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Man shares heartbreaking moment with orphan selling Pure Water at night

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A Nigerian man identified as Mitchell Udezueh has taken to his Facebook profile to share a heartbreaking moment he had with an orphan selling Pure Water at night.

Man shares heartbreaking moment with orphan selling Pure Water at night lailasnews
Man shares heartbreaking moment with orphan selling Pure Water at night

According to the 12-year-old boy who lives with his aunt, he only eats once in a day and that is only in the morning before he goes to school. And anytime he returns from school, his duty is to sell for his aunt, mostly at night.

Read the story as shared by Mitchell below:

Contributed by uzoegwu louis

He couldn’t hold his tears.

Who would blame him, – For he’s just a boy of about 12 years old.

I have seen him before at this mini-mart, where I sometimes chill briefly in the evening before I headed home.

The first time I saw him, he came to buy a bag and half of sachet water he hawks through the evening.

And shortly after he left for the first sales, he came back to purchase another bag and half after he must had finished the first set of hawking.

I paid no attention to him at first, maybe because he wasn’t the only child coming back and forth to buy a bag of sachet water to hawk.

It was just yesterday, still in the same mini-mart,that the same boy came to buy another set of sachet water as usual.

He bought the first set and left to hawk.

I paid no attention still.

After about thirty to Forty minutes later or thereabout, he came back once more to buy another set.

By then, I was already prepared to take my leave, and simultaneously, the mini-mart keeper (my friend) had already begun to shut down for the day, and If I’d recall succinctly, the time was barely 10 minutes to eight (7:50 pm).

This time, I was alarmed when I saw him back for more.

I pondered within myself,

– how can this boy still be outside at this time of the night, and having returned to buy more, I envisioned that before he sells out, the time will elapse pass Eight or to Nine.

I continued to reflect.

I told my friend, the mini-mart keeper, – ” I don’t think any living parent will allow their ward outside, at this time, in a cold weather, to come and be hawking ‘pure water’ at a busy Junction every evening.”

Instantaneously, I called the boy inside the mini-mart for some find outs.

“How are you? “.
– I asked.

” I am fine ”
– he muttered.

” What’s your name?”

He mentioned a name I didn’t grasp at first.

” Nna, What’s your name?”
– I repeated.

” Emma ” – he said.

” Do you go to school? “.

” Yes. “

” What’s the name of your school?”

He mentioned a certain old public school, kilometers away.

“Have you eaten today?”
– I continued.


” Nna, have you eaten today? “
– I asked again.


” What do you eat? “

” Plantain “.

” What else? “.


” What and what did you eat today?”
– I asked once more.

“Plantain “.

” Only plantain? “

” Yes “

” When? “

” Before school “.

” Since then?….. So you mean you haven’t eaten anything else since you had the plantain in the morning? “

” yes, only plantain”

“What about your mother? “


I asked again.

” What about your mother? “

” She’s dead”.

– a remorseful respond, that was.

At this point, his mood changed, I saw through his eyes, a looming tears.

I continued still.

” what about your father? “

Another Silence, before he murmured a reply.

” He’s dead”
– he coupled it with tears breakdown.

-As he responded, tears dropped, he covered his face with his hands, as he dried his tears with same hands. He cried, a loud sound that emanated from his stomach of grave reminisces.

I had awaken the thoughts of his late parents in a circumstance of his suffering, and had they being alive, he wouldn’t find himself in such condition. – I conceived.

His sorrowfulness caught Me, emotionally I was gloomy as I couldn’t ask him any further questions.

As he cries, he headed towards the exit. It was my friend who held him back, consoled him and continued with the questions.

” So who do you stay with? “.

” My Aunty”.
– he responded with a broken voice.

” are you related “

” she’s from my mother’s side.”

Considering time lateness and the boy’s situation, I had to break the conversation, so i interjected.

” Let him go, return his change and let him have the money for another trip of hawking. Give him snacks and a can of Coca-Cola drink”.
– I directed my friend.

As she handed the boy the snacks and a can of Coca-Cola, I told him.

” Nna, sit down somewhere and eat them, once you are done, complete your sales and head home. I will see you tomorrow “.

With his already filled basin of sachet water on his head and the snacks given to him, he left.

I took a picture of him while filling his basin, I wanted to take a Picture of him when he was crying but I couldn’t. I was emotional and I had thought to myself,–“who does that, taking a picture of an orphan child crying over his lost parents”.

