Man wearing bra allegedly caught on a mission to steal pant in Delta

A man wearing bra was was apprehended on Friday night while on an alleged mission to steal pant in Delta State.

The suspect was reportedly caught by local vigilante in Agbarha area of the state after he allegedly stole a bra and was looking for panties to steal to complete his mission.

Man wearing bra allegedly caught on a mission to steal pant in Delta lailasnews 2
Man wearing bra allegedly caught on a mission to steal pant in Delta

When he was quizzed by the security operatives, the suspect allegedly confessed that a man whom he asked to show him the way to make money told him to go and find where to hustle panties and bra before he helps him.

He was told after picking or stealing the items, he should meet him at a popular Tozak hotel in Ughelli area.

He was caught by vigilante members after stealing only one bra.

Below is what Facebook user Ofejiro Skillz wrote;

Oman this thing dey worst oo this guy go thief bra for agbarha yesterday night and wen bakasi hold d idiot he begin dey confess say if he go tozak hotel say the boys Dy trow away money and he dy pick almost 5k dey come house and when he ask one of the boys to show am road ,the guy come say make he find bra and pant come ,say if he don see d bra and pant make he come meet dem for tozak,say Na only bra he don see remain pant


  1. This world is seriously turning to something else, what is a man wearing bra for to the extend of stealing pant. God help us in this world

  2. My advice for ladies is to stop using pants for now..this people are ready to go to any miles Just to get ladies pants

  3. The evil that men do lives with them .God will continue to expose them.They have forgotten that the blessing of God maketh rich and added no sorrow

  4. Guys are ready to do anything to get money these days, God have mercy over our dear country (Nigeria)

  5. Money is the root of all injurious things.
    Because of money some people go to the point of killing their mothers

  6. advice for ladies is to stop using pants for now..this people are ready to go to any miles Just to get ladies pants

  7. Quick riches is now in trendy and talk of d town. Many dubious and evil ways but the stupid ones will still enter it

  8. I don’t know why youths these days cannot work hard genuinly to earn a living. Thank God that he was caught.

  9. He might say ” its my first time, is the devils handwork” . pls that man should be dealt with and put behind bars.

  10. Idiot boy!
    Stupendous inteytey!
    No lemme use Grammer finish o
    Your mate are working, na pant and bra wey go kill u you dey thief Upandan.
    God don catch u

  11. Money money money why not the government provide the country with good salaries and job opportunities

  12. Men with rituals , what is happening? Is it APC that caused this one? They should use their own pants naa.

  13. And why should mature ladies spread their undies outside knowing the kind of society we live in these days

  14. See what pant and bra has done to him. In his next life he will never think of making quick money, now he is going to pay the price thank God he was caught. Women be careful on how you expose your undies especially pants and bras

  15. Funny as this may sound,men are wicked,he want to useless others to be useful,let him face the consequences

  16. Omo this pant and bra of a thing is now get worse oo is that the method people are using to get money…. Seriously girls need to be more careful with the way they spread their pant and bro out side.

  17. Poverty poverty poverty wat have u done to humanity? Such is life. Everyone is hussling on how to make quick money this season too BaD for for him.

  18. The society is becoming more dangerous all the name of getting rich. Please everybody should be conscious of where to spread inner wears.

  19. Waw this is news.. Unexpected but really interesting.. Wat good is good nd wat bad is bad. Truthfully speaking..

  20. He asked a man how to make money and the told him to hustle for pants, what a pity with some human beings who turn out to reason like inanimate beings

  21. Nawa oo
    Where is safe
    In the north
    Boko haram and herdsmen
    In the south
    Yahoo plus everywhere
    There should be a capital punishment for this
    As it’s becoming too much

  22. Shuu!! Some people are really insane…..just pants ??…people should really get a life…what gain will he get from stealing pants….isn’t it better going for millions….?? Lol

  23. In fact we don’t know where to tackle this situation of stealing of panties and bra..,.most it be panties?most it be bra? Please let our ladies go…………work seriously with your hands..

  24. Getting rich, The society is becoming more dangerous. I pray for those that are already affected for God intervention.

  25. This world is seriously turning to something else, what is a man wearing bra for to the extend of stealing pant. God help us in this world, Too bad.. He want to have quick money, but thank god they have caught him

  26. Love of money has destroy everything in this country that’s why we have many people into robbery and kingnaping. Money ritual is another issue. God help us in this country.

  27. Ladies should always take the precaution of washing and drying their pants indoor. One day is for the owner, good he got caught

  28. This guy must be one of the wicked criminals. Nemesis has been caught up with him. Payback time has come.

  29. This is the new trend now, stealing of pants and bra… Only God knows what this country is turning into all in the name of making quick money

  30. Thank God nemesis caught up with before he could accomplish his devilish plan. We ladies should be extra careful as regards our under wears. My God save us from the evil ones.

