Meet the owner of Instablog9ja – John Abayomi

The ownership of the popular Instagram blog instablog9ja, has been for a while shrouded in mystery as no one knew the owner of Instablog9ja, but after some findings, we have been able to unravel the identity of the manager of the platform.

Meet the owner of Instablog9ja - John Abayomi lailasnews 3
Meet the owner of Instablog9ja – John Abayomi

For years, many have wondered who the mystery person behind the instagram blog was, with so many names thrown around…and none, until now, has been right. Being anonymous was obviously important to the creator of instablog but we think it’s time everyone knows the man behind the IG blog.

The owner of instablog9ja is John Abayomi, a former online editor of Vanguard news and current online editor of Punch. He is also a Social media strategist, creative content developer, documentary producer and SEO expert.

John is a 2002 graduate of University of Agriculture and has a Master’s Degree in New Media & Society, Communication and Media Studies from University of Leicester UK in 2014. He also holds an international Broadcast Presentation certificate and Broadcast Journalism from Radio Nigeria training school, Lagos.

His experience in news editing, his degree in new media and communication and his training in broadcast journalism is what has pushed his platform instablog9ja into the success it is today and we think it’s time for John Abayomi Aruleba to take the stage and take a bow.


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  1. Finally. You are a success personified and have reached out to the world at large via this mini blog, updating us of the latest happenings around us. You’re a genius, I must say. Don’t stop, keep soaring.

  2. they couldnt even get a clear pix of him. this guy has been underground for so long and his blog is doing quite well to say the least. they get lots of videos and clips of incidents before the mainstream medias (i.e. if the so called mainstream will ever get it). he has made a name for himself really and i really hope he maintains it and not allow politics to ruin his legacy, cos once your posts become politically motivated, you begin to loose audience.

  3. He has used his ability in the news and publicly industry to create something for himself. He did not limit himself. But became a boss. Nice to know him.

  4. Good to meet him,but I’m using this medium to brought before your notice that you should use all your experience that you have gat to create an online business platform were youth can be making little doe

  5. Wow… That’s nice. Nigerians are really doing great both in home and diaspora at every sphere of life. I’m proud of you sir

  6. Finally they got you. You can’t hide forever. Thanks for removing the cloak he wore all this while for us to know the owner of the platform. He is a handsome man. So why masquerading ? Keep up the good works. More power to your elbows.

  7. Finally the skilled blogger Mr. John Abayomi is finally unraelled as the brain behind the instablog. It feels good to know.

  8. I’m happy it is one of us that owns that . we are so proud of you. It Nice getting to know you Mr for the first time. You are such a blessing

  9. Its a privilege seeingyou haveo have been anticipating to meet or see you in person thanks for your blog and the daily update of news you are a genius more wisdom

  10. nice meeting you sir, and thank u for the great platform you have given to lot of stay at home parent and student God in heaven will bless u.

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