Man sleeps with widow and her 2 daughters to heal them

A man identified as Monsuru Adesiyan has been arrested and handed over to the Police for allegedly sleeping with a widow and her 2 daughters in the Iju area of Lagos.

According to a report by The Nation, the man told the woman she is under some spiritual attacks and the only way to cleanse her was to sleep with her and her children.

Man sleeps with widow and her 2 daughters, gets arrested

The leadership of the Odua People’s Congress (OPC) at Iju Station area of Lagos where they live intervened when their issue degenerated into an altercation.

Fakorede Oluifa, a chieftain of OPC in the community said;

“Four days ago, I met the couple (Olanike and Adesiyan) fighting. It was such a big fight and the woman’s daughters from another marriage were crying. She opened up to me that her new ‘husband’ had been sleeping with her two daughters on the pretext that he wanted to fortify them against evil and help cure her only son of his mysterious illness.

“We wanted to apprehend Monsuru (Adesiyan), but he ran away from home. However, yesterday, he neaked into the house and wanted to take the girls away so they would not reveal to us how he had been violating them and subjecting them to sacrilegious sexual intercourse.

“We, however, intercepted him and he opened up on how he had been sleeping with the two girls and wiping their private parts with a white cloth for evil purposes.”

Confessing to the sad act, Adesiyan said he believed sleeping with the girls with the consent of their mother was the only solution to her son’s illness.

He said;

“My name is Monsuru Adesiyan. I am a mechanic by profession and a native of Akufo village in Ibadan, Oyo State. I have two children, a boy and a girl, with my former wife who died some years ago. I started dating this woman (Olanike) about six months ago and we live at Crossing area of Agbado (Lagos).

“Her only son, named Mathew, was sick and I consulted one of my brothers, Fabunmi, who is a herbalist, and he said the solution to the boy’s mysterious illness was for me to sleep with his older sisters, Morenikeji and Opeyemi, for seven days.

“My brother said that I would have to wipe the girls’ private parts with a white cloth which I must bring before a deity for propitiation.

“I have since been sleeping with the girls with the consent of their mother (who is also pregnant for him). I discouraged their mother from taking them to their father’s funeral by telling her that they would be attacked by evil people who are members of their father’s family.’’

On if he will be happy if anyone defiled his daughter same way he violated the girls and their mother, he said;

‘’I won’t be happy if anyone violates my eight-year-old daughter.’’

On their own part, 13-year-old Morenikeji and her 19-year-old sister Opeyemi said they initially refused sleeping with Adesiyan but yielded to it after their mother said it was the only solution to their brother’s ill-health.

Opeyemi said;

“I used to be a teacher in a private school in Ibadan, Oyo State. I was living with my late father’s younger brother.

“Suddenly, my mother visited me and told me that a member of my father’s family was using my glory and disturbing my siblings spiritually. She told me that I might run mad if certain atonement involving spiritual cleansing was not done for me.

“She said the spiritual cleansing would involve Monsuru (Adesiyan) sleeping with me. I was shocked that she could yield to such a distasteful arrangement. I was reluctant about it but my mother continued to persuade me until I gave in to Monsuru. My mother said he would sleep with me for four days only for Monsuru to change the timing to one week. He has slept with me for two weeks now. He made love to me and my sister every day until the situation became unbearable and I cried out and threatened to return to Ibadan.

“It was in the midst of the altercations that OPC operatives got to know that Monsuru had been having an affair with us, against our wish.’’

While speaking on the incident, Morenikeji said;

“Monsuru has already impregnated our mother. I am 13 years old and was a virgin until he forcibly made love to me.

“He had accompanied my mother to where my younger brother, Mathew, was receiving treatment for prolonged cough.

“He told my mother that my brother’s illness was beyond the ordinary, noting that my late father’s relations were behind it.

“By then, my father was receiving treatment for swollen legs which later led to his death. He moved in with my mother at my father’s house in Fagba area of Iju Station, a Lagos suburb, and said the only solution to my brother’s sickness was for him to sleep with me and my elder sister.

He used our mother to lure us into the plan and said he would have sex with me for just three days but later changed it to one month. He was making love to me morning, afternoon and night. We want Nigerians to save us from him o.’’

The mother of the two girls who admitted being pregnant for the Lagos-based auto mechanic, said she was deceived into believing that certain people were after her and her children.

She said;

“Monsuru (Adesiyan) said his brother, a herbalist, told him to make love to my daughters as a solution to my son’s sickness, and to prevent those responsible for my husband’s death from attacking my children and I.

“I asked him to allow me to speak with his brother on the telephone but he refused. He tricked me into believing that my little son’s blood had been sucked dry by unseen evil forces and that making love to my daughters would heal my son, hence, I reluctantly agreed. He said he would wipe my daughters’ private part with a white cloth that he would subsequently take to a shrine for atonement. I reluctantly agreed because he said my son would die if I refused to approve of his intervention. He said that I would also vomit blood and die if I told anyone about him having sex with my daughters.

‘’We started dating shortly after my husband died in July (2019) and he discouraged me from taking my children to my husband’s funeral. He said that some persons behind my husband’s death would attack me at the funeral.’’

OPC authorities in the community said the randy artisan will be taken to the Red Brick Police Division in Iju.

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