Man stabs wife to death for cheating in Niger state

A man identified as, Ishaya David has been arrested by the police in Niger state for allegedly killing his wife for cheating on him.

Man stabs wife to death for cheating in Niger state lailasnews

Ishaya was arrested by police detectives attached to the Gawu Babangida Division in the Gurara Local Government Area of the state.

The 29 year old suspect, who hails from Sabon Kaida village in Gurara, was said to have killed his 25 year old wife, Rifkatu David, over allegations of promiscuity.

It was learnt that the suspect stabbed his wife to death for having an affair with her ex-boyfriend.

According to Punch Nigeria, the suspect had earlier cautioned his late wife to desist from relating with her ex-boyfriend, but she reportedly ignored the warning.

Narrating what led to the killing of Rifkatu on Thursday, Ishaya said,

“I used a knife to kill her for her refusal to adhere to my instruction. I told her to desist from sleeping with men, but she boasted that nothing would happen, so, I lost my temper and stabbed her.”

The suspect further described the deceased as an unfaithful woman, who had no respect for her husband.

“My wife was stubborn; she never listened to me; I even sat her down and told her the implications of what she was doing, but she did not repent and she had to pay the supreme price,” he added.

The Command Public Relations Officer, Muhammad Abubakar, confirmed the incident, stating that the matter had been charged to court.

Teenage wife stabs husband to death over sex, 11 days after wedding


  1. What!!!….. Stabbed her to death??
    Who are you to take law into your hands or judge??…… He should have divorced her instead.

  2. Interesting! No matter how promiscuous she was, he shouldn’t have taken justice into his hands by killing her. There are better options for dealing with such.

  3. It’s bad news. I can understand wat the man is passing through. But killing her is not an option. Went a partner is infidel in marriage it really hurts

  4. I believe they courted before marriage. He should have gotten to know more about her personality before marrying her, killing her was not an option.

  5. It’s unfortunate this man cut the life of his wife short. He will be charged for murder and probably killed too

  6. You could have avoided this tragedy upon your self man. Why taken justice into your very own hands. Now the law will demand for you and you pay dearly for taken laws into your hands. All what she has been doing to you since, by sleeping with other men, no body will see all of that now because you yourself have done the worst

  7. Killing her is not the right thing even though she challenges you, now you also have to pay for the refusal

  8. He shouldn’t have killed her because killing her make the matter worst for him, he should report her to her family since she refused to listen to his warnings

  9. Imagine if everyone had to kill their spouses for infidelity, would that stop infidelity?
    This is first degree murder and you’re going to pay, because nothing justifies killing anyone.

  10. What the woman did was wrong and she deserves punishment but killing her never should have been the right thing to do

  11. Yea, what she did was very wrong but you killing her is not the right thing to do..
    That’s why its not right to take action when angry coz this is the work of anger..
    Shea, he should pay for his deeds.

  12. Man you didn’t do well at all why should you kill your own wife just because she cheated on you, you would have divorced her instead of killing her, now you have to bear the consequences.

  13. And you think killing her is the right thing. Now you have landed yourself in another problem.

  14. bros it is true that what she did is not gud, but u shouldnt have stabed her, u should have thrown her out of your house marry another wife bc the Bible said we should not commit adultry especially married couples. try to control ur temper next time okay.

  15. The man must be a very stupid man and I’m sure he cheats a lot too.But he won’t mention it now.So he thinks she deserves to die because she cheated.No wonder she had to cheat on you too.If you’re not happy with the way your marriage is going, instead of killing someone, Just quit the marriage simple

  16. Why did you take law into your hands,
    You will be jailed for killing your wife, all what you said she did will not be looked into, you can send her packing out of your house instead of killing her.

  17. He should have controlled his temper now he have committed murder and must face judgment and punishment

  18. The best thing the man would have done is to put the woman away if she will change, now he has killed his wife and he has been arrested.

  19. Again!! Lack of self control is a big challenge in the life of some people. Why can’t he divorce the woman instead of killing her and bringing death penalty upon himself? May God forgive them both and may the wife’s soul rest in peace.

  20. It is absurd to kill your wife because of cheating , at most you send her packing
    For God sake you must not take another’s life because of infidelity

  21. There are so many way to treat issues like that but killing is not d solution.don’t let ur anger take full control of you..

  22. I know it hard to control and Condon all that especially when you Have made concert effort to put things in proper perspective. But you dont have any reason to kill.

  23. What kind of nonsense is this it ur cheat on you is it kill that we make her Change is good to think wise.

  24. I don’t support murder but why can’t some ladies just stick to ther husbands than sleeping wit other men.

  25. Must you kill her?what is the value of life to us…now that you are going to rot in jail what is your gain

  26. Hmmmm, this sound ridiculous,
    If ur wife is storborn why not take her back to her parents?
    This man need to face the law

  27. that was indeed a very wicked act, Why are ladies be the one to b blamed ,what about the man ,

  28. No matter what happens he’s not supposed to take law into his hands and kill her, the worst he should do was to divorce her. And besides who knows if he’s telling the truth when the victim isn’t capable of defending herself

  29. You have done the wrong thing by killing her, you would have divorce her instead of killing her that was too bad you must be jail for doing such kind of things

  30. what the woman did was bad. But it shouldn’t have warranted to her death. That is why one can call for a divorce

  31. What you did was wrong you wouldn’t have stabbed her to death no matter what she has done. Stabbing her is not the right thing to do instead you could have filed for a divorce than killing your own wife. He shouldn’t go unpunished.

