Mc Oluomo stabbed: Police declare Mustapha Seigo wanted

The police has declared Mustapha Seigo wanted after NURTW boss MC Oluomo was stabbed at the Lagos APC Governorship rally yesterday.

Mc Oluomo stabbed_ Police declare Mustapha Seigo wanted lailasnews

The Lagos State Police Command declared the chieftain of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), Mustapha Adekunle aka Seigo, wanted over the violence that erupted at the APC governorship rally in Lagos state.

A statement by the state police spokesman Chike Oti, revealed that Mustapha Seigo, came to the rally with a group of people and were identified at the entrance as supporters of the party.

“However, at the tail end of the event, Seigo and his group for a reason yet to be determined, violently engaged other supporters of the party. In the ensuing melee, one MC Oluomo, another NURTW chieftain, was stabbed and was rushed to EKO Hospital where he is currently recuperating while two other victims of the attack were taken to the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) for treatment. The crisis was quickly contained by policemen at the venue.” Oti stated

It will be recalled that a few hours before the rally started, the Commissioner of Police Imohimi Edgal held a meeting with the leaders of the NURTW and the Road Transport Employers Association (RTEAN) and other affiliate groups where all the parties agreed to eschew violence before, during and after the electioneering.

“It was therefore surprising that a prominent member of NURTW would attempt to violently disrupt a peaceful political rally. In view of the development, the Command wishes to encourage members of the public with useful information on the whereabouts of Mustapha Adekunle popularly known as Seigo to report such at the nearest police station,” he said

Oti said two persons have been arrested in connection with the incident.


  1. Honestly I don’t know what people gain in causing disorder in a gathering. At the end you will still be caught and punish. Peaceful coexist is the way out. Election is not a do or die affairs.

  2. These are these are the signs of what we should expect during the forth coming elections. Elections has always been a self centered business for many in this country, where those that rally to get to political positions are always ready to get what they want through any means possible. And violence is inclusive. Pray God helps us to find a more peaceful way of going through these trial times without more problems than expected.

  3. Politics has turned to another thing. I’m not surprised because this is a sign of the last days

  4. Thanks God they are rush to the hospital but know one know way they came and cause trouble

  5. I pray that God Almighty should heal and recover mc oluomo. It is so sad to stabbed someone at the rally because of election

  6. Thank God that no life was lost and MC Oluomo is responding to treatment… Please we should stop this politicial thuggery and violence

  7. Why in Lagos APC Governorship rally?
    I think this is political stone. I wish Oluomo quick recovery. Please proper search should be carry out to know where Mustapha Seigo is, and his intension.

  8. People always Coursing one problem or the other and I don’t know their gain, every one has to be extra ordinary careful this time around.

  9. Thank God no life was loss before the police intervention. Nigerians and bloody politics, May God heal our land.

  10. What should we call this… How fellow human being concede evil in his or her heart to his or her fellow human being. Help us oh God in this world we are into

  11. I wonder for this people they just like violence and now they have to bear their pains wishing him quick recovery

  12. It’s only natural and usual to hear this kind of reports due to political apathy. I wish Mc Oluomo a quick recovery.

  13. Some people have made politics a do or die affair. Thank God none of them is dead. Please Nigerians it is called voting and not killing.

  14. It is wrong to fight a Nigerian police talk more of stabing, yes in our country Nigeria, police behave as if there not trained.

  15. Whoever that is responsible for stabbing the man must be brought to book and have to face the court of law for attempted murder.

  16. All these NURTW members can never do without displaying this useless life style. They must surely fight over what is not necessary. May God settle it with them because they are all the same.

  17. Its good as the crisis was curtain in due time, kudos to Nigeria police for the prompt action

  18. When are we going to stop all this power by force politics in Nigeria. Blood shed even before the election. God will help us

  19. Election now have become a do PR die affair in this our country. God help us!!!
    I don’t really see the fun people gain involving in the act of violence!!

  20. This people are so heartless they believe in killing others to gain power and position…. Haaaa

  21. Proper investigation should be done not arresting an innocent was poor in the rally

  22. Is mc oluomu a politician????… They should have even killed him foolish man.. quick recovery shaii

  23. Is it not possible for this country to have a peaceful rally and also peaceful election without blood shed this country need peace,unity and Harmony not spilling of each other blood

  24. I just suspected that the fight might have been a union fight that they took up at the rally. The coincidence is just factual. Why would they not fight elsewhere. They used the rally to disguise

  25. Too bad, but what can we expect from politics.i really hope everyone puts their hands on deck so we actualise a free and fair election

  26. What is the assurance that sieghe migho is the one that did this….They are all thugs…. The police should look into the case carefully cause this might cause another fight between the two thug.

