Meet HIV positive woman who has 3 HIV negative children (Photos)

A HIV positive woman who was raped at ages 8 and 16 has shared her story on how she was able to give birth to her children who are negative.

Despite living with HIV, @niqita11 has a partner who is HIV negative and they have kids who are all HIV negative.

Meet HIV positive woman who has 3 HIV negative children (Photos)

In her post, she revealed how she was able to achieve this, which is simply by religiously sticking to taking the pills and taking them correctly.

Sharing a photo of her 3 kids, who are HIV negative, she wrote:

“This single pill has given me 3 negative kids and a negative partner the more you take your pill and correctly your viral load will be undetectable making it impossible to infect the next, meaning it’s in ur body but not active.”

In another post, she wrote:

10 years later and im still glowing my arvz does the most u guys, im living for me i recall how sick i was b4 my💊i had a bad rash, hairloss, weightloss, get sick often but now i hardly even get the flu🙌🙌😍arvz u doing the most yazi💊💊😍😍#HeadlessManChallenge

And then this:

My status does not define me as a person and neither should it define YOU. hiv+ or nt u stil the same person u where b4 the virus doesn’t mean u should change urself and stop lovn urself. I am Niqita Pieterse and im living with hiv dnt treat me different im stil me💪#GirlsTalkZA


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