“Mercy Johnson is a witch, she pretends a lot”, Actress Angelina Okorie spits fire

Nollywood actress, Mercy johnson might have found herself amidst crisis which started in less than 5 hours ago.

Few minutes after a Nollywood actress, Sonia Ogiri called out Mercy Johnson to address her as an actress who is very proud & evil, another actress has come to validate the claim.

In addition to what Sonia said about Mercy Johnson, she went to buttress her point by calling her the worst pretentious person ever.

She wrote:

She’s the worst pretentious person I have ever seen, Eye services won’t let others talk.

In a reply by Angelina Okorie to support Sonia, she also revealed she did more than that for her, but she confronted her which led to Mercy Johnson fighting her spiritually and physically.

She wrote:

She did worse than that to me and I confronted her and she started fighting me spiritually and physically, oil dey my head small small witches no reach abeg,

Mercy Johnson is yet to respond to any of the allegations via her social media pages.


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  1. I don’t know how bad the situation with Mercy was, but bullying is not strange amongst celebrities. The fact that in a race of life everybody wants to be at the top and no one wants to be outshine by anybody.So Mercy did nothing strange, for the spiritual battle….we don’t see and we cannot judge but one thing for sure, there’s a God.
    So please allow the poor lady to enjoy her shine….God decided to smile on her for a reason and nothing can take that shine.
    If she’s evil it’s between her and God for there’s nothing between light and darkness. Till then, we love you Mercy.

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