  27. What is the assurance that siego is the one that did this….They are all thugs…. The police should look into the case carefully cause this might cause another fight between the two thug.

  28. I thank God that your life was spared but learn your lesson, do not gi to political rallies again

  29. I pray the victims recover quickly and the culprits apprehended. Violence should be curtailed this election period pls

  30. Wish the victims quick recovery.. And the people responsible for the crime should face the law

  31. Election is not a do or die affair please let give peace a place in this coming election and thank God Mc Oluomo is responding to treatment.

  32. Dont know why people like violence. Issue that can be handled peacefully, they prefer been
    violent. May God help us

  33. If this is happening during rally what will now happen during the election why will some people not use their head,thank God no live was lost

  34. Only rally and this happened.. All hands must be on deck if we must have a free and fair election this year.

  35. Only rally and this happened!! All hands must be on deck if we must have a free and fair election this year

  36. What’s all these,try to live in peace, if you kill your selves, election will still take place,no one cares,wish them speedy recovery

  37. What can we expect from politics.. Just rally and this happened, God help us all as we embark on this election this year.

  38. Hope he was not paid to disrupt the campaign. I believe he will be arrested in no time. I pray Oluomo recovers quickly.

  39. Ooh God what all this,just because of so called election when the people you are fighting for dnt even care abt us,he must be punished,and may God heal him quickly

  40. Election is not do or die, while all this May God help us in this country. Wishing them quick recovery.

  41. This is why proper security checks have to be done when rallies are been conducted, its a shame that this is still happening during election time.

  42. I thank God no soul was lost. Just wishing him quick recovery. But all these issues should be looked into by the federal government and bring the criminal to book

  43. This is just rally, and we are already seeing violence,, hope the election doesn’t turn out to be this way

  44. Earlier it was Kunle Poly, now it is Tafa Seigo, the imminent gangster war between NURTW warlords is only hiding under political coloration, whereas the bone of contention is the control of free revenue collected at bus stops across Lagos state.

  45. Umm, let the police try to bring him to book for causing such disorderliness in a gathering of multitude people.

  46. Acttually all wat is happen now was not new to me because satan was one who owns politics so wat dis people’s are doing now is from there master

  47. The earlier we Nigerians will know that election does not call for violence the better for our country.

  48. This shows how this year’s election may go. Imagine this violent at a so called peaceful rally, how safe are we then during election. Moreover I think government have to restructure the NURTW, they are filled with thugs.

  49. The police should be note vigilant this election period, and wish him speedy recovery from hospital

  50. I don’t know why people so much likes violence, imagine what Seigo did to his victims. He should stop hiding because he will still be found no matter where he is so that he can be punished for his crime. Some people don’t like peace at all. Quick recovery to the injured.

  51. Which means Seigo,has the mind of violence that was why he went to the rally ground with those people, he should be interrogated for that act. But thankGod no one died.

  52. yes please nexk stabbing is a deligate and cant take life it has taken many lifes including a friend i know of…if the said chairman is in hand with the crime he should be investigated and face the law strictly

  53. People like violence, i dont know why
    Why can anything be free and fair in our country
    God help us

  54. This is what election does to humans , we are just focusing on getting the money involved leaving out the injuries and death threats involved

  55. This problem is uncalled for. Same party fighting each other.God help us and quick recovery to the wounded.

  56. thank God the violence was brought under control. police should intensify effort and bring the suspects to book.

  57. I really don’t understand what’s goin on diz days. Why do some people like trouble making. I think something should be done ASAP

  58. Matters arising. Nigerian police and other security agencies should be at alert because this is what we may be seeing in next month’s election

  59. The guy need to be dealt with for stabbing MC reason can make him want to murder human being like him

  60. He should be arrested for causing violence in the really,even after police had a meeting with them

  61. Not even yet election time, and some people are stabbing and killing. May God help us with the way fight for power. I wish MC Olomo quick recovery

  62. Siego should be arrested in no time and should be kept behind bar until after elections because he may cause mayhem on election day.

  63. So after the meeting they still went ahead to engage in voilence, that too bad. So we cant keep to a simple peaceful way in naija? May God help us and wish the victims quick recovery

  64. This is outrageous they should fine him and jail him.
    If this could happen in a rally what will happen during election? God pls save us.

