Meet Lauren Sanchez, the lady behind Jeff Bezos expensive divorce

Here is all you need to know about Lauren Sanchez, the wife of Hollywood mogul who is reportedly behind Jeff Bezos expensive divorce.

Meet Lauren Sanchez, the lady behind Jeff Bezos expensive divorce lailasnews

The news of Jeff Bezos divorce from his wife MacKenzie turned a lot of heads, partly due to the fact that they have been together for 25 years, and also cause the divorce is going to be expensive for the world’s richest man.

Their divorce could take away a sizeable chunk of the tech tycoon’s estimated $137 billion fortune.

At first glance, it was an amicable divorce. But there is always no smoke without fire.

Things took a dramatic turn when reports claimed that Bezos was having a secret affair with Lauren Sanchez, who is an estranged wife of a Hollywood mogul.

Lauren Sanchez short biography and all you need to know about her

Lauren Wendy Sánchez was born December 19, 1969. She is an Emmy Award winning American news anchor, entertainment reporter, media personality, actress, producer, pilot and entrepreneur.

Sanchez is a frequent guest host on The View, former co-host on KTTV Fox-11’s Good Day LA, the station’s Ten o’clock News, as well as anchor and special correspondent on Extra. Sánchez has also been a regular contributor on shows including Larry King LiveThe Joy Behar Show and Showbiz Tonight.

Lauren Sanchez is married to Hollywood talent mogul Patrick Whitesell since 2005, though their relationship is said to have hit the rocks.

Sanchez and Whitesell have two children together: daughter, Ella, and son, Evan. Sanchez has another son from an earlier relationship.

Bezos and Sanchez got to know each other through her husband. The trio were even photographed together at a party for Manchester by the Sea, which was produced by Matt Damon and distributed by Bezos’s Amazon, back in 2016. She was reportedly also hired to film aerial shots for Bezos’s company Blue Origin.

According to a New York daily, Sanchez and Whitesell separated in the fall, and she and Bezos “became closer” afterwards.

The news website claimed the affair carried on in “private jets, swanky limos, helicopter rides, romantic hikes, five-star hotel hideaways, intimate dinner dates and quality time in hidden love nests”.


  1. This is what extramarital affairs can cause. The man will loose his wife and his financial worth too

  2. All this white people with their matters..
    What’s the different between the two women? Is there anything Lauren Sanchez has that the wife don’t?

  3. I hope she is happy for the divorce of a fellow woman marriage, yet they demand for respect.

  4. Americans and marriage should be a topic to be discuss on air. The rate of divorce is getting too high most especially among celebrities.

  5. Wealth and fame are two things that could control lives. Shit happen s . Let them fix their issue s. They play the game as they desire

  6. This people and their lifestyle is so amazing sometimes.
    That’s why their marriage always looks like a contract

  7. Extra marital affairs is bad, it destroys homes.
    Please divorce is not the best thing, you guys can talk about it

  8. All this white people with their matters..
    What’s the different between the two women? Is there anything Lauren Sanchez has that the wife don’t?

  9. Americans and marriage should be a topic to be discuss on air. The rate of divorce is getting too high most especially among celebrities.

  10. You can imagine. I just hope she will be happy with where she is now.These white people divorce anyhow.Lets keep watching them

  11. Extramarital affairs is a bad thing, look at him now going to loose his money because of a woman, the wife is an automatic millionaire now

  12. I think the amount of money the wife is demanding for the divorce is quite high any way his husband can afford it and he is the caused of his problems by having extra marital affair . It has caused him his marriage and will also caused him his life fortune.

  13. Na wa ooh… the divorce settlement for the wife is going to be massive .. thats if they dont have a prenup

  14. This should serve as a lesson to other men, avoid extramarital affairs. Now this is costing him his wife of 25yrs and some fortune

  15. they should be reconcile. I don’t think that divorce is the best thing to do, even now it will cost them a lot of money.

  16. The decision is his. He has lost his wife of 25 years and going to lose a fortune. It serves him right.

  17. For those with wealth and fame, their marriage life is always like a contact.. They know how to play their game

  18. Jeff is too rich to come down to strife, as far as his income is passive, he has nothing to worry about

  19. It doesn’t sound funny atall, to divorce his wife after 25years together, hope they still keep as friends

  20. I like the family life style that we haBenin Africa, but we are soon leaving it to this Foriegn style of baby mama and marry today and divorce tomorrow and you are okay with it.

