Meghan Markle’s dad jokes about how he’ll be at Prince Harry wedding

Meghan Markle’s dad is getting excited about his upcoming role at the royal wedding between his daughter and Prince Harry but has admitted he’s suffering nerves. Meghan Markle’s father has joked that he may need to wear a wetsuit to the royal wedding because he will sweat so much due to nerves.

Shy Thomas Markle, 73, made the comment as he went on a fishing trip. Thomas who is yet to meet Harry, 33 made the comments to a fishing dock worker in Baja California, Mexico.

Prince Harry’s fiancée retains a close relationship with her dad Thomas Markle, even though the 73-year-old lives a peaceful life near Rosarito in Mexico.

It has remained unclear whether Mr Markle would walk his daughter down the aisle at next month’s ceremony, or even if would attend at all.

Recent reports suggest Thomas has made up his mind to attend and give his daughter Meghan away.

He was spotted earlier this week reading a book called ‘Images of Britain’.

But Mr Markle is said to be feeling daunted by the prospect of being watched by millions around the world.

A source told The Sun:

“Thomas said he would be at the royal wedding as Meghan was his daughter.

“He said he was over the moon to walk her down the aisle and
joked that he’d need to wear a wetsuit because he’d be sweating

“He said he never thought something like this would happen. ”

“I don’t think he could believe that his family were going
to be part of the royal family.”

It comes after Meghan’s brother Thomas Jnr said he knows his father will be incredibly proud, but also intimidated by his duties.

“If he doesn’t go he will regret it for the rest of his life,” said Thomas Jnr.

“He is not just representing his family he is representing America.”


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