Mercy Aigbe bends pillars in hips editing gone wrong

Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe who tried getting the perfect hip in a new photo she shared on Instagram ended up bending pillars.

Mercy Aigbe bends pillars in hips editing gone wrong lailasnews

The photo Mercy Aigbe shared came with the caption;

Goodmorning Guys 😘
Keep pushing , Keep Grinding !
Go Get it

However bended pillars was one of the highlight of the photo, which social media users were quick to point out.

Mercy Aigbe bends pillars in hips editing gone wrong lailasnews 1

Mercy Aigbe has been at the center of many controversies lately. Few months ago, she addressed the controversial red dress she wore for her 40th birthday photo-shoot. The actress on her Instagram page said she contacted a stylist who got her all the clothes for her birthday and had no idea that the dress belonged to someone else let alone a bride.

She wrote, “I have followed events as they unfold following a particular dress I wore for a photoshoot. First, I must say that I sincerely sympathise with the bride as this situation is painful, unfortunate and regrettably avoidable.

“I hired and paid Seun for the photo-shoot as a stylist and got four dresses for the shoot. Seun and I were unaware that one of the dresses was meant for someone else.

“I am embarrassed that the designer was not professional enough in handling events leading to this moment. It is also painful that a bride is made to go through what the bride has been made to go through. I have reached out to both the stylist and designer (whom I have never met nor hired directly) to express my displeasure.

“I have also instructed my lawyer to look into this and see how best to approach this from a legal point of view without festering an already open wound. Thanks.”


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  1. Body pepper am ooooo, its just one banky and he belongs to one adesua, hug the transfer if e pain you, enemies of progress. Listen up , wheather she gets pregnant or not its no ones business ok? Do you know if the couple agreed to have babies after one year,two,three etc its their life, business and not the public and stop interfering, face your marriage,that is if you are married ooo, bad belle. Adesua and banky abeg enjoy your marriage jare.

  2. She didn’t took note she would have reedited it again, lol very funny,I don’t know why all this celebrities like deceiving people

  3. Silly interpretations of photo by haters. Please rest. She is a diva and only poses to suit her, how does that pose bend your pillars? Whether she bends pillars or not, she’s just good in that pix. Celebrate good works so you get there too, but when you dishonor good works, honor will practically be far from you. Just a simple principle that guides life for those critics that cares to change their ways.

  4. yes, we will keep pushing the pillars and grinding the hustle at the same time. the caption got me rolling though…saying that aigbe bends pillars in hip editing…nothing can be funnier this morning. that apart, she looks dashing in that outfit. always beautiful.

  5. Yes I saw it oo men. ladies ,does this make you more attractive no ,stop it embarrassing your selfs ok ,your ok the were you look

  6. You head lines is different from what I read,you people should be careful, so,na hire una dey hire all these flashing dresses, God has exposed this one

  7. Why do you want to recreate yourself ? Are you trying to tell God he did not create you well enough to suit your taste ? Beauty is vain my dear for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return. So why beautifying dust ?

  8. Only God knows the bending pillar you are talking about, Celebrities with their renovations. I posted this before but it brought out another person’s name.

  9. The pillar behind her is actually bent, but trust Critic, they come to cause trouble. Nevertheless, about the cloth all I can say is that it’s not her fault. But then this is to prove that an exposed personality should always be careful of his or her moves.

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