  21. Don’t understand how people live life’s, 25years and you just change to another
    You both have kids , quite absurd

  22. Some women are wicked and home destroyers. I pray not to encounter such problems in my future marital life

  23. What god had join together let no man put it apart, they should settle the matter between them amicabely das the best thing

  24. A man that divorce his wife because of a side chick, that man doesn’t know what he wants. His life can never go well the way he use to be

  25. Why to you intend desire to wreck this marriage of 25years. It will not be fair. See what infidelity can cause. You deserve to loss all your fortune not just alot. When you can’t respect your self

  26. Devil will always want to separate couples, its left for couples to not allow devil’s penetration into their home

  27. The issue of divorce has brought quite a number of great and wealthy men so low. You can think of Tiger woods. I hope Jeff bounces back

  28. What do people really gain planning one’s downfall. Anyway, since d choice has been made,I hope there won’t be further regrets

  29. These whites with the way they divorce. Imagine the huge amount Jeff will have to part away from his wealth.

  30. I dunno some men are not satisfied with one woman. They just decided to ruin their lives with silly things

  31. After 25years they are getting divorced, very pathetic. And since it’s the offender that is going to bear the brunt I think somehow justice is done, but that’s betrayal of trust.

  32. Oyibo make una reduce all this things because Nigerians that you are seeing nah una them they copy ooh.

  33. So you are the home wrecker after you have wrecked yours. Let God be the judge of this. The law of karma is coming

  34. One day a man inserted
    an ‘advertisement’ in the
    local classifieds: “Wife wanted”.
    Next day he received a hundred letters.
    They all said the same thing: “You can have mine.”

  35. After all what has happened ? Anyway i hope that they would not destroy their happiness and ambitions

  36. That’s is the gain of extral-marital affair. See their result imagine he had loose so many things

  37. As her marriage hit the rock,now she made another marriage to hit the rock. So also this her present man if they marry will also hit the rock. that’s my prayer for you Lauren.

  38. All this white people sef, any small thing divorce, can’t they settle it, besides she might just be guessing maybe they are having affairs, may God help them

  39. Having a mistress is a bad idea. This should be a lesson to all men out there who are cheating on their wives

  40. OMG…this is truly the world most expensive divorce every recorded jeff is going suffer for this his gonna loss a lot of money might even bring him down from the rishest men

  41. Jeff is really in sane
    Just because of that thing I am seeing there
    Jeff’s for is even more beautiful than that thing there

  42. Its a sin for a white woman or man to stick to one partner this is not the first time nor the last time if divorce is the best solution there’s no problem at all

  43. So Mr Jeff plan to divorce his wife because of another man’s wife,do you think she will later not leave you for another man very soon.Be wise MR

  44. Remember what you do to other that is wat will happen to you that is life change to good so that good tinx will come ur way

  45. The only explanation to this is end time, how can a woman who has been in marriage with her partner for 25 years just turn around to leave her marriage because of some other person. Everything has consequences, if that is what they really want, then they should be ready for whatever comes out of it.

  46. White men and divorce…now see what has happened to bezos his wife will now take away half of his fortune

  47. celebrity life is so full of divorce. Today they are so in love and get married. Tomorrow, they are divorced. God help us

  48. The man is not serious HW can he allow a noveist to between a marriage of 25 yrs after the struggle together.what a shame

  49. Divorce may not necessarily be the solution. Whichever way let them do as they please. White and Divorce, it has become part of them

  50. this media break everything down to really know he cheated on his wife. the man is looking for happiness again and his wife is just to lazy to make it work

  51. Mr. Bezos, one time Forbes richest man i don’t blame you, money is a spirit, it has a way of making you feel different

  52. Let him be as old as he is, is he willing to get a young girl to marry hmm why is he divorcing , he can surely handle him single

  53. Infidelity is a bad thing.Also,the Europeans see divorce as a norma l ways of life different from Africans philosophy.

  54. life in the western world could be lovely but sometimes can be disastrous regarding relationship and marriages

  55. divorce has become changing of undies to these American people
    may God save them before it’s late.

  56. this people marriage life is just making me to laugh. you enjoyed your marriage life for 25 years and you divorce, what could have happen

  57. But why do these people treat divorce like this? They care less about the resulting kids, too shameful an act


  59. Whites and divorce. They think marriage is full of roses and it’s a contract. Marriage is better for worse

  60. This infidelity issue is crazy, he is rich has a fine wife but that one is still not enough for him

  61. na wa oooooooooooo all is well. please if two of them don’t agree they have to end it in live than for one to die o

  62. My question for her is that what would she do if some lady comes along and do to her what she has done to the wife of the man

  63. This is the result of extramarital affairs. It doesn’t always end sweet. Be faithful to ur partner

  64. see any marriage that is not suitable to any one the best answer is to divorce.divorcement dosn’t have a peculiar time or date.just to share wealth or other things.

  65. Wicked woman,
    though the man too didn’t caution himself… he fell down woman’s trap.
    it’s also a lesson for us too… we the men.

  66. Almost all celebrities have infidelity issues. And these are the people society look out for to be outstanding, but these days the reverse is the case.

  67. Bezos expensive divorce caused by Lauren Sanchez is unfair due to the 25 years old marriage he had with his wife,people are too desperate

  68. I would have been surprised if I didn’t get this gist
    So is this really true,like real facts or mere speculations ?

  69. Divorce is not the best thing to do. Remembered the oaths you people took in your wedding day , for better for worst

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