Mandatory Use of the National Identification Number

Recently, the National Identity Management Commission Act, 2007 enacted the Mandatory Use of the National Identification Number Regulations, 2017.

The Regulations were made in order to aid successful transactions and easy access to services on the day-to-day activities of every Nigerian citizen and legal resident from age 0.

Mandatory Use of the National Identification Number Regulations lailasnews
Mandatory Use of the National Identification Number Regulations

The National Identification Number (NIN) is a set of unique numbers assigned to all eligible citizens upon a successful enrolment into the national identity database.

The Act defines an eligible person as any person who is a citizen of Nigeria; any person, whether or not he is a citizen of Nigeria, who is lawfully and permanently resident in Nigeria; and any non-citizen of Nigeria who is lawfully resident in Nigeria for a period of two years or more.

The mandatory use of the NIN under section 27(1) of the Act makes it an offence for a person not to register and obtain the NIN. In addition, the regulations provide that a person must provide his/her NIN in order to carry out certain transactions broadly categorized for ease of reference as follows:

  • When you want to register and obtain your National e-ID card
  • For processing your travel documents (international passport application & acquisition)
  • For opening personal bank accounts
  • To get your driver’s license
  • To register and obtain your Permanent Voters’ Card
  • To participate in the National Health Insurance Scheme
  • For payment of your taxes
  • To engage in transactions related to your contributory pension scheme
  • To gain access to welfare and other relevant services from the Nigerian Government
  • For transactions with social security implications
  • land transactions subject to the Land Use Act

However, given the penal consequences and restrictive effects of not obtaining a NIN, it is advisable that eligible individuals obtain their NINs as quickly as possible.


  1. This is a welcomed development i hope it’s not all talk as usual but it should be made effective as soon as possible.

  2. If this national identification cars can be made to entertain both our banking transactions it will be top notch I swear.

  3. This is a welcomed development i hope it’s not all talk as usual but it should be made effective as soon as possible…lets see how it will affect Nigeria growth

  4. This is a welcomed development i hope it’s not all talk as usual but it should be made effective as soon as possible…lets see how it will affect Nigeria growth

  5. This National ID card is so very important. Almost anything you do now needs it so let’s try to get it

  6. Am happy that new ideologies are coming into Nigeria. I look forward to seeing it’s effectiveness

  7. It’s really mandatory and it’s good for one in order for recognition. This is also a nice development from the management.

  8. That is a very good and welcome idea and I know it will encourage alot of people that did not have to try and get their card .

  9. Alot of people dont have it,it would actually make alot of people do theirs so its actually a good thing.

  10. i will obtain mine this coming new year because is a welcomed development i hope it’s not all talk as usual but it should be made effective as soon as possible…lets see how it will affect Nigeria growth

  11. Biblical prophecies are gradually coming to pass. I don’t have it and will not have it unless it becomes serious

  12. Good development from NIMC, the number is unique and important for most transactions and identification in the country

  13. I have obtained my own but I am yet to be given the permanent National Identity Card since 2016. But the paper that carries the NIN is relevant and acceptable in Banks

  14. It’s a good development but the body in charge should do well to release the national ID card too on time and not just leave it hanging after years of application and obtaining the NIN

  15. I have obtained mine. It was not easy because in Nigeria you must give bribe to obtain some documents in this country.

  16. That’s a welcomeable idea and hope the focus is not tempered with, and the plastic should be release for those that has done theirs years back.

  17. Good news, this is indeed a welcome development to all citizens, hope it will be available every time and every where.

  18. The truth about it is that will this last longer, too me is a good idea, I have been using the slip since 2014 till date the original is not still out for me too collect.

  19. It’s really good for one in order for recognition. This is also a nice development from the management, I hope they speedup the permanent card.

  20. Will this idea last, I have registered for this since 20q4, what I have been using is the slip, is a good idea but my country Nigeria don’t keep too power new system.

  21. Nice development, other countries have legalized this since. So it should be made effective here in Nigeria too.

  22. Nigeria! One government starts this, the nest government will scrap it. All the same, it is important to have a national identity of some sort at least. I already have mine thank God.

  23. This is a welcomed development i hope it’s not all talk as usual but it should be made effective as soon as possible
    I will get my soon

  24. They should make it easy and quick for everyone to get, they should not just be imposing law up and down when they have not arrange their own side of it


  26. I like the development, but that Original plastic Card should be made available for everyone to use. It is taking too long since I successful register.

  27. God please take control and protect your own people. Give us Wisdom to make the right choice and do the right thing at the right time.

  28. It is a welcome development. Let the management be fast in issuing the card to those that have registered.

  29. It’s not a bad idea at all. But it will surely take some to time to implement. Nigeria. When the government changes now, the while thing may die off

  30. What of we that have registered since that have not gotten our plastic? NIM should make sure we get it without further delay

  31. This is baseless bcos many of us have done it but have not received the plastic card. So 4get they are not serious.

  32. Have obtained mine still waiting for the original plastic copy. Will still pass the information to others though.

  33. At least we are growing little by little. . But this NIN is not easy to get. The crowd in the centers is terrible. Especially for someone who’s working.

  34. Its a welcome development and we hope it won’t just be the usual talk because those that have gotten the temporary slip are still waiting for the permanent card

  35. Interesting…This Is a rule other countries set years back… There’s a lot of ingenuity in Nigeria.. A lot of foreigners…. It’s still looking like we have no independence…

  36. My question here is will this eradicate poverty or we are only just trying to create more problem for ourselves. We could remember the havoc BVN caused, rigorous registration process attached and so on…..