  65. Why would they waste their lives on top of election rally when those that are campaigning will be the one to even benefit from the violence? It is time our youths and guys wake up to reality oh

  66. This is one of the reasons why few people including me finds it difficult to come out during political rallies to support a particular party or to even come out to vote. This is because activities that surrounds election processes are usually unpredictable. You see many lives been wasted as a result of election. The governments have a lot of works do to when it comes to security issues in the country

  67. Was he responsible for the evil act? But if that happened to be the case, he must be apprehended and must go unpunished

  68. There can be any rally without violence even if they warned before not be violence, thank God that no body die, i pray for quick recovery of MC OLUOMO 1 of Lagos state..

  69. Thugs disrupt APC rally in lagos of all places, its a big shame honesy the way our politicians give recognitio to these thugs, if a campaigne rally of the ruling party could go that way i wonder how tge general elections will be like

  70. I really don’t know what’s with this people and violence at all time,what is politics turning to in Nigeria?

  71. Thank God the crisis was cutlie…don’t know why pple like violence..but I still wonder why he is wanted

  72. I knew this election will not be peaceful. Thank God no life was lost, I pray God should protect us during the elections.

  73. this Agboro people they will never respect themselves in public sorry to the injured persons quick recovery.

  74. Our country politics is turning to smtn else, quick recovery to mc oluomo and I hope the culprits are found soon

  75. If only d youths will heed to advise of staying away from violence, all dese will no happen

  76. I pray that God Almighty should heal and recover mc oluomo. It is so sad to stabbed someone at the rally because of election,are we now finalising dat d whole violence issue was caused by Sir mustapha siego,?

  77. Why are people like fighting and causing violence in a peaceful gathering. Such thing will always occur in a political gathering. Thank God their was know lost of life. And those that where involved in the attack, God will give them quick recovery.

  78. I wonder when election will be free and fair in this country,all this killings,fightings is too much

  79. He can’t run forever he must be found some day, that’s too bad of him to allow himself to be used in such a manner

  80. wow what a disastrous riot yesterday, wish MC Oluomo quick recovery and the person responsible should face justice

  81. Declaring him wanted because of the violence that erupted in a mega rally is not fare at all..this is just a political manipulation.

  82. Siego disappeared after committing such a huge crime.I hope they find him and prosecute him for the attempt he made on the life of MC oluomo and other members

  83. Election in this country must not be surrounded by fights and killing. Let Nigerians be wise for once. Let the man be made to face the law if he has a hand in that. God bless Nigeria

  84. The good thing here is that the mc is still alive, one thing that keeps coming into my mind is why they will take their beef to a political ground

  85. Hmmm just governorship rally and someone was stabbed wat will b d outcome of d election… Oh God save us

  86. Some people are just too violent. They just prove to be notorious for violence everywhere they go. Please government should learn from this and improve security during the up coming elections

  87. this issue should be properly investigated and the culprit brought to book for stabbing. its an attempted murder case.

  88. I wonder why some people want to kill themselves because of election, may God help us in this country

  89. Thank God the victims are responding to treatment and no life was lost in the process. I pray for speedy recovery to them and that the accused should be brought to justice soon..

  90. The police should also find out the candidate that Diego is that proper investigation be done to stop election violance

  91. Thank God there is a Suspect, yesterday there was no suspect. Though I can’t conclude he did it or not but he should make himself available in the nearest police station to defend himself.

  92. The rate of violence during this election period is becoming alarming.. One ought to be careful

  93. That is human for you he died for a little money that will not even solve his problem.

  94. The way people engage in violence knowing fully well it won’t do them any good is really alarming.

  95. Thank God there is a Suspect, yesterday there was no suspect. Though I can’t conclude he did it or not but he should make himself available in the nearest police station to defend himself..

  96. this is bad, i hope the injury is too serious. most things like this happens a lot in rally times. we just need to be carefull

  97. He will be found and punished for his crime and Mc Olumo will recover. All this political thuggery and violence should be dissolved.

  98. Sponsored action. Politicians cannot continue to be using Common man like this. Let’s say no to them

  99. No one should cause bodily harm on anyone in a political rally.But I don’t known why APC usually have violence in thier political things

  100. The police should make sure that it’s the right person they declared wanted
    To avoid letting someone suffer for another person sin

  101. What happened yesterday wasn’t a surprise bearing the fact that the NURTW and RTEAN consists of touts. So, things like this should be expected when having dealings with them. I hope things don’t turn ugly.

