Man who killed his girlfriend gets attacked by her family inside court room (Video)

Inside a court room in Ohio, a man who killed his girlfriend was attacked by her family members on the day he was due to be sentenced.

It was a wild scene inside Youngstown, Ohio when two members of the family of a woman who was murdered attack her killer.

Man who killed his girlfriend gets attacked by her family inside court room (Video) - lailasnews (1)

Dale Williams, 62 was scheduled to be sentenced for the 2017 shooting of his ex-girlfriend, Elizabeth Pledger-Stewart. Investigators say he confessed that he waited over 45 minutes for her to drive by him on her way to work so he could run her off the road and shoot her.

Just as the victim’s daughter was about to give a statement, one of her brothers, wearing a short-sleeved black t-shirt, leapt at her killer and attacked him. The other brother, with a red t-shirt, then joined in, with footage showing one man punching Williams while the other kicked him.

The killer, in an orange prison jumpsuit, could not fight back as his hands were bound in cuffs. Police immediately intervened to stop the two and tasered the second attacker. He can be heard saying: ‘You killed my mother, man’.

Williams’ sentencing in Judge Maureen Sweeney’s court has been adjourned, NBC reports. The two members of the family were arrested.

Watch the video below.

The man’s girlfriend that was killed is a mother-of-three from Broadman, Ohio, who got out of the car on a busy stretch of Market Street and was repeatedly shot by Williams, who was reported by witnesses to have continued shooting until his gun was empty.

Prosecutors accused him of planning the attack in such detail that he even chose the exact spot to sit in his van and wait for his ex to pass by, WBKN reports.

Attorney Dawn Cantalamessa said:

‘He made a statement initially that he was trying to save one bullet for himself as well or one bullet to point at the police, but he ended up using it all.’

Williams could face a sentence of 23 years to life in prison. The brothers were arrested and will serve 30 days in jail for contempt of court, wwnytv reports.

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