  37. This is a good, i will try to register myself. I hope they will take it seriously, not the one that they will talk and forget about it

  38. Why this mandatory acquisition of national identification number now. Is it a 666 era or what? Federal government should tread carefully before it turns to something else for them o

  39. I have obtained mine since 2014, and d original has not been given to me since,d last time I checked, it was not ready ,till wen

  40. This is a welcome development, since it is a government policy, every body should comply so that we all can build the nation together.

  41. I applied and am waiting for mine. This will really help fight corruption. It will also make a lot of things easier to process. Good one.

  42. The process of applying for this number has been difficult. The authorities should make the process easier and more accessible.

  43. It is a good thing to have, but like other Nigeria schemes, the process of obtaining NIN is not friendly at all.

  44. This is a good and nice development lets see how it will affect Nigeria growth, hope it’s not just some normal talk and it should be implement and made effective as soon as possible…

  45. Its a good development but the issue is many of that have registered for the past 3yrs are yet to obtained our original copy

  46. That’s a very intelligent development… I hope there put it into practice this time and not just saying it

  47. Good idea on paper. I doubt the workability of this since after like two to three years of registering for the ID card, we are still only in possession of temporary print out.

  48. Very good! it will help to curb illegal and fraudulent activities ..welldone to the Nigeria Goverment.

  49. This is good news,I hope they know what they are doing, because Nigeria is not secured and good to live

  50. This laws nimc are bringing are so annoying, its would make other things slower than before, its hard to even get a nimc card

  51. its is good , may be through the help of this they can be tracking any criminal down in our country as well

  52. I have mine and I have make very good use of it.It has help me in so many ways l will augured everyone to get it.

  53. It’s a welcome idea. It should also be available and accessible to all and sundry.
    The innovation should be welcome with prompt processing and availability of cards.

  54. Nice development but what is the use bcoz i have one mine since 2015 and have not gotting any feed bak till now please resolve it

  55. I have the temporary one which the original one is taking like forever to come out.. God help us in this country

  56. welcomed development i hope it’s not all talk as usual but it should be made effective as soon as possible

  57. National identification number is very important. Thank God I have mine. I don’t know why many people are too reluctant to get their national identification number.

  58. Am glad I’ve gotten mine some few years ago.. I don’t know if ID card is ready sha.. Its something everyone should have, to avoid some unnecessary troubles

  59. It is a welcome development but the staff of NIMC should be provided with all they need to make their work efficient. I know of relatives who registered close to two years now and their Id cards are not yet ready for collection.

  60. A welcome development but the staff of NIMC must be well equipped to make their work efficient to enable citizens register and get their Id cards without delay.

  61. I already knew the NIMC would make the National Identification Number Compulsory for every citizen. thank God i’ve done mine already.

  62. They have come again. What if the National Identity Card. Up till today I have not collected my NIC because it is not ready now they are bringing another one.

  63. This is actually the fact, one must have national identification number to show he or she is a citizen of the country.

  64. That is a great idea and a welcomeing development. This good for all citizen to have it so that we can know all this people that entered Nigeria through illegal means.

  65. The idea is good but the card is not ready available on time. Imagine registering since 2014 and it is still not ready. They should do something about it before making it mandatory

  66. It is good they are emphasizing the use of the Number but the card that was not issued is a big problem.

  67. One problem we have in this country is that we love to copy the developed countries but we ain’t ready to copy right…. I so, my voice can be heard by those instituting this mandate…. It takes eternity before I can get this card, yet they are here ranting up-and-down

  68. no problem about that… Me that did mine since 2014,im yet to get my original still using laminated paper

  69. National identity number is generally needed for all citizens home and abroad in other to identify who is truly or Nigerian and who is not. For the wellbeing of the citizens.

  70. this is really a great improvement on Nigeria, If this national identification cards can be made to entertain both our banking transactions it will be very good but hope this will last in Nigeria.

  71. The problem is that when you register it takes a very long time to collect the card. The government should work on that aspect before enforcing anything.

  72. This is a good implementation from the staffs of NIMC . Is just that NIMC takes time before they releases the permanent ID card.

  73. This is a great development but more centres should be created across the country to enhance fast and compliance

  74. This is a welcome development and it will enhance the security check up in the country , security men will know the illegal migrant in This country

  75. It’s good oo. But those of us who have registered since how many yrs now d card is yet to b out ooo….

  76. It is a good development by the government. And we welcome it, but may this one not be by mouth, but let it be done

  77. I have done mine for the past few months but have not been given the print out when. I have checked on several occasions.

  78. Well it is very necessary especially when one wants to get something from a parastatal or post office to ensure the rightful owner or person.

  79. I have registered like since forever and the original is not yet out. If they take us seriously, we will take them seriously

  80. I have one but for the past 5 years or 4 years now have not gotten my original nimic they are really holding the product requesting for bribe government should look into the matter

  81. I personally know that I have enrolled for NIN for years now, yet any time you want to check for it, you will be told it’s not ready yet.. So please before you enforce such law, make sure the NINs are ready for collections..

  82. If this is truly introduced in Nigeria, it will help in controlling illegal immigrants and by extension, to curb crime rate in the country.

  83. this is another milestone and a welcoming achievement we will participate in doing it god willing this new year

  84. I am really far behind, I don’t even have my Id card yet, I must enroll for both immediately so as not to block my chances of being a beneficiary of any initiative.

  85. I have enrolled on this scheme,I am yet to have my card…you people should make cards of those who registered earlier available

  86. This is a welcome developments and long overdue, though I don’t have mine but I will apply for it now.

  87. National id it a must because if u want travel out the country u will be or open an acct in bank dey request of it

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