Married female teacher faces 90 years in prison after having sex with students in her car

A married female teacher identified as Kathryn Houghtaling, faces up to 90 years in prison after having sex with two students in her car while other students watched.

Married female teacher faces 90 years in prison after having sex with students in her car lailasnews

Kathryn Houghtaling who has been sacked and charged for allegedly sleeping with the boys – aged 16 and 17 – who attend Rochester High School in Michigan, had only been employed as a special education and science teacher at the school since August.

The 26-year-old married female teacher who faces 90 years in prison, had sex with one of the students in an apartment – while another was in a car as other pupils watched, according to Detroit News.

The incident reportedly occurred between November 1 and December 31 after school hours. It was learnt that a letter from the school sent to parents on Tuesday did not give exact details of the sordid allegations, however it informed them of alleged “inappropriate conduct of a Rochester High School teacher with students after hours”.

“The safety and welfare of our students and staff is always our primary concern,” Superintendent Robert Shaner said in a statement Thursday. “We are thankful for our partnership with the Rochester Police Department, the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, and our security consultants who help us in our efforts to keep our children safe.

“Rochester Community Schools is committed to providing a safe, positive, and supportive learning environment for every student,” Shaner said. “District personnel are required to meet the highest standards of personal integrity, professionalism, and performance. Employees whose conduct or performance falls short of expectations will be subject to disciplinary action, or in this case, termination.”

The suspect who has been charged with six counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct, faces up to 15 years in prison per charge if convicted – each of which she denies. She has been detained on a $200,000 cash bond.


  1. This is a shame. Married woman and a teacher for that matter o having sex with your student and pupils watch her?? May she face the law

  2. It is very shameful but I had that she is a science teacher so she is trying to practice what she thought them in d class

  3. Unbelievable, why can’t she change her career instead of teaching to prostitute. Imagine teacher for that matter, please what has she been teaching her student since.

  4. Having sex with a boy who was not her husband chei the world is coming to an end.but 90 yrs was too much

  5. 90 years is too much,but the question here is may be the student. Like it but even if she will do it not in her car

  6. This white people own tire person”
    Just 26yrs and u are married meaning the mariage is still fresh, what then are you looking for outside with small small kids?

  7. That’s very bad of her. She really deserves the punishment. But 90 years is still much na. When she did not kill someone.

  8. Bad minded teacher. One who is supposed to guide the pupils is now the same person misleading them

  9. Very bad what a Shame and a disgrace she has brought to her self to the school and to the society 90 year in prison only God know now old she is before going to prison shameful woman

  10. This said news and it not suppose to go unnotice, good in heaven will for give her if she repents

  11. Shameless Woman. A disgrace to womanhood. Thank God she was caught in the act.prison is your next abode

  12. What is she thinking yo do such with a student. This is a person she should be teaching but used him as a sex toy. God help us

  13. What is she thinking to do such with a student. This is a person she should be teaching but used him as a sex toy. God help us

  14. Haaba, 90yrs is too much naa, even though what she did was very wrong but it is not justified to sentenced her to that number of years, please try to tamper justice with mercy.

  15. Which one is 90 yrs imprisonment, they should have said life imprisonment coz naturally she may not live up to that years.

  16. A married woman for that matter. What kind of satisfaction is she planning to get from the people. I wonder what is wrong with some people. Now you can go to jail and live the rest of your life there.

  17. This is terrible. Having sex with children old enough to be her kids. What is this world turning into? 90 years is small. She deserves life imprisonment with serious torture.

