Married men pester me for sex over my beauty – Model Tessy Solomon

Tessy Solomon is a Nigerian model who seems to have taken her time to get accustomed to the uncultured behaviors exhibited by some men. According to her, some men make sexual advances to her, even in public, but she understands how to handle the situation.

Married men pester me for sex over my beauty - Model Tessy Solomon lailasnews 3

Overtime, it has become a norm for young ladies to accept sexual propositions from men in return for money or material gratifications, but such is not the case with pretty Tessy Solomon, who would not be found in the cuddling arms of a married man.

In an interesting chat, the Adamawa State-born model, told Potpourri how she has had to grapple with sexual overtures from married men. Anytime she is being admired by men, all she tries to do is to appreciate the gesture and move on with her life

“I know I am extremely attractive. On many occasions I get men staring at me whenever I am in the mall, church and other public places. Some usually take the bold step of making love and sex advances at me. At first, it seemed unpleasant, but overtime, I developed measures to handling such advances. When they tell me how beautiful I look, I just smile at them and say “Thank you” while I walk away as fast as I can”.

She added that she wouldn’t stop looking good because married men continuously pester her for sex. All that she needs to do is to develop a thick skin so they don’t hurt her feelings with the vile words that might come as a result of her refusal.

“It’s normal for married men to demand for sex from a good looking lady, but she must develop a thick skin so that she can guard her heart to avoid any misbehavior. However, I won’t stop looking good because they pester me for sex, “ she said.

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