  102. So it has began. This was just a rally and violence erupted how much more the very day. Everyone should be careful. He needs to be found and punished if guilty

  103. The culprit is obviously a member of an opposition party. The matter should be looked into critically to avoid a resurgence

  104. And why will they go violence its so uncalled for thank God he his responding to treatment the perpetrator must be apprehended and brought to book,this is so sad during rally for that matter when its not NURTW against eachother

  105. Thank God it is not unto death. I wish him quick recovery. People should realize that election is not a time for fighting and killing. Everything can still be done peacefully

  106. This Mc oluomo is he no get juju to disaapear or not let him b stabbed. U don fall my hand jare

  107. Violence doesn’t pay my people,let us learn to live together in peace for God’s sake.May God heal the victims

  108. Why ismhemon the run he should be man enough to own up to his crimes if after agreeing to shun violence only for him to be the perpetrator thats breech of agreement

  109. All we ask and pray for, is free and fair election, anyone caught trying to go against sucb, should face the full wrath of the law.

  110. Thank God Oluomo is alive after that life threatening assault
    All culprits involved should be brought to justice without fear or mercy
    That act’s too violent

  111. Don’t just understand why some people gain in violence, causing commotion in any gathering they set their eyes on. Everyone that has hand in the assault should be brought to justice

  112. And this is how election would be conducted in Nigeria,where there’s no poor security. Just campaign, this one happened.

  113. May God help us and heal our land. The police should try as much as possible to find the perpetrators and bring them to face the panel.

  114. I don’t really know what this country is turning into….. Y political crisis, please lets make the upcoming election free and fair and let’s promote peace and unity in this country

  115. Its sadden that things Like this occur in a place that’s supposed to be well guarded with security men.. If a political party fails to secure its own party member in a rally flooded with security men, what will the level of security on the day of election.. This is a wake up call not just to APC but also to the government. Tight security should be Paramount.. And the criminal on the run must be found and should face justice. His gangs who are being detained should be properly interrogated on their leaders where about..

  116. I still think all these are set ups… looking at it critically I can sense that he was sent by thesame party so when he is caught he would blame it on the opposition party thereby creating problems

  117. This is jst rally and people are already stabbing and killing each,what will happen when it comes to the main Election?Seigo shd kindly hand himself over to the police

  118. I still wonder why our youth like violence,remember that politicians hides their childrens abroad none of their children were involved in these rallies,please be wise enough mana

  119. They just prove to be notorious for violence everywhere they go. Please government should learn from this and improve security during the up coming elections

  120. The elections has not yet started and violence has become the order of the day..may God have mercy on Nigeria.

  121. The police did excellently well that they arrested the situation on time in order to prevent loss of lives and further violence. Mustapha Adekunle popularly known as Seigo must be fished out to face the consequences of his action.

  122. The long arm of the law should deal with the culprit….stabbing is with the intention to kill and so, carry go!!

  123. Must we fight Nigerians you are fighting for people who don’t really recognize you existence, this is absurd.

  124. Why all this evil in a common party wen u don’t know we’re it will take wen the trupmet sounds

  125. We are the one causing problems for ourselves in this country…can’t we vote for peace for once must everything start with violent and end violent? May God heal our land

  126. As we draw closer to the election, violence should be much more discouraged by all. Thank God the violence was quickly curtailed by the security agents. Kudos to the security agents for curtailing it.

  127. If ordinary rally can be this violent, what should we be expecting during election? i hope it will not be brutal.

  128. Violence will neva get you anywhere . how much are they paying you just for you to take a life. Politics and the Govt are like pimps you will surely do what they are told. Make them arrest that guy asap.

  129. What is happening to national Union road transport workers members. This is the second story am hearing such

  130. Hmm this getting out of hand in our country,, the Nigeria police should searched him out from wherever he is ,he deserved judgment.

  131. So many things are not just right in this country, some people feel because they hold a small position they can treat other any how

  132. Nigerian politics at its summit. It’s become a norm for the country to witness numerous acts of violence during the election period. This might just be the beginning.

