“May you catch COVID-19” Toke Makinwa blasts Nigerians claiming she was paid by Federal Government

Media personality Toke Makinwa has reacted to the accusation that she was paid by the government to claim she had Coronavirus.

Today, Toke Makinwa tested positive to Coronavirus, as she took to her official social media page to share her experience, while trying to recover.

However, some Nigerians slammed her as they accused her of being paid by the Federal government to claim she had tested positive for Coronavirus.

Reacting to the accusation, Toke via Twitter said she understands that the government has “fucked” people over so bad that they have trust issue.

She wrote; “And to the people saying the government must have paid me to say I got Covid, I know the government has fucked you over so bad you have trust issues, I feel bad for you too but pls let me heal in peace.

For those who doubt that Covid is real, I hope you get a personal encounter, may you catch Covid-19 and also survive it so going forward if you can’t practice something called “Empathy”, you’ll atleast keep quiet. Experience is best. All in all, love and light xx”


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