Man shocked after seeing 5-year-old girl drinking Alcohol

A man has taken to Twitter to report a case of a 5-year-old girl he saw drinking a brand of alcohol right in the presence of her mother.

Man shocked after seeing 5-year-old girl drinking Alcohol

@LamuruduS shared photos of the girl on his page with the caption

”I came to replace my toilet soap and this is what I saw. see d mother i had to edit her head this girl can’t be more than 5yrs old”

Some twitter users have condemned the mother for allowing her daughter to take alcohol at such a tender age.

See reactions:

*** Even@me wey b alcoholic gan… I can’t swallow best gin or whiskey without mixing well with my saliva.

*** Some people just pop out the children they dont deserve to be called parents

*** Whattttt??? You should have cautioned her tho since the mother isn’t sensible enough to

*** This kind thing, just mind your business, buy whatever you need and bounce….

*** Is she blowing bloom bloom with the best paper or she just drank best gin, because, I need to be balanced here real quick.

*** Babami I weak, some ppl give birth like rabbit but after the pussy has healed that it, d child belongs to d steet

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