  18. Teachers are going extra mile this days,so she can go outside, anyways I thank God for that punished

  19. This is too bad and uncalled for.Child abuse and infidelity.Enjoy the rest of your life in prison with hard labour.But the judgement is too harsh on him

  20. It is very shameful but I had that she is a science teacher so she is trying to practice what she thought them in d class

  21. That’s too bad , if she is so sex hungry she should have done it with her mate and not a minor.

  22. This is a shameful act, she’s just a disgrace to the society, I won’t ask why she did it but what am asking is that don’t she have privacy is she really wanna do something like that

  23. What she did is not good atall, when she had husband at home that can service her anytime, so why did she having sex with her student

  24. nemesis has caught up on her, serve her right, some women don’t really have respect for themselves, I hope other women learn from that

  25. What is her problem and the worse a married woman and sleeping with under age children is a disgrace to family and the society ,she should be punished that ninety years will make the other with the same altitude to change

  26. What you sow is what you will reap come she is doing it with the under age well let her face the judgement

  27. What ??? This is unbelievable, a married woman ,having sex with her student …this is an abuse .. You will just have to face the law

  28. I always say that women have a sex drive almost as huge as men. Just that societal influence tries to tame it down

  29. Honestly speaking some people are out to destroy life’s, imagine with her students and other students were watching them in the act, she deserves to go to jail

  30. Most of this white ladies with a dirty life style. How can a married woman having sex with two of her students and others watching her? That means she is teaching them immorality

  31. This is totally an abuse and a disgrace to the school .. I can tell you that most parents will be scared of their children moral up bringing… Why will a married woman stool so low to having sex with the student.. Let her face the law

  32. I wonder when this kind of evil is going to stop.
    Even here in Nigeria it is happening always.
    Some Male teacher molesting innocent little girls and Females eying the small boys.
    Let me say this as a warning, if you know that you normally fall for these little ones please quit teaching and find something else doing before you fall into temptation

  33. 90years is much for her, but doing it with the student while others watch is quite alarming, I guess she is possessed. Things are happening

  34. Hmmm…what could have made her do it?
    Sexual frustration or outright perverseness?
    The law has taken its course. She ought nt to hv breached her work ethics.

  35. Women with cheating or does your husband didn’t serve you well sex or what why having with youngboys thank she’s punished

  36. Unbelievable that woman is stupid not that she is not married or what.. What will she now teach her students

  37. Thank God the school authority chose to expose this teacher. In some schools they will cover the evil deed so as to protect the schools name

  38. Some teacher they used to that bad attitude but I know one thing clear that God will continue fish them out one by one.

  39. That is where she will end her life why must she commit such act when she is suppose to be a good example sorry ma’am

  40. It becomes very difficult when teachers employed to help train these teenagers become the source of their problems through teaching them what they should be stop from doing. Then the society is in trouble. That’s the right punishment to help put others that have that same idea in mind to check.

  41. 90years is rather too harsh , their laws doesn’t help matters, the fine is okay but the years term too much , no matter her offense

  42. Thank God for her to be exposed by the school authority unlike some other places where she will be covered up and continue to corrupt other student.

  43. Sexual immoralities is the newest thing in town now. If you needed sex, why can’t you ask your husband rather than indulging the young lads

  44. What the devil has succeeded in taken out of the life of most people is self control. $200,000 for what? A moment of nonsense self gratification.

  45. A teacher who is meant to teach positive and be of good example to students and everyone has turn to something else. Sex has become a food nowadays

  46. Is she mentally derailed? I dunno what she gains from having sex with underage. And now that sha has been asked to serve 90 years in prison, hope she will learnt her lessons… Huh

  47. Why can’t you just think before you do something,you have hunsband is it that don’t satisfy you or what,now just look 90 years,how will you be by then,is a pity for sorry for you

  48. Is there treat in disvirgin young boys ❓
    It was the other way around, she will definitely go down for 15yrs.

  49. 90 years is too much of,but it serves her right because she bargained for it.For Christ sake she is married, what else is she looking for

  50. They would have given life imprisonment rather than the 90years, but she didn’t act well what’s that thing interest her in those two boys when she’s married.

