Man expresses gratitude to God after he survived a thunder strike

Legendary Suni has narrated how he almost died after a thunder strike sent current into his house and electrocuted him in the process.

Man expresses gratitude to God after he survived a thunder strike

According to a post he shared on Instagram, he was making use of his phone while having it connected to power to charge.

During the process a heavy rain began which came with lightening and thunder strike. This sent a current into his house which almost killed him.

He wrote:

How aware I am about how undeserving I am, of the life, the health, But God loves me regardless.. Because there is no other explanation how i survived something some would tag “Fatal” The rain last night came with a rumbling sky, Eye blinding lightning and ominous thunder strikes, i most times stumble upon posts warning about gadgets and the dangers of electrocution when used while connected to a power source, but ofcourse it falls on deaf ears, and so last night I did it again for the umpteenth time “Listening to music with an earpiece while charging my phone in a feeble attempt to shut out the very loud thunder rumble” Before the last one struck!! It sent a direct current into the house which blew the bulbs and electrocuted me through my phone!! I could feel my blood draining from my body, I couldn’t let go of the phone even with that vigorous vibration till i was thrown from where i sat which disconnected the phone and stopped what would have been.. With a swollen face, Blood shot eyes,Numb feeling in my mouth and a very sharp wincing sound in my ear, I AM ALIVE!! God Did it Again!!!


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