  133. This is just a rally and some people are carry laws into there hands, thank God that police were there if not he would hurt may more people, i wonder what is his gain

  134. Nigerian campaigning and electioneering cannot survive without the introduction of these political thugs and miscreants. I wish him a quick recovery

  135. This bad
    All this Campaign violence should stop, and now someone is injured. Wish him quick recovery

  136. I m sure it s a power tussle that would have caused this. Oluomo should know that people wants his position badly and would do anything to kill him

  137. I commend the effort of the police in curbing the violence . And staying the criminal wanted . This is a good job from the police

  138. God help us we need you. Please from now, before, during and after election always pray to God for protection and watch your back at all times.

  139. What goes around comes around. Hope they will be apprehend and made to face the law to serve as lesson to others like them. Wish Oluomo quick recovery

  140. The police should investigate the matter very well and if anyone or seigo was found guilty let him face the punishment.

  141. Hmmm all these recent happenings with the ACP is already giving us a view of what will happen in the forth coming election. I dey fear ooh.

  142. That’s absolutely nonsense. How can a public figure engaged in a violence that almost cost people their life. You better summit yourself to the police and stop running.

  143. Hmmm
    how can people be this heartless.. That’s pure wickedness..
    What will he gain in killing them..
    God will help us in the forth coming election oo

  144. Thank God the police arrested the situation in time and that seigo guy should be found immediately I just can’t understand why someone can’t have a peaceful rally

  145. Elections has always been a self centered business for many in this country, where those that rally to get to political positions are always ready to get what they want through any means possible. And violence is inclusive.Thank God his alive,i hope they catch the man responsible.

  146. Is it not possible for this country to have a peaceful rally and also peaceful election without blood shed in this country?, we need peace,unity and Harmony not spilling of each other blood.

  147. It’s not good what transpired and thank God it’s under control but Diego should face full wrath of the law

  148. Mustapha Adekunle aka Seigo must be arrested and made to face the full wrath of the law for disrupting a peace rally. I also commend the effort of the police to put the situation under control.

  149. Seriously I don’t know why people like violence. Stabbing people what where they trying to gain. If Nigeria election can be free and fair all will be well.

  150. But does this means that Mustapha Seigo is responsible for his death or has any thing to do with the deceased. Although let the investigation still continue

  151. Politics or not, these said people are known for trouble because they are bunch of remodified hooligans in Lagos state. Thank God no live was lost and i believe the culprit will be brought to book.

  152. Must they be violent over everything they do because I don’t know the exact reason they just be stabbing themselves because of one useless party.

  153. it is high time we stop all these political thuggery in Nigeria.Can you see the consequences of it. The culprits must be brought to book

  154. It is an unfortunate incident, I wish the injured MC Oluomo quick recovery…..Nigeria will get better, that’s our fervent prayer

  155. Coincidentally, it is actually a fight of NURTW members not a politician fight ….
    These NURTW leaders fighting for post should be fired and face the law.

  156. Really sad, hope proper investigations will be carried out to know exactly what happened an who is guilty

  157. The way people play the election game, as if everything about them including their live depend on it
    Every time violence, death or kidnap. In the name of politics. It’s really disturbing.

  158. This people are just causing unnecessary violence, something that after the election now they will no more be relevant for the politicians again, so killing themselves on top nothing

  159. Comment* I don’t think we can ever separate violence from politics here in Nigeria. These thugs should try and understand that these politicians are not worth the stress.

  160. I don’t understand why we Nigerians always abuse every opportunity we had. They see the election as do or die affair. The right thing is when you are contesting for election one person must win while others becomes losser. The killing is taking place because they want to win by all means. God will help us in this election.

  161. Akindele where ever you are reporting your self immediately and tell us why you have to do such an abominable act.

  162. Politics has turned to another thing. I’m not surprised because this is the signs of the last days. Are these what we should expect during the forthcoming elections?

  163. Some people are just too useless and heartless… I don’t know what they want to gain in disordering a gathering. Let him be punished

  164. People should avoid violence because Elections has always been a self centered business for many in this country, where those that rally to get to political positions are always ready to get what they want through any means possible.

  165. Election is a self business to a lot of people but then to a few is a means of getting good and credible leaders that’s if there are still credible leaders hence avoid violence in this election because the political gladiators are already set for war

  166. This crises will not arise if only we play politics with tolerance. The police should do all they can to arrest the assailant and charge him to court

  167. Could it be that his boys did the ugly job by stabbing MC, mustapha should be apprehended for questioning, police please do your work.

  168. Everyday what we hear in the news is about violence
    It’s eating us up
    Thank God the guy didn’t die

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