Maybe I could have been richer than Dangote – Fuji singer Obesere

Veteran Fuji singer Abass Akande, famously known as Obesere, has been holding it down in the music industry for years and the maestro doesn’t seem to have relented in his effort to always dish out good music to the pleasure of his fans.

Maybe I could have been richer than Dangote - Fuji singer Obesere lailasnews 3

Obesere however opened up in an interview with Segun Adebayo on his career, his challenges in the Industry and his wealth. He even mentioned that maybe with all the favours he got in the beginning of his career, he could have been richer than Dangote.

Read excerpts from the interview below:

How did you manage to sustain yourself in the industry for close to 30 years

As I always tell those who care to listen that there is no secret about what I have become, except for the power of God. His power has brought me to this point in my life. When I look back at how the journey started, I can only give thanks to my Creator for the gift of life and blessings. One thing that is certain is that nothing happens without God’s knowledge.

A man can’t become anything without the hand of God in it. When He is involved, everything will always work out fine. Though, it may look rough at some point, if you believe in God and what you do, and you pursue your dreams with a pure heart, you will triumph. It is as simple as that.

Looking back at how it started and where you are at the moment, what would you say has been your limitation?

The late Micheal Jackson was very much more blessed and relevant than some rich people in the US even years after his demise. Maybe, I would have been richer than the likes of Aliko Dangote or Mike Adenuga, but I still give thanks to God.

Petitions were written agaisnt you in the past, which made you not to travel out of the country. Why was this?

It is true that certain petitions were written against me at various foreign embassies in US and Europe for reasons I am yet to understand. I think some people are surprised that I am living fine, despite my inability to travel out of the country for shows that would have fetched me more money.

You can imagine a situation whereby a popular musician could not travel for 12 years but still manages to live fine without asking anyone for help. I guess that’s why petitions were written against me, but that has never stopped me from doing what I know best.

There is a mosque in your house. Are you truly a religious person?

Whoever God has created has a purpose to fulfill. There is nothing God doesn’t know about. Being humble that most people say about me is not pretentious. That’s just the way I am. For those who are not humble, that’s how God created them.

But, I thank God for how He created me. That’s why if you say you want to behave like Abass Akande Obesere, it won’t be easy to be who I am. That’s why people often say whom God has created can’t be copied. We are different in nature. You can’t be me and I can’t be you. Yes, people often come to my house every Friday to worship in the mosque.

That’s just me. So, people shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. People judge me because of the kind of job I do and what I sing to entertain. People should just understand that when Obesere is on stage, I just do my work because that’s where I get my daily bread from. The real man is inner, not outer. It’s very deep until you see someone portray it. Only God can judge man.


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