Since yesterday’s night through this day, I have continued to meditate on this boy and so many of his kind out there, who are being used in the name of maid or house help to slave for their masters and guidances.

My thoughts are with him and with many of them out there who are suffering due to one inexplicable, unforseen agony they found themselves in by fate.

The shame is on those who uses a human being as a slave in the name of maid or house help. Soon, the wrath of the most high……

And to the rest of us reading this, I hope we do more.

This evening, I hope to meet him again, find out more about him, and by every slightest means, I will continue to do my best.

Lets live.

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  1. Hmmm. this is a real heartbreaking story. God will surely punish this kind of people. Even if she must send him to howk on the street, at least let her give him what he will eat now.

  2. This is a deep story.sending a small kid to hawk around Street is dangerous . There should be a particular law and bodies curbing hawking among kids

  3. I hope i could help him too, please get a video recording on how Nigerians can help this helpless boy and share for who cares. I CARE 100%

  4. God bless you for at least taking time out to notice him…I pray he finds the one that will take these sufferings away .

  5. Who will even buy water by that time of the night,is that not wickedness,, please help the boy who ever

  6. So pathetic, these are the catégories of people thé governement should help, not spending money on irrelevant things

  7. Thanks for your observation and care for the little boy. I pray he finds help soon, and to his aunt she should continue her day of reckoning is coming.

  8. it’s well. Please stand as a vessel liberation for that young boy. God will see you through. God bless my parents and keep them alive. Amen.

  9. Oh people are so cruel and mean, if it were their child will the child sell pure water at all much more at night

  10. This is a deep story.sending a small kid to hawk around Street is dangerous . There should be a particular law and bodies curbing hawking among kids

  11. Can you imagine poor innocent boy,karma will surely catch up with his aunt she will pamper her own kids oooo I don’t know why human mentality is always bias God have mercy on the boy and send a helper to him…So touching

  12. This is a clear reminder that we’re blessed. Thousands of people are suffering everyday to survive,. Thank God for the Grace

  13. This government a times makes me feel ashamed to say that I’m a Nigerian, see how people are suffering, yet they are busy enriching their pockets, their children are outside enjoying what they didnt suffer for. See this boy with great potentials suffering at this tender age. What is the hope for our youths.

  14. This is a clear reminder that we’re blessed. Thousands of people are suffering everyday to survive, God have mercy on the poor orphan

  15. Who is that stupid mothers side aunt of his? She must low on Oxygen! Mothers side are always the best how come hers is different?

  16. What if the kid came across all those ritualist, that’s how they would have captured her and do whatever they want with her

  17. The aunt thought she is actually maltreating the poor boy, not knowing that she is actually building up the boy to be a strong man and a successful Mongul in the future to the detriment of her own kids. Karma life’s inextricable albatross will surely play a fast one on the aunt. May the boy locate a helper.

  18. Heartbreaking indeed. Can’t believe as I was reading, tear dropped from my eyes. Poor boy. No one to defend or fight for him. It’s only for awhile, there is a God who is the father to the fatherless, He will avenge for you and raise help for you, Emma. Let’s be the family Emma does not have, take him in, support him.

  19. What his Aunt is doing is very heartless. Its is man’s inhumanity to man. I do not wish such people well at all because they are the cause of all the wickedness in this world. I pray the writer is able to help some more

  20. I just can’t hold my tears , am broken down right now , can you just imagine this innocent little young boy , may GOD care for him wherever he may be right now

  21. Guys let’s help this boy . We need to take this little boy away from this woman.. am ready let’s do it together..

  22. At that age doing stuffs like that, people are really suffering, but no matter what these kind of people will enjoy at last in the end.

  23. Look at how children are suffering in Nigeria when the country has the resources to take care of orphans.

  24. That Aunty of his is a wicked fool what has this innocent child did to her. She only feeds him ones in a day

  25. This is disheartening I pray that God should send helper to him..and I wonder why this boi is been treated like dis

  26. Alot are still out there passing through things that are worst than the case of this boy who according to do go to school and start sale after school. Make help them.

  27. Some people are just very wicked, not that alone, they are also cruel, how could a little boy of that age be hawking pure water by that time of the day, who wants to buy it from him. Wickedness at its highest peak. I pray GOD send him helper from above.

  28. I pray he gets help soon, ladies and gentle men out their the greatest investment you can make is investing on humans, pls stop suffering children that are living with you just because they don’t have a place to stay, please I beg you.

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