MC Oluomo stabbed: NURTW leader flown abroad for further treatment

Musiliu Akinsanya, aka MC Oluomo, is set to be flown abroad for further treatment after he was stabbed at the recently held Lagos APC campaign rally.

MC Oluomo stabbed_ NURTW leader flown abroad for further treatment lailasnews

A close aide of the union leader made it known that MC Oluomo would travel any time soon as plans had been concluded for his treatment by a specialist in the United States where he is a citizen. The aide said:

“He was stabbed in the neck and by the side with what they call makanje (poisoned knife). He is a citizen of the United States, so there cannot be any problem with his medical treatment abroad. In fact, he will be flown out in a few days for better medical care. Contrary to what they are saying, Baba (MC Oluomo) is not dead.”

No fewer than three police vans were keeping guard at the hospital – Eko Hospital – where the patient is being treated.

Politicians of different calibre were said to have visited the hospital, as security operatives screen everyone going in to see him.

MC Oluomo was among the people injured at the inauguration of the All Progressives Congress campaign at the Sky Power Ground, Ikeja, on Tuesday.

Three journalists also sustained gunshot injuries as rival factions of the NURTW had clashed at the event.

MC Oluomo was allegedly stabbed in the neck and side with a knife.

The spokesman for the Lagos State Police Command, Chike Oti, said,

“A total 16 suspects have now been arrested in connection with the clash. The police are not aware of any treatment abroad; such is a private arrangement. It has nothing to do with us.”


  1. Transparency is difficult and taking of life absurd , I can’t believe I’m hearing this at all

  2. I pray he get better soon and come back fully recovered.. May his killers be brought to face justice.

  3. It’s well. I wish him quick recovery. Hope flying him will ensure him been safe, getting help and better soon. Our politics need help and immediate attention

  4. So with all the awearness to shun violence in the forth coming election people still stab people. It is well oh . quick recovery

  5. We wish them successful treatment there,and police should to more effort in investigating those suspect and send them to court

  6. I don’t understand why this is happening in this country. In any political gathering there must be a record of violent. Anyway I wish him quick recovery.

  7. Aisha him a rapid and safe recovery .and let the federal government see to it that he is well treated

  8. anything that is needed to be done in order for him to survive should be carried out. you can’t die sir.

  9. Politics is a dirty game. You have to be very careful with all this rallies. He is lucky to have survived but their intention was to kill him with the poisoned knife.

  10. The life of a purpolar person is good, he is guarded by so many police officer. God take control and do your will

  11. So he is a citizen of US and came to Nigeria to be Union leader? Why not better stay in US and enjoy your citizenship. Anyways I wish him quick recovery

  12. May God help him and save him from this wound, I was surprise to hear he is also an American citizen


  14. wow so it is has worst has this now well i wish him a fast and good recovery and the person involved shuld be caught fast and dealt with

  15. So he is a citizen of the US and left that organised country to come and create confusion in this country. Hope he survives though, quick recovery to you.

  16. this is wickedness, why injuring your fellow brother because of politics, if God says the post is for you, it’s for you, you don’t have to fight any battles when you have God to fight it for you, I hope they find the culprit soon, so he can face judgement

  17. Politics is a dirty game here in Africa. Most African countries are still underdeveloped even in terms of how we approach politics. Wish him quick recovery.

  18. How will the election now be if all this is already happening. May God help us.get well soon mc oluomo

  19. The kind of eveil been perpetrated in these country is becoming unbecoming… So bad..stabbing people here and there.

  20. I pray you recover very soon oluomo,but I think he should be treated locally because it was stated that he was stabbed with a poisonous knife so flying abroad might not be necessary for now

  21. Mc Oluomo fall my hand oh. So all this mouth when e they make e no even get jass, all the same quick recovery

  22. I hope he recovered quickly,Nurtw should not meddle in politics because its a dirty game much worst than their own work

  23. Shame to this country, where politicians can’t help to fix the social amenities in various location in this country. You can’t get proper treatment here unless you are flown abroad. Pray he gets the treatment that will bring him back to normal.

  24. Mc olu Omo is the man of people for the people of lagosian in transportation. He join politics to make more effort to deliver to lagosian. I pray he will be back to nigeria in peace.

  25. Thanks for the information and I will be very grateful to here more from you it’s very vital keep it up

  26. Mc Oluomo is indeed a big and great man.Hence the kind of security attached to him.I pray he gets well soon and the guyz behind this wicked act should be prosecuted

  27. Thank God the suspects are no caught. May your healing be fast. And may every medication use on your wound brings positive results

  28. talking about a self acclaim motor park tout having the citizenship of the mighty US of A.wonders i say

  29. This is really serious. Politics in Nigeria has become a do or die affair. Wish him quick recovery

  30. Politics in our country is a different tin altogether. Jus wishing him a quick recovery and GOd’s protection

  31. Politics is not only a dirty game but also a dangerous game. Anyone going in should be ready for the dangers it posses

  32. I pray for quick recovery but let them still investigate the issue to find out the person that stabbed him

  33. Get well soon… Nigeria Government should upgrade our hospitals so that no one will need to fly abroad for better treatment

  34. Get well soon… Nigeria Government should upgrade our hospitals so that no one will need to fly abroad for better treatment… Elections shouldn’t come with violence

  35. Why are people finding it soo easy to stab their fellow human beings…i wish him a quick recovery…

  36. It surprise me why bad news always flow in this country. I wish him quick recovery. Hope flying him will ensure him been safe, Our politics need help and immediate attention

  37. So sorry for the incident guy, wishing you quick recovery and i pray that almight god we hill you

  38. Wow so he also a United States citizen. I wish him quick recovery. Also our government should please try to upgrade our hospitals so that citizens won’t be fly abroad for treatment.

  39. This is very serious o, May God give him quick recovery. The stabber must be arrested by the police and be made to face the full wrath of the law. Its high time we stopped politics of bitterness

  40. He’s an american citizen then he down to Nigeria to campaign for the APC, may God heal him and next time he should be very careful.

  41. I pray he gets better and if the knife was truely poisoned then he needs to be treated traditionally

  42. I pray God look After him ooo because we don’t want him dead oooo even do you don’t give me money but we know those you’ve give

  43. God will grant him quick recovery. Just be sure he is well stabilised before taking him out of the country

  44. Many nigerians hope for his recovery but I think this should serve as a lesson to other nurtw members who behave in an aggressive manner

  45. May God grant him quick recovery. Nigeria politics is now graduating into wars, please let’s learn to caution ourselves

  46. Behind closed doors, these politicians we see like enemies are best of friends. So why killing one another for their sake. I wish him quick recovery.

  47. Behind closed doors, these politicians we see like enemies are best of friends. So why killing one another for their sake. I wish him quick recovery and may those behind this don’t go free

  48. Mc Oluomo should be treated carefully,people that did this to him in the rally are actually bad and should be put to jail

  49. May God heal him..but what’s his own with the rally..the people that have the party sef didnt injure

  50. I wish him quick recovery, and I hope he learnt his lessons. Thuggery has nothing to bring than trouble.

  51. Ordinary stab I’ve flowing someone abroad. Not any terminal disease. Not a single confidence on our health system

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