Man who raped 14-yr-old girl successfully gives kudos to himself

Nura Abdullahi, a 32-year-old man who allegedly raped a 14-year-old girl in Suleja, Niger State, has hailed himself for a mission accomplished.

Man who rapes a 14-yr-old girl successfully gives kudos to himself

Nura while being paraded by the police, he revealed that he had been setting the trap for the lady for a long time and that he was happy he completed his mission

“I have been waiting for a day like this and I am happy that I set traps for her several times and at last, she fell into the trap and I have accomplished the mission of having sex with her.

With the accomplished mission, I am ready for the consequence; let the law take its course on me; I am a happy man already,” he stated.

The suspect was said to have lured the victim into his room, campedher over the night during which he had forceful had marathon sex with her.

There had been series of similar complaints against the man before he was actually caught on this one.

It is confirmed that he would soon be charged for his criminal offence.


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  1. its matter of time, he will be regretting soon enough when he find him self in prison or correction center, denied access to all what he does before the behind wall life.

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