  31. The world is turning into another thing. Maybe he do use it for rituals. He need to be punished

  32. that man must be a ritualist because honouring man cannot do such an evil heart she should be arrested and stay in prison for a long time

  33. Yes ooo they should continue catching them foolish men.. If you are looking for pants for rituals why not use your mother’s or sister’s own

  34. Is only in delta that we havd poverty stricken people , the way they are stealing peoples’ pant just because they want to make money

  35. God alone disgraced him through the vigilante he used to catch him. He should go and be picking money in jail and from there he will bcom rich.#nonsense

  36. Thank God he didn’t succeed in his wicked mission, he must have been planing to use those items for money rituals, he must produce those who sent him and they must all pay for it

  37. Luck ran out of him before he could even complete his mission..
    They way people do things all in the name of making money is alarming

  38. Nawa oo..
    This country is turning into something else oo..
    Every young person wants to make money quick
    Without minding the consequences

  39. Everybody wants to make quick money, Yahoo boys everywhere. Girls should be very alert and vigilant about their underwear

  40. All this ritual killing to mame money. Instead of going to hustle like his mates. He should be seriously dealt with so that others can learn

  41. Unbelievable, may God helps in this country oooo today Book Haram tomorrow yahoo boys next tomorrow ritualists, my country people which way forward?

  42. He should be dealt with for this. Suppose he wasn’t caught only God knows what would have happened to the owner of the bra. Ladies please be careful, bad things are advancing to worse every day.

  43. This world is turning to something else ooo, stealing girls pant using it to do ritualist,u will be punished for what u did

  44. God don catch am. They want easy money.they should should arrest him and the person that he wanted to give the pant to

  45. This country is turning to something else this guy should be charged to the court for his actions

  46. This is quite funny but serious. What is this world turning into. Using pants also to make money? He should be apprehended in prison.

  47. hahahhahahhahahaha warri no be small thing o children of now this days they have mind o pass their parents o all in the name of making money o. shame on him

  48. This since to sound funny, but issues like this needs to be trash out.
    And i think this scenario also
    portraits the important of vigilante groups in our communities

  49. What’s this world turning into…ladies be careful where you dry your paint n bra oooo,yahoo boys is real.

  50. You want to be rich but too lazy to work. All you can do is look for a shortcut to become rich overnight… Let law take its cause on him so he would learn how to work instead of stealing or going into rituals

  51. This is end time, people should be more careful that they seem to be before, more especially ladies. The way things are going now all hands should be on deck to help ourselves from these angels of darkness and partakers in evil life style.

  52. God will continue to expose them.They have forgotten that the blessing of God maketh rich and added no sorrow

  53. Imagine, how much would be make with pant and bra? He must be a mad man,, or maybe he wanted giving it to his girlfriend

  54. Thank God for exposing him. Instead of working hard like others are he decided to take the fast and easy way. May God expose other ritualists like him in the same manner.

  55. I don’t know why stories like these ends half way. What happens to those guys if what the man caught said is true?

  56. Hmmmmmm this is very serious a man wearing woman’s bra to steal pant hmmmm,his aim is for ritual,, thank God he was caught, treat him fuckup.

  57. I don’t Blame the man, it is poverty.
    I wish the youths will be contented with what they have in order to avoid all these evils and shameful acts

  58. As they are doing it they are getting caught, are they not tired of being stupid…. Girls be careful of your underwears

  59. Thank God he was being exposed and his good for him. Instead of u to start a small business u want to get rich at once,may God forgive u

  60. Nawal ooh, there is no strategy people can’t apply to steal. He has seen what he has caused to himself. It is so bad

  61. Na wah o ,this life is na full of mysteries, someone cannot wear pant n walk freely on d road or in her own house again God help us o…..

  62. So this stealing of bra is everywhere….what are we not going tp see or hear in this country….everybody needs money by force

  63. With these, females need to be careful the way they keep their bra and pants. Do not give all these ritualist chance.

  64. They will all be exposed one by one IJN.shameless fetish people.lookin for money desperately…go and work.

  65. The rate these guys dey look and chase for money is quite terrible, wanna buy Benz and G wagon all the way. Pray God help our ladies

  66. Hahahahhahaa this is funny but so serious and evil indeed. All because of love of money people do any thing for money. Girls should be careful and protect their pants and bra because guys are desperate to make money through diabolical and evil means. This is getting out hand and security must rise up to fight this crime. Thank God he was caught who knows what could have happened to the victims who owns those panties..

  67. Hmmmmm this is such a terrible one let’s learn to stop sunning our pants outside and inner wears self

  68. Hmmm the hunger and thirst to get rich quick is destroying young people. May God continue to expose all of them

  69. This is terrible, why would some ladies spread their undies outside, something that is suppose to be private, you disregarded it

  70. There is nothing we will not see in this Nigeria….I cover my bra and pant with the blood of Jesus… This is wickedness

  71. We ladies should be careful where we place our underwears. The world is paying too much attention to women generally either for good or bad.

  72. I do not know why people will love to make other human being cry. They can do anything for money. Then the police and the lawyer will not help the issue once they collect money the next thing is the man is innocent.

  73. That’s a nice business plan. Oh ye sachet water drinkers, drink Sark’s natural mineral water and rap more like sarkodie.

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