  51. Lol this women and the power of sex she his just a sex freak. why dont you just work on it in your house i know it is one of those student that snitch on them

  52. She deserve the jail terms if not she will or might inflect the student with STDs and endangered there lifes

  53. Wornders shall never end. How can this woman be little herself this way. Now that she is in jail due to this shame to act what do you expect your children to do.

  54. Abominable acts everywhere is her husband not enough for her and does it have to be your student, that’s so degrading


  56. Are you telling us that your husband is not satisfying you with sex, that your pupils can do it better than him

  57. Nawaoo there is nothing one cannot hear in this world I wonder what even attracted her to those innocent kids……well the punishment serve you rights and I hope you learn your lessons while you serve in prison

  58. The woman is not ashamed she can not even find her agemate more over she a married woman can’t she have sex with her husband well may be her husband did not satisfied but those student too small honesty..

  59. why a world… 25 years Facing 90years in prison.. Is life in prison nah.. God help us with the rate of rap that days

  60. She is a disgrace. Since she have a husband and she is in the mood she can go home and meet her husband instead of her student
    Shameful act

  61. Maybe she is using that for some spiritual stuff na wa oo she deserve the punishment she has spoil the kids life now

  62. Sincerely speaking some people are out to destroy life’s, imagine old woman like this having a sex with her students and other students were watching them in the act, she deserves to go to jail final.

  63. This portrays the level of moral decadence ravaging our contemporary. What on earth will entice a married woman to committing such a crime against the husband and the society at large.
    She should face the wrath of the law.

  64. Child abuse. But the students should have declined. But the woman is really sick upstairs to have even thought of this.

  65. Is she that sex stave by her husband,what she did was very disgusting and she deserved a good punishment’s, I think she has metal problem

  66. This is serious o…is she trying to show them what she taught in class or what.abi dem no understand her when she dey teach dem the topic?yeye teacher go teach for prison

  67. A married woman for that matter what is her interest in minor why not find a married man too if she must commit adultery

  68. For her to do it in the first place is one thing, for her to do it in the car is another thing but the worst of it all is allowing the pupils see the act

  69. This one these teachers are now so into the habit of having sex with underage
    When they know it’s illegal and there’s a strong punishment attached
    This is just too wrong

  70. Don’t you have shame!!… even did it where other students were are watching, now your about to spend the rest of ya life in jail…..

  71. Sex dey really sweet her, she can’t control herself again, I just pity her, 90 years imprisonment is too much for such offence.

  72. She deserve to be jailed, but 90yrs is just too much,,,,, and having sex with small children is very shameful ,

  73. Some teacher is not what to be teacher some us just doing for money not to guide students is very bad of her

  74. Is like our pass government that gives death sentence @90 her life have ended teachers that so pose to guide students is doing this bad act

  75. Wow 90 years is too much what year will you give those persons that rape in my own mind I don’t think they worth 5 year in prison

  76. Nawa women why the embarrassment. Before now I use to think it’s only boys sat take advantage of girls. This world has really changed ooooo

  77. Having sex with a minor, she must be insane, to think that she’s even married, what kind of satisfaction can these little boys give her

  78. This one really surprise me I mean we only thought that these habit is synonymous with male teachers, not knowing that female teachers also do it.

  79. Men are not alone in the paedophile trend. This is immoral, disgusting and disturbing. The school authority lived up to expectations.


  81. More reasons why people assigned to educational institutions should be properly examined before employment

  82. Married woman and a teacher for that matter o having sex with your student and pupils watch her?? May she face the law

  83. Very ridiculous and degrading of a teacher. She should made to dance to the tune of the law to serve as a warning to other teachers who do such with their students.

  84. This is very bad of her as a married woman and a teacher, now see where immoral life has landed her.

  85. A married woman at that. Is it that your hubby doesn’t satisfy you or that you prefer to use children? Ask God for forgiveness.

  86. Having sex with the children you are old enough to give birth to, shame on her. Well the judgement has been past in her already 90yrs in prison + her age now, she is finish

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