Man’s fiancee gets dragged on Twitter by his side chick, see response

A side chick took to her social media page to drag the fiancee of the mn=an she slept with only for her to get more than she bargained for.

The side chick who was caught by the man’s fiancee when she visited his home was trying to move past the hurt before the tweet and her friend has decided to speak up for her.

The side chick had tweeted;

How do you go to someone’s house without calling to inform them🙄🙄.

What if they’re not in the mood for visitors??

Personally I hate it. If you show up at my place unannounced, I would seat by my window & watch you knock till you’re tired & leave.

See response the fiancee’s friend gave her that has got twitter on fire;

For whatever reason you decided to tweet this, I’m going to give you answers. But my questions to you are;
Did he tell you that this same lady you’re talking about is his fiancé?

Did he tell you that he gave this same lady d extra key to his house?

Did he tell you that he already met with the lady’s dad and they were about to go meet his mum this Sunday?

Did he also tell you that they both redecorated THAT HOUSE YOU WENT TO SLEEP, with both their monies and she initiated it cus it was very dirty?

Did he tell you that they were both planning their wedding before next year March?

Did he tell you all these things before you went to sleep in his house, she went to the house (uninvited as you say) saw you there and he decides to humiliate and disrespect her in your presence?

She has the right to visit uninvited cause he gave her his permission to do whatever and visit whenever she wants. She’s a good lady wit a big heart,this same guy that is causing u to flex muscle knows she’s soft and easy going. Epele oo eyin Twitter influenzas.

Here you are laughing and joking about it. Anyway nobody blames you cus obviously it’s what he told you that you are acting on.

I didn’t do a thread just for the fun of it. That tweet triggered something that we have been trying to handle and trying to move past.
if for whatever reason,treating bukky badly and disrespecting her d way you did after everything is right,then I leave you to God.

You didn’t even have the decency to call or text to apologize or explain why you acted the way you did,all you could say was ‘How far’ ‘Good morning,are we still going to see my mum this Sunday,so I can inform her’. Wow! The devil no longer lives in hell. I carry yansh for you.

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