Marriage is an ACHIEVEMENT for me – Ada Slim

Ada Slim, the Nollywood movie producer who got married few weeks ago has stated that marriage is an achievement for her in a new post she shared.

Marriage is an ACHIEVEMENT for me - Ada Slim lailasnews

According to Ada Slim, her alarm clock for marriage was set for her 28th birthday but she had to wait 5 more years to walk down the aisle. She also added that though she doesn’t feel fulfilled 100%, however she feels lucky and blessed.

Read her post below;

I officially welcome you to 2019! Year of fulfillment for us all!
I thank God for the gift of life & health in 2018, my BEST yr so far.
As Alexx Ekubo say make we dey talk our truth in 2019, oya here is my most profound & vulnerable public post ever.
2018 I got married in full to the most perfect man on earth!
Wow that’s a great “ACHIEVEMENT”
YES marriage is an achievement for me!
I set my alarm clock for yr 28th bt God’s time is the best, desperately waiting for extra 5yrs was somewhat overwhelming
Not 100% fulfilled but I still feel lucky & blessed ;
Better half-caste like me ….Born American citizen & raised full Naija style;
built my own house in my 20’s;
still hussling hard for greater career goals in my 30’s;
yet to buy my dream car before 40;
taking care of a couple of orphans & less privileged kids;
made blockbuster movies with the topmost A-Lists in Nollywoood; bagged my Masters degree from the best University in Newyork; was abt to grab my PHD in same Uni but the “Perfect Husband Degree” found me instead 🙈…I was tired of being single 😜 .
Nevertheless, a private jet & a home in Ikoyi won’t hurt, bt 1st, the kids to rock them with & a father figure for them, as an authentic traditional, conservative,religious, native Nwafo Igbo…ohh my ovaries…can’t wait to have my 1st biological child with my 1st Love in my 1st marriage 🙏
For all my mature single Divas praying God for same “Achievement” 2019 is your year! .

For my under 20s who set their alarm clock for 28/29, pls move it backwards oh….don’t repeat my mistake cos….husband is not like money in the bank that you withdraw at Will, once you clock 30+ odikwa very very risky ooh, those eggs don’t wait for no slayer; consider dating time, wedding planning time, pregnancy time….you might be fast approaching 35 b4 having ur 1st child….May 2019 I will be 34, U see…hopefully, my 1st child b4 I’m 35😳
I knw age is nothing but a numb bt not for those eggs….I personally lowkey admire Mercy Aigbe, Omotola, Iyabo Ojo & others who just turned 40 but already blessed wit teen seeds….I know they had their own trials too by starting so early, bt dear lil ones, you can meet us halfway

Marriage is an ACHIEVEMENT for me - Ada Slim lailasnews 1

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  1. Amen to your prayers, 2019 my year of multiple blessings and testify, God bless your marriage dear,I tap from your blessings, Assurrance 2019

  2. That Is just the exact truth
    Age doesn’t wait for ladies
    I pray God grant us all our divine husband

  3. Wow this is quite touching and heart provoking one there!! Single Ladies should take their time to read, meditate and learn from her

  4. Marriage is a beautiful achievement and thank God he has given you a loving home.. Congratulations to you dear.

  5. But their is still Life after marriage that your own view tho goals are sets which some makes in their top target on their wish list.

  6. Congratulations dear,you will surely have your biological child before you turn 35 in Jesus name Amen

  7. Sincerely marriage is so sweet. two is indeed better than one i must confess. congratulations Ada Slim.

  8. I agreed with you percent. Marriage is an achievement because lots of girls wish they could just be like you. Congratulations!

  9. Congratulations dear like you said Gods timing is the best. Congratulations dear I pray you are bless with the fruit of the womb

  10. Ofcouse married is a great achievement to all happy couples congratulations for being with the love of your life

  11. Yes I agree with you. Its good to have these achievement in good time but its better you get married at an advanced age but to someone sweet than at an early age only to remain unhappy and miserable to life. Congrats to you.

  12. Life is about priority and maybe that’s one of hers and no one should question that we just need to wish her all the best

  13. Marriage is indeed a beautiful achievement to those who have the grace to be blessed with it. Sometimes it’s good to start early so that you grow along side with your kids. Amen to those prophetic words on singles. God will make it happen this year. And may your home be blissfully blessed. Congratulations!

  14. God’s time is always the best ! HML! Enjoy your new home…more blessing shall come your way IJN.

  15. Lesson of the day.. Allow God to work for u.
    Thank God it finally came to pass even if it was 5years later. God’s time is the best

  16. My dear if you have achieve marriage then marriage is and achievement, its not easy to marry

  17. I don’t even know who she is but good for her! Nothing feels better than making yourself feel good

  18. Congrats. Thats just the truth about marriage she revealed to co-ladies which should be put into consideration

  19. Delay isn’t denial… Congrats, may your union be blessed and become fruitful in every areas of life.

  20. Indeed marriage is a great achievement for every married couples, congratulations dear and may God blessings be on ur union and amen to all your prayers

  21. Delay isn’t denial… Congratulations, may you home be blessed and become fruitful in every areas of life.

  22. you are endowed, empowered and already blessed. Congratulations. y thanks for the emotional advice.

  23. Single ladies here is a piece of advice for you people congratulation to you for the achievement, may your home be bless

  24. I admire your openness ma. God’s time is often different from ours and in his time he makes everything beautiful. Congratulations and God grant you all your heart desire to accompany this great achievement

  25. At least she achieved her achievement a I how do I say this now?? For some women, this is not the achievement they desire. Me I need more money biko.

  26. Huge congratulations for your biggest achievement, but respect your marriage do that you will not come out tomorrow tomorrow and say otherwise

  27. Congratulations are in order dear. Marriage this day is an achievement . And I also like your crazy goals.

  28. Hmm that’s very good of you
    Congratulations to you dear
    Ur dreams has come tru .
    That’s a great achievement
    Starting up ur own family

  29. To a very great and successful woman like her, marriage should be an achievement. But only few women know.

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