Meet 50-year-old mother who enrolled in JSS2 at Ilorin Grammar School

It is never too late they say! An this Nigerian mother, has taken the bull by the horn as she enrolled at a secondary school in her quest for more knowledge.

Kids younger than her children are now her classmates.

Learning is a continuous phase that goes on all through our lives. 50-year-old Mrs. Ajayi Folashade, has now enrolled at Ilorin Grammar School Ilorin, and she started from the basics as she joined the Junior Secondary 2 class.

The woman, who hopes to become a teacher someday, said she enrolled in school to better herself. She added that she hopes to encourage people her age to follow through with their dreams irrespective of age.

She also called on the government to create adult education programs so older scholars won’t have to sit with children to learn.


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