‘Marriage doesn’t work, just have a child’ – Timaya advises Phyno

Few hours after Nigerian music star, Timaya disclosed he is done making babies, he was spotted in a video advising Phyno and others about marriage.

'Marriage doesn’t work, just have a child' - Timaya advises Phyno lailasnews

In the viral video Phyno shared on his Insta-story, Timaya was spotted saying ‘marriage doesn’t work, just have babies.’ Here is the video below;


This is coming after Timaya took to his Instagram page to announce that he would like to take a back seat when it comes to baby making.

He made this known on his Instagram page where he posted an adorable picture of his daughters Emma and Grace with their little brother whom Timaya recently welcomed with his second baby mama. He posted;

“Emma is now a big sis. Super blessed Dude I am, Hey I’m done making babies, Get to work PAPA!.”

Timaya has three children from two women and he’s yet to officially tie the nuptial know with any.

The singer also recently opened up on his marriage plan and according to him, he is not a marriage material. Timaya, who was featured on the cover of Vibe.ng magazine alongside King Perryy declared that he is not ready for that phase yet. Timaya also told the magazine on how he manages to be a parent and musician. He says he is real to his kids and they are also real to him.

If I have a bad breath she can easily say dad, your breath is bad and vice versa. When asked if he would allow his kid ‘Emma’ go into music if she decides to in the future, he said he would allow her as long as it makes her happy, but his duty as a parent is to tell her what is good and bad.

“If today (my daughter) tells me, ‘daddy I want to be a stripper’, that’s her life. I brought her into this world. I just need to make her understand what is good and bad, what is right and wrong.”

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