Man throws his daughter into the well for alleged witchcraft

A man identified as Manu Yakubu, has been arrested for allegedly dumping his 6 year old daughter, Jennifer in the well over witchcraft allegation

The man was arraigned before the Nasarawa State High Court.

Yakubu, who is reported to be 30 years of age allegedly dumped the girl in a well after the girl opened up that she was a witch.

The prosecuting counsel for the police, James Anata, told the court that Yakubu committed the offence on December 8, 2017.

At the Tuesday hearing in the case, a prosecution witness, Samuel Kuje, told the court that he discovered the victim inside the well in his farm in the early hours of December 8.

The police said Yakubu had in his statement confessed to the crime, explaining that he dumped his daughter in the well because he believed she was responsible for his ill luck.

Yakubu was said to have written in the statement that her daughter had openly confessed that she was a member of a secret cult and had handed him and his wife over to her fellow cultists to be killed this year.

He claimed that the six-year-old admitted that she was responsible for the death of her uncle, Diour Adamu, and her two siblings who passed on shortly after birth.

Yakubu said he believed her daughter’s confession about being a member of a secret cult because sometimes she will disappear into the bush and spend over a week before resurfacing.

He said:

‘My daughter was a witch and she confessed that she planned to kill me and her mother this year. I committed the act because I don’t want to die and I believed her because sometimes we don’t see at home for weeks before she will appear again’

The prosecutor on Tuesday urged the judge to convict Yakubu as charged, arguing that the police had proved their case against the defendant beyond reasonable doubt. Justice Rose Fuji adjourned the case till April 23, 2018.


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