  32. I know the wife’s action towards him was unfair but he shouldn’t have killed her it’s a big mistake he made by doing so

  33. No matter the case, killing her has only turned you into a murderer, you should have handled it with wisdom, Now you have to be jail for murder, wisdom is important

  34. No matter what yhu shouldnt have kill her and I hope that now yhu are satisfied. Yhu will be charged murder case and go to jail…abeg wetin yhu gain?

  35. Romance take law into his hands because we are the lawmaker ourselves you killed and you shall be killed too

  36. There are many ways to go about a cheating wife but killing her definitely isn’t one of made a mistake as regards that

  37. What??? Stabbing her to death?? She didn’t deserve to die but live and suffer the consequences of her action. You went to far. Now see the repacautions. Men also cheat do the get to die. Not supporting her but Death… Mbaoh

  38. Hmmm that love fr u
    Bt he took a harsh decision
    Well if its was me ,I will just let g0
    Best way to avoid problems

  39. you should have learnt how to control your temper. It would have been better for you. This is so wrong.

  40. Useless man. If you are taking proper care of her as a husband, what would make her recall her EX? Or are you a saint who don’t cheat? He should be jailed and killed too. Mtcheeew

  41. This is murder case , not with standing if she was unfaithful or not. He has to no right to take her life.

  42. That should not be the next to do Mr man.normally it not easy to hold on to that,since you warn her so many time and she didn’t answer.if am in your shoe,I will just divorce her and go for another WOman instead of putting yourself in this problem because you cant control your anger and her behaviour.woman frustrate man with there behaviour’s sometimes but one just have to use brain to settle it amicably

  43. So what is your gain in killing her, you shouldn’t have killed her for sleeping with men around, the best thing is divorce

  44. He has put him self into a very big trouble,he has to be punished for putting the law into his hand

  45. Weldon as you kill her now what is your gain?? Killing her was not the best way,you should have pray for her or even take her to the church for deliverance

  46. You could divorce her instead of stabbing her death and claiming she paid with her life, oya na you must face the judgment

  47. She has to pay the supreme price by you killing her because you are the giver of life. What happened to sending her packing to her parents, you want to exercise your power. You must be charged with murder and sentence to death by hanging so you can pay your own supreme price. Foolish idiot

  48. And paying the supreme price is by killing her I don’t think you are in your right senses they should kill him too since he his not remorseful

  49. What a wicked world where anything can happen. In Killing her, what gain do you now have? May her soul rest in peace.

  50. The man Is Very stupid! Is that the Reason why he took his precious wife life? May her soul Rest in peace

  51. You have no right to kill her even if she cheated on you. The least you could have done is divorce her, now you will have to be killed or given life imprisonment

  52. Rip. This man will face the law. It has gotten to killing her na. Where is the place of forgiveness.

  53. well he tried his best to convince her but she seems too stubborn but that doesn’t guarantee you to kill her you could divorced her if you can’t take it anymore see what you caused to yourself

  54. It’s unfortunate this man cut the life of his wife short. He will be charged for murder and probably killed too

  55. Though she was sturbborn,and it’s very painful he should not take such action this is very bad idea.

  56. You didn’t even feel remorse for killing her “she has to pay the supreme price”. Hmmm.. U will also be severely punished for ur action.

  57. He should have known his wife more better before marrying her, but nonetheless he had no right to have taken her life.

  58. So you have to kill her for her to listen to your instructions and be obedient to you, You have done the wrong thing and you will be punished for that

  59. Signs of end time, men will become lovers of self, money and other things. If you are so satisfied with the little you have, you won’t have much problems to tackle. Now self centrism will always lead those that cheat to cheat, and at the end of the day jealousy sets in and them stabbing follows. That’s where it starts, be satisfied with your little beginning.

  60. The way some men make decisions sometimes baffle me, you killed your wife because you caught her cheating on you, if you really take care of her or value her, she won’t cheat on you, he should be severely punished

  61. But come to think of it even if she refuse to repent, is that the best option you can take, to kill her,? NO. You know where that your decision will lead you now? Jail or even worse Death. You could have simply let her go even Bible said the only base for divorce is Adultery

  62. Nd he ll also have 2 pay d so called supreme price for murdering her..since he feels he has d right 2 take life..

  63. “She had paid the supreme price”. You are a senseless fellow, he must face the law. So after killing her she has stop sleeping with her ex-boyfriend, she will now be sleeping with only you. You must be crazy.

