 30 years of experience, and many encounters with mermaids, demons and strange creatures, has narrated what he was told.

The man identified as Yemi on Twitter revealed that the sailor spoke about bizarre occurrences on the sea, with his encounter with a creature that had 6 eyes.

Mermaids, strange creatures, demons – Things an Old sailor saw at SEA

He also spoke on his encounter with mermaids and described how ugly they are, as against the general belief they are beautiful mythical creatures.

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People that spend months working on ships on water have the bizarre scariest stories to tell… the wonders in the seas and water is 10x more bizarre compared to land.

Dude started with there are more dead bodies in the water than land, victims of war, illegal travellers etc… sometimes while sailing through they come across floating dead bodies on then middle of night, numbering to 70+ makes him wonder where they came from.

And strange creatures, gigantic sea creatures come out at midnight, morelike that is their play time, and there is a gigantic version of every sea creature!

Confirming his take, science admitted to naming just 10% of sea creatures, meaning there are over 90% undiscovered creatures plus he gave a story of coming across a 6 eyed creature that swam above, each eye ball had light.. Lol

Sometimes when they are fast asleep, a particular creature makes a noise louder than 50 loud speakers put together by his description, it’s noise vibrates things on the ship and scatter, the sound moves containers filled with goods..

Further more he explained the average super giant creature is capable of capsizing 3 ships before dawn.. sometimes they feel threatened and attack, plus he said many of the ships underwater were attacked by creatures, explains why most times accidents on water is unexplainable

He explained God separated land and water for a reason and to a large extent, humans should keep to land, if it was possible for a revolution to happen and giant creatures under seas could breath on land? They will wipe out humans worldwide in a flash

He furthermore explained the sea dragon he saw.. gigantic creature with the head of a dragon with spikes on it but fish tail, mouth wide enough to swallow 4 humans put together, I digged deeper and realise the only one caught happened in the 1910. The baby version tho

And to mermaid he confirmed that existed too.. He is a sailor and has been at it for over 30 years, he claimed to have seen a mermaid in 1996, and the pictures of them in movies is laughable, he said mermaid look like humans truly but extremely ugly, at least the one he saw

He then continued in another thread

Okayyyy… Firstly every story and facts of this thread of the sea is proven real from a sailor of over 30 years with vast experiences both on and in the sea and was seen with the eye and felt too… Some which aren’t scientifically proven cuz they still lack behind.

I’m sure most people don’t know the sea comes in stages like the twilight zone, sunlidlght, midnight, trench zone etc… but we will get to that later in the thread… but the creatures first which my curiosity was really based on.

Started with an experience he had in 1999, on the sea in the cold weather, he came upshore to smoke and heard melodies coming from the waters sounds like a dull guitar sound with a mix of sounds of beads clashing. He turned on bright lamp and saw a glimpse of a giant eel.

With limbs, swam just below the ship but was disturbed by the light, he described the eel was a size of 2 sedan cars parked on a row, and it had the eyeball of a human but much bigger.. and that was his second time seeing it, a creature that is yet to be named or found by science

And this creature makes a sound in form of a melody, like a melody that serves as a decoy to attract prey or something. not to talk of fishes with 2 heads like siamese twins, 2 heads in one body not a birth defect & a resemblance of a catfish, he said they have caught about 5

In 2002 a German diver worked with them, dived into the sea and came with shocking facts that the sea has different layers that has effects and powers he felt. There is a depth and layer you dive into and get the sudden urge to sleep..

With the oxygen mask and all.. this layer has an effect on the brain and in a space of 5 secs if you don’t swim above the layer you will doze off. Another layer makes you hallucinate, the diver said he got to that layer and saw his daughter and his late mother, hallucination tho.

Every diver is advised not to get to 3000ft when diving cuz at that point is the midnight zone, the light rays from the sky doesn’t get there.. in there is total darkness and they perceived certain spirits works there, even science confirmed the midnight zone as dangerous..

And till date haven’t confirmed forces that operates there asides the black sea dragon, my friend confirmed they caught one durning industrial fishing process, something of this nature. Only moves in the midnight zone, there are the giant sizes capable of swallowing humans too.

