“Many want to see me beg on the street”- William Uchemba reveals

Williams Uchemba spills the beans on why people want to see him beg on the street

As the year is coming to an end, popular actor Williams Uchemba recently revealed the underlying thoughts of those who are jealous of his success.

The philanthropist revealed this via a write-up on his Instagram account.

Some individuals, he claims, want to see him bankrupt to the point where he will have no option but to beg.

He warned his fans and followers to be cautious over the Christmas season, sharing a photo of him sitting on the ground by the roadside begging for money.

As he puts it;

“They literally want to see you beg on the street. And if the eyes can see the heart of men you will realise that most of them are fronting as friends and even feeding on the same place with you.

Be careful who you allow come close to you this season. Don’t let your food or drink to go to the bathroom for anyone. The kind evil in this world now even devil shock.”

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