Marlian cult by female secondary school students – Nigerians react

Nigerians on social media have reacted to the report on female secondary school students allegedly forming Marlian cult.

This was brought to limelight after a man identified as Adebiyi Olajide-Mackson allegedly claimed his daughter was suspended in her school alongside other female students for being members of the cult.

Marlian cult by female secondary school students – Nigerians react

In his report, he claimed the students were apprehended in the school after it was discovered they have designated days they come to school without wearing pants.

He wrote on Facebook:

“Another deadly virus in the society, being a Marlian!!! Did Naira Marley initiate anyone into a cult?

I am just coming from my daughter’s school right now. Their principal called me around 9 am this morning to report to school over an emergency. I panicked and drove over only to be told that my 15-year-old daughter and most of the girls from her class and other senior secondary classes are to be suspended for being members of a female secret cult. They were about 25-30 girls all kneeling down with their hands up.

I was shocked and I asked for further explanation’s and the headteacher said that a teacher who was disciplining late comers found out that one of the girls had her pant inside her school bag and on further investigation, it was discovered that she wasn’t wearing any on her waist.

When she was flogged and interrogated further to know why and how she was not wearing her pant, she confessed that she was a member of the Marlians cult in school and that part of their rules was that they must not wear pant to school on Mondays, Wednesday’s and Friday’s. I was shocked. The headteacher told me that she was flogged some more until she mentioned all their members from SS1 – SS3 and unfortunately, my daughter who is a born again child of Zion was involved. Laila, the devil has succeeded and my daughter has entered cult.

I was handed her letter of 2 weeks suspension and shame nearly killed me. The daughter of an elder and deaconess, I battled hard to hold my tears, I had to bring her home right and God in heaven knows that I will beat that Marlians cult out of her today and her father will finish the work when he comes home this night.

I won’t spare her else the devil wins. The bible was clear on the issue of sparing the rod. I have never subscribed to flogging but I have just given up. I checked her vagina and her hymen is still intact so I don’t understand why she has to leave the house wearing pant only to remove it on getting to school cos Initially I was afraid that she may have been violated or maybe having sex with the cult members or something like that.

I honestly don’t understand why this girl has decided to disgrace our family like this. Worse is that children of some of our church member also attend the same school and witness the show of shame.

I banned Naira Marley song or cloths in my house little did I know that his cult has also gone into schools to defile our young ones. I rather die than have a child of mine become a reproach to the kingdom of God.

Reacting to the sad incident, Nigerians on Twitter believe it is time the government begins to investigate the Marlian movement

See reactions:

Naira Marley is not a good influence to growing youths sincerely. A number of schools have been experiencing more indiscipline from students claiming to be “Marlians”, there is a need to reorient these students on what Marlians truly means.

Naira Marley is NOT the problem with Nigeria. Nigeria is the problem of Nigeria.
Everyone is quick to accuse him of social unruliness and decadence because as usual, rather than face a problem…

Naira them say them done Dey form cult group oh . Them done Dey blame you . For children when dome first spoil

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