2004 his friend, also a sailor too and a ghanian man (now late) mysteriously became dumb after he claimed to have seen a merman (male version of a mermaid). While on a ship, he sailed with a smaller boat for cruise alone in the evening and after about 30mins suddenly screamed..

The workers on the ship set out to rescue him with another boat, he had fainted but they brought him back to the ship. And after reviving he kept telling them he saw a mermaid with beards, looks so much like a man rocked his boat from under and hit him with what he wasn’t sure of

He kept murmuring this for about 20 mins while the ship crew tried to calm him and in about an hour later he became dumb and suffered partial stroke too…he lost his life in this sickness, which confirmed it to the crew then that truly mermaid exists in both Male in female forms

Just like humans, he said the believe of sailors is God created humans & animals to be on land while humans rule over animals just as he created mermaids & mermans to be in the water to rule over water creatures, and he strongly believes they live in a community just like humans

And that they dwell in the deepest part of the ocean called the “challenger zone” and 2 scientists that travels in the submarines confirmed this, they are populated too but maybe not as much as humans but they indeed exists but not in the shallow waters.

But also swim up to shore once in a while too, the water is their zone so its understandable…There are Creatures of the sea with complex brains close to humans, live longer too, there are creatures of 600 years old in the sea. E.g the cracken, a giant octopus found the pacific

An adult cracken is capable of sinking a ship as big as titanic effortlessly with its arms, but this creatures appears once in a while in a glimpse and sometimes looks like a dream, he said his Norway sailor friend saw one and reported but scientists didn’t believe him…

He explained a zone called the abyss zone, the zone before the challenge deep and after the midnight zone.. the abyss zone has it’s own light rays lol, light from the sun doesn’t get there but mysteriously it has it’s light from God knows where, a scientist he worked with…

Confirmed this also, the light Ray’s is greenish in color and very bright it hasn’t been recorded cuz research are still going on it and researchers left this part out when explaining. If you Google abyss zone, it explains it but they left out the explanation of light rays lol

I told us about the zones right?
Now note that every thing of nature on land is also in the seas. Forest, hills, mountains, even trees are all in the seas too, it’s like a replica of nature and in the trench zone is a forest.

In the challenger zone is the mountains and hills as speculated, and it was noted mermaids and mermans dwell in the challenger zone, morelike as humans climb hills and mountains for sport on land, high chances are mermaids do the replica in the seas too

There are plants in water, only difference is the plants on land aren’t that harmful and gigantic but the plants in the seas are, most are gigantic and you can feel them breathe, they swallow fishes too and def swallows man made objects and boats

In 1994 the brain box of a plane that crashed in the Pacific was obtained from a mini gigantic plant, it had swallowed it but it was retrieved by divers was when they got a proof that plants in waters are swallowed.

More intriguing he told me there are rivers in the sea too.. sounds crazy right? I was confused too till I Google up and marine insight confirmed there are flowing rivers in the sea. Below is a flowing river in the Mexican sea

This river water ph level and characteristics is different from the sea, after research it was confirmed salty sea water didn’t mix with the river and furthermore they are lakes, lagoons etc.. confirming everything of nature on land is also in the sea.

Let’s go upshore… he said somewhere in the Indian Ocean they nicknamed a place “no fear zone” because creatures from the sea swims above and they are ready to look at you eyeball to eyeball, morelike they let you know this is their zone and you dare not try to harm any

Any attempt to hurt one of them they will attack you in packs, he said you can almost feel their lifestyle, feels like a community and they look out for each other, local fisherman don’t even bother go fishing in this zone cuz the piranha fishes in this zone can eat thru metals.

And going by statistics, he said there are over 80 planes crashed in the sea and over 100 ships and boats and by estimation over a billion human skeletons.

And the sea monsters have been regulated by some law of nature not to swim beyond a limit, somehow the water pressure suppresses them, which explains why we barely see any sea monster swim in swallow level but only when they die, the water floats up their corpse.

But he confirmed there are sea monsters and many of them.. he said his ship has been hit by one before, just the tail of the monster hit the ship and there was a great turbulence, a cleaner on the ship saw it and told them.. it was 10 times the size of their ship!


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