Married female teacher engages in sex with student at cemetery

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A married female teacher in Missouri has been detained for having sex with a teenage boy repeatedly – including once in a local cemetery, according to local authorities.

Katrina Kraus, 35, was charged with second-degree statutory rape and second-degree statutory sodomy in Schuyler County. Both are Class D felonies.

Married female teacher engages in sex with student at cemetery lailasnews 4
Married female teacher engages in sex with student at cemetery

Kraus is said to have had consensual intercourse with the student on multiple occasions from June to October of 2017. He was 14 when they first got together and had turned 15 by the end of their relationship.

Officials claimed that the victim vividly described one of his six incidents with Kraus taking place at the Cone Cemetery in Schuyler County.

The teenager said that the other five occurrences took place in Scotland County.

While Kraus is currently facing charges in Schuyler County, Sheriff Joe Wuebker told KTVO that more charges could be pending for Scotland County.

Investigators were first notified about the relationship when they were contacted by a different 17-year-old student from Schuyler County High School in April 2018.

The student claimed that he met the woman while she was a substitute teacher in the Schuyler County R-1 School District.

He was a senior at the time.

He claimed that the educator sent him sexually explicit messages via social media that included nude images.

Teenagers who are 17 are considered adults in Missouri, so no charges were made against Kraus in connection to those allegations.

Police were able to get details surrounding the 15-year-old based off the other student’s allegations.

Kraus, from Memphis, Missouri, is being held at the Adair County Law Enforcement Center.

Her bond is set at $15,000 in cash.

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  1. This isn’t funny, the world is gradually turning into fornication zone, nothing seems improper again in the eyes people. Let her serve in jail.

  2. Too bad the world is turning to something else with different types of immoralities, she should be jailed.

  3. Thats very bad for a married woman to be following a young guy her student. Just can’t believe my eyes.

  4. I have heard about people having sex in the cemetery but is for ritualist or maybe she equally wants to be buried there, she didn’t see any other convenient place to carry out her wicked act apart from the cemetery

  5. No place to do their rubbish thing again than to go to a cemetery, what a useless being. The generation of this time is really going to destruction

  6. People hav becime so crazy about sex that they lose thrir nut and fo otherwise. How i wish a ghost slap hell out u

  7. You really can’t blame her. Probably her husband wasn’t giving her enough sex. And the 15year old or 14year old is not a small boy. We have boys that age impregnating girls their age. You can’t blame the woman and you can’t blame the boy, nature called for it. She was arrested because the country they live sees rape as “an older person involving in sexual act with a younger person lesser than 16years.”

  8. She might probably be going through some mental issues, you never can tell and if not…what won’t we see with the Whites…it is well.

  9. Horrible! This woman really needs God deliverance in her life. What a wicked generation. God have mercy.

  10. this issue is turn into something else. people need to build their self control character no matter their personality

  11. I don’t think this is natural if not of all places they choose cementry this is really shocking and surprised me the ghosts at the cemetery should av wake up to teach them lesson

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