Ladies, don’t consider marriage if you are not financially independent – Ali Baba

Comedian Ali Baba has advised ladies not to consider marriage if they are not financially independent. According to him, the era when women depend on men are long gone as women are now required to contribute financially to a marriage.

Ladies, don't consider marriage if you are not financially independent - Ali Baba

Ali Baba shared:

Many of the men who also believed that women should not be financially independent were also everywhere. And with time, many of those men, where in places of authority and economic positions of influence. Such men also started to see that many women were a threat to their masculinity. And did everything to block them.

Like a woman can not bail anyone arrested. Women can not rent properties. They failed to accept that women were capable of pulling their weight when shouldered with responsibilities, BUT DID BETTER THAN THE MEN, who went head to head with them. And still play their roles as women.
In school, you will remember, if you want to be honest, there were ladies who were constantly in 1st to 10th positions. And there were heavy men, who were unashamedly in the 30th to 32nd positions. That was the start. It became more glaring that women can be equally smart and even smarter. Many of these men, were in any case being taught by women, as teachers, lecturers and professors.

So, gradually, the thought of a woman being DEPENDENT ON any man started fading. Especially when the men started having them as bosses, and learning under their feet. Humbling. However, it needs to be further emphasised in these day and age, that the days of a woman being DEPENDENT are gone. Or nearly gone.

So, it’s clear, that financial instability of women is the major reason many wpmen don’t get treated like they should. It turns relationships to cash and carry or business transactions. It also then makes many men believe, that financial independence will take away their power. Only WEAK MEN think like that. And women who think they must go into a relationship because its their only way to financial stability are the ones who empower them.


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  1. You are right dear Ali Baba, getting married without financial ability causes a lot of problems and makes the woman a nagging wife

  2. You are right, enough of them depending on men, they should work and be independent and not dependent

  3. totally agree with her. Women should be financially independent. Some men are just not it. If she is, the man won’t brag to her

  4. It’s good for a woman to be financially dependent but still know and play her role as a wife, while the man does his as well. Cos in this era when women are being financially better…men are turning to lazy Nigerian youth looking for whom they will ruin.

  5. Being financially independent is very vital to women, especially married ones to be able to take care of themselves and certain things in d home,funny enough women are d pillar of most homes but unfortunately this makes some men to be lazy this days which is too bad, no matter what, women still needs their husbands love and care especially financially no matter how rich she is, that is natural.

  6. True talk ladies,women,girl let encourage ourselves to be financially okay and let put beefing aside that the only way lady can progress

  7. Thank you Ali Baba. I totally agree with your view. Marriage is a great responsibility. To maintain it, one needs to also have something worthwhile doing and not just waiting for the other to always provide.

  8. However I disagree. Its good if women are financially independent. But its not a necessity for marriage

  9. Raw truth but many men get scared of financially independent women though. The main thing as a lady is to be happy and be fulfilled in life, with or without a man

  10. U r right@ali baba wen u depend on men financially they turn u to a toy you play with. Wake women and be independent financially it doesn’t take away ur humility u just need to put ur character in check

  11. Great talk Ali. Yes we are coming in with full force. No dulling. But men should also treat women better. We are partners not inferior to you

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