  64. Now you will be in jail regretting for the rest of your life for a lost temper you should have controlled.

  65. Even the bible makes us to understand that vengeance belongs to God. You shouldn’t have killed her, if you can stomach it then let her go, killing her is not the solution it only make matters more complicated.

  66. This man is a fool . you didn’t know when you married a prostitute abi . Instead of kicking her out of the house you when along and killed her . Life in prison please .

  67. well thank God he confused with confidence but killing her is not the right thing to do you can just leave her and get a better wife simple now you are in big trouble

  68. Too bad of you man , you really allowed yourself to be used by devil as a murderer because you are on your way to the jail

  69. well she may has paid a price for the allegations against her but he will pay more for taking her life

  70. He would have sent her back to her parents instead of soiling his hands with blood. What has he gain now but prison. May God have mercy on us.

  71. You shouldn’t have killed her. U could have divorced her instead let her go her own way. Can u swear that u have not been unfaithful to her?

  72. Just because she doesn’t listen to you then you stab he is there no divorce between you you have no excuse you must be punished

  73. This is very terrible. He did it knowingly and is not something that happened accidentally and if he is found guilty he should face the consequences

  74. because your wife did not listen to you, so your own idea of supreme price is too stab and kill your wife. and you think you will go free

  75. You have to face the consequences for killing Your Own wife. If you caught her cheating on you why don’t you send her away if you don’t want her anymore. Haven’t you cheated before?

  76. Jungle justice is a criminal and a punishable offence in the court of law.Therefore, face the judgement

  77. Why ending her life..are you her God??now you have commited more sin than she do you want God to punish you now..

  78. What a stubborn woman, her own was not done in secret. Whatever a man sow he shall reap. She reaped what she sow.

  79. If we tend to look at this thing very well that wife course everything because the husband as warn her several time but if we look it in other way the killing your wife is not the answer

  80. the man is crazy and useless just because she cheat on u, u killed what is even wrong with people now days

  81. Whatever be the Case, he is not supposed to take law into his hands and kill her, the worst he should do was to divorce her. And besides that, ” who know if he’s telling the truth when the victim isn’t capable of defending herself.

  82. The woman was wrong but him stabbing her he crossed limits, now he will stay behind bars regretting his action.

  83. Killing his wife for cheating is never the solution. He should have settle it with maturity. See where he has end himself.
    RIP to the wife

  84. This guy is a bastard an idiot so he has killed her now,what had he achieved?he will probably meet his end at the hang Man’s rope

  85. Ifedielity is no reason enough for him to take a life he never gave he should be killed as well and know what is means to take once life against ones wish

  86. Himself should also pay the supreme price. Has his actions changed the lifestyle of the woman or help save the situation

  87. 29old husband and 25old wife….. That’s what it will bring….. The husband is not old enough to be a husband after all they didn’t apply bible principle of a happy family

  88. This is one of the disadvantages of marrying at early age and also marrying one who you don’t love,imagine at the age of 25 she is married and already sleeping around because she didn’t enjoy are single hood assuming she was allowed to get married when she was ready this rubbish wouldn’t be happening,the man went too far though,may her soul rest in peace

  89. Oh-ooh!
    this is the result that comes from a gentle/calm man… the wife should have yield to his warning and stop fornicating around, only that i condemned the action of him killing the wife, best thing to do is to divorce her, this would have easy him from the case of murder.

  90. …she had to pay the supreme price?!
    Hin be God or does he want t say he is 100% faithful while they are/were together?

  91. She paid the supreme price and u will pay d more supreme price too, u shld av controlled ur temper

  92. It’s so bad that he took his actions to the extent of taking her life. It hurts alot to be cheated on especially by someone you are married to, but it’s not a nice decision to have killed her. Killing, of course my end her existence but you definitely have to face the law.

  93. Killing your wife because she cheated on you ohhh no that bad you couldn’t have done so learn how to control your anger.

  94. He shouldn’t have killed her but get her divorced. What he has done is bad. The law must take its course.

  95. U couldnt have kill ur wife know that no one is about mistake now look at it u have to face the judgement

  96. What she did was bad but what he did is worse.. Why will he take law into his hands.. Let him face the law

  97. She got what she deserved
    Even though he went too far
    At least he was kind enough to plead with her but for her to reply
    Nothing’s gonna happen
    I believe her doubt has been cleared

  98. So the supreme price is by killing her Abi? Come and take hand check.may her spirit hunt and kill you

  99. Your stupid anger will surely send you to jail. Am not justifying the woman’s actions but then nothing is wort taking a life.

  100. He should have stabbed his wife to death because of cheating, now he is a sinner too,he should have divorce her

  101. I think you shouldn’t have gone that far, killing her now has definitely put you into another trouble, may God help you.

  102. Foolish at the highest you thought stabbing her was the right thing to..did you even bother to ask her why she was cheating on you.

  103. Ah.. He shouldn’t have gone to far to this now by killing her, now he will go to jail, anger is bad oo

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