Meet man who won $1 million in the lottery twice

A Massachusetts man who goes by the name Rolf Rhodes has won $1 million in the lottery, for the second time in 2 years.

The Massachusetts State Lottery said on Wednesday that Rhodes won a million bucks in its “$4,000,000 Instant Jackpot” game.

Meet man who won $1 million in the lottery twice

To grab what would become the second golden ticket of his life, Rhodes walked into the Imperial Gas and Country Store in Mendon, a town about 40 miles southwest of Boston.

When he made his latest life-changing purchase, he managed to beat odds of 1 in 1.68 million, according to the lottery.

Rhodes won his first million in the state’s “Hit $1,000” instant game back in May 2018. He opted to receive that prize in a one-time infusion of $650,000 into his bank account.

This time, he’s chosen to receive his $1 million payout in 20 annual installments, valued at $50,000 apiece before taxes, the lottery says.

Rhodes’ million is just a quarter of the total in the state’s “$4,000,000 Instant Jackpot” game. There are three remaining $1 million jackpot prizes still up for grabs, the lottery says.

And while lightning doesn’t usually strike twice in the same place, it appears to have been close.

Rhodes purchased his first winning ticket in Milford, Massachusetts, a town just next to Mendon, CNN affiliate WHDH reported.

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