May God soften your wickedness – Paul Okoye shades Peter’s wife, Lola?

It appears Paul Okoye of the defunct Psquare group has subtly reacted to Peter’s wife Lola’s birthday message to him and his twin.

May God soften your wickedness - Paul Okoye shades Peter's wife Lola lailasnews 5
May God soften your wickedness – Paul Okoye shades Peter’s wife Lola?

The twin brothers are celebrating their birthday today and in her birthday message, Lola asked God to soften their hearts.

In her birthday message to them, she wrote:

Peter and Paul dem be one no be two. Happy Birthday guys! I am lost for words when it comes to your matter. I pray the Almighty God continues to guide and protect you. I pray that our father in heaven speaks to you individually and softens your hearts. I celebrate you today. I love you two. You are both legends.

You are blessed. Your children adore you. We all adore you. God bless you today and everyday. Peter and Paul dem be one no be two. Happy Birthday! @peterpsquare @rudeboypsquare �

Well, it seems her brother in-law wasn’t too cool with the message.

He wrote on his IG page:

Beware of people who preach love outside, and inside they plant evil seeds… may God soften their wickedness….#chizoba


  1. this guys will eventually recouncil. this response is not nice at all, whatever the issues are she has sent a harmless msg why not just be quiet about it.

  2. Hmmm. This is serious ooh. Does That means they are not really in good time or what!! I’m just wandering with this kind of reply there must be hidden issue.

  3. family fight may look like there will be no reconciliation, but before you know it they reconcile, but this Peter and Paul issue had lingered for long, I hope it is not transfered to their children.

  4. This is not good at all! Lola was only wishing them both a happy birthday and was praying God brings them back and better. I see no harm in her message. Well, they all know what they’re doing. I adore their combo and the group and styl plus made me love music. I pray God brings them together again. I hope no one tells me god brings my wickedness.. Lol. Happy birthday p-square

  5. this guys will eventually recouncil. this response is not nice at all, whatever the issues are she has sent a harmless msg why not just be quiet about it.

  6. I think the reply was uncalled for. He should have at least been diplomatic in his reply. But that being said, breakup between to lovers can be so painful at times that its hard to pretend take less of this one that is between two (twinny) brothers. I think I understand where @paulokoye is coming from.

  7. That lola should leave Peter alone so that psquare can come back together, she has been the one causing all this problem for them

  8. Guys I wonder when you will both see reasons that beefing won’t help any of you.
    Family is the greatest thing one can ever ask for, dont let yours slip away. Happy Birthday ttothe duo

  9. @ Paul,I don’t know that you are harsh like this,why can’t you at least pretend everything about it and appreciate her good wished

  10. Though Paul’s reply is full of senses but of a truth Lola has passed a message to her hubby and his twins. May God softens your heart in Jesus name Amen

  11. “Peter and Paul them be one no be two”….I believe that it’s just the matter of time they will still come back to term.

  12. If anyone should know the lady better it’s them psquare. And for him to have said that, only God knows what’s going on but nevertheless he shouldn’t have took up the response to this height esp on social media

  13. One thing I know for sure is that no one can separate you guys. No matter the offence committed there should be a heart to make amends…

  14. I agree with u my brother. some people sha,they preach love outside and plant evil seed inside.its.pathetic. but I believe, whatsoever the issue might be,u guys will settle it soon

  15. That’s unfair. Even if she offends you does mean you can’t accept the wishes whole hearted. The hrt she wish God to soften is still hard

  16. This is not so good even if she is not real with what she posted there are better way to react to it not with this your epic posts…May God soften you both mind and cause peace to reign

  17. That’s so rude and uncool Paul.This is the disrespect Peter keeps talking about and I’m sure you won’t take such shit about your wife.She wasn’t wicked when she helped you guys from the start and gave you her airconditioned car abi….?You better deal with it and accept her as your brother’s choice.You guys should settle your differences and probably do boundaries.Happy Birthday Peter and Paul.

  18. Initially the twins said that there wives weren’t the cause of their split. Now the real truth is coming to light. If they like let them reconcile if they don’t want let them live.

  19. Is like there wife is the one causing the misunderstanding between them..everything has to be resolve and forget about the past

  20. I swear to Almighty God that if that really came from Paul, that is to say, “he is a confirmed fool” so bitter to his bone marrow. Which alphabet or letter in what she wrote denigrates him? All the words therein are meant to pacify but he took it south.

  21. That’s his Own Cup of tea. If he chose not to grow up and see where there is need to mend, then, it’s his own palava

  22. Blood is thicker than water and no one can separate you guys.. Let go of the past and unite again..

  23. Abeg make una free rudeboy Jo! They are a duo but Mr p wife was busy separating them by getting endorsement for her husband alone, sidelining rude boy that makes all tha hit that pquare is known for.

  24. Her message is cool and harmless so what’s with that response, anyway one thing I know s that family is family no more no less they will be back eventually

  25. This has been a family issue which less we know about but I know by now both families would have known the truth and I pray God interferes in their matter.

  26. Maybe this lady is the cause of their problems. I guess that’s why her brother prayed for her too. Family crisis I pray these guys come back together

  27. please you guys should come back oh and stop behaving childish just imagine the reply that’s not nice at all

  28. I wonder o,so they are not in gud terms,imagine a word cuming out frm paul’s wife”beware of pple dat preach love word outside and plant evil seed inside may God soften their wickedness”as it cum 2 dis.may God soften their heart truly o.

  29. It’s deep. Family matters can’t be interrupted. But pray you guys grow beyond this and put the troubles behind you. You are better as psquare.

  30. Paul is the wicked one . The woman meant well for the two of them . You can’t just abuse your brother’s wife now you threw a shade at her

  31. It’s true that some human beings can preach love outside and plant evil seed inside. May God protect us from frenemies. HBD to the P square.

  32. When it comes to family matters one should be very sensitive because they might use what one say to make up and sort their difference, i pray God touch their hearts to realize their mistakes and be able settle it. Truely Peter and Paul them be one because they twins from one womb.

  33. Only God knows what actually happened between Peter and Paul when Lola came into the picture. But I think his reply is uncalled-for. It is just an innocent birthday wishes.

  34. A very big amen to your prayer beautiful Mrs Okoye.may God touch their heart somday to make up.nothing God can’t do.

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