Man sets himself ablaze after butchering wife in Abia

A man reportedly set himself ablaze in Abia State, after butchering his wife over an alleged misunderstanding they had.

Man sets himself ablaze after butchering wife in Abia lailasnews

Though what led to the sad incident is not known, however eyewitnesses disclosed that the man who set him himself ablaze, butchered his wife with a cutlass and left her with with serious bodily injuries.

The man has been identified as Ejike and it was gathered that the incident caused pandemonium in Ezere, Abia State on Sunday. Sources told newsmen that while wife was rescued by some residents of the area and rushed to the hospital, the man who realized that she might die ran into his car and set himself ablaze.


  1. Seriously Speaking, What is be really goiǹg on in this world, No matter what might happen killing is not the best.

  2. Das too bad for him to do such kind of things to his wife, also das too bad for him to kill him self also any way we are in the last system of things all wat is happen right now is not new to us, because bible had already talk about it, dat this is wat we be happen in the last day

  3. This world is coming to an end, alot are really happening what did the wife do to deserve such if they are tired of marriage they should simply end it.

  4. I pray that she survived it.what is the world turning into? Killings everywhere,it’s a big sign of end time

  5. Frustration has led many into evil acts,God help your children to live right and have ur fear to avoid evil deeds

  6. The devil fighting to get more siuls to himself, sending destructions into the world. We will be preserved.

  7. May the wife Soul rest in peace, what a foolish and stupid husband, why will you do that, committing murder and suicide because of arguments. this is really worst.

  8. I don’t know what is happening in this world again, what could the wife done to her that will made him behaved like that and even take his own life

  9. The bible foretold of such occurrences but why can’t men control their anger nd evil mind,why letting it control them,he will have to pay for it of he survive the. Burnt he incured on himself.

  10. That is very wrong for the young man, he wouldn’t have butchered his wife, his own wife. Any issue at home can be settled rather than embracing domestic violence, well may his soul rest in peace, for the wife I wish her quick recovery.

  11. One cannot read one to two news without seeing killings or murder.What is this world turning into.May his soul rest in peace and speedy recovery to the woman.

  12. self control is key
    no matter how angry someone is
    we should learn to always control our temper
    the after effect is always most times a regret

  13. I don’t know what is happening this days,how can he just butcher the wife and also set fire on himself, something is wrong.

  14. He has intentionally committed to sin killing the wife and himself….. No matter what killing himself shouldn’t have been the worst is way out

  15. End time. Marriages of this generation is no longer a place of happiness but a war zone. May God help us not to marry a beast.

  16. Strange things are happening nowadays endtime is near God please save your children from all this calamity.

  17. End time, what will a woman do that will prompt a man to butcher her, wicked man you should be sentence to death by hanging.

  18. Na wa wat kind f wickedness is dis… Y will s man butcher his wife cuz of arguement dat wickedness in short dat man is sick

  19. Nawa oh, the devil is a liar
    How can this man do this to himself and the wife. May his soul rest in peace to you

  20. This world is turning into another thing. What is that crime your wife committed that she can’t be forgiven. Now he killed himself after the act which doesn’t make any sense at all. May God save us in this country

  21. So much evil happening
    How can one butcher his own love
    And set himself ablaze
    What is this world turning into

  22. There is evil in the land that is why it is very important that everyone should run to christ because a life without christ is life full of crises may God keep the woman alive, This is sad.

  23. Killing everywhere. No matter the problem or issues between couple, the man should not butcher his wife. I pray the woman survives.

  24. That’s so crazy of him, some persons are just so thirsty for blood…. What’s his gain now that they are both dead

  25. Why did he have to set himself ablaze after butchering his wife? He would have waited to face the consequences

  26. He realize his mistake but instead of making amendment he set himself ablaze which is not normal as a man with common sense

  27. Na wa o. I just tire for people. How can u use a machete on ur wife. Now u are dead. We’ll u will answer to GOD.

  28. Seriously we need prayers and Gods divine help in our life’s. The rate people commit murder and suicide is alarming and I think only God can save us all. Is as if the devil is beginning to possess people at random and commit so many atrocities. What could have led that man to try to his wife and even set himself ablaze if not the devil. God have mercy and wish the wife quick recovery. Such a pity.

  29. End time…wickedness every day…Only God known what is hidden between the couple…. I wish his wife a quick recovering… .

  30. this is becoming unbearable ,the government of that region should do something before it will get out of hands

  31. If what he did was a right thing, why set himself ablaze?, he’s just a coward and is now on his way to hell. I pray the wife survives.

  32. Why the rate of committing suicide is getting worse everyday, ejike case is different issues,he might have been offended Witcher or wizards

  33. How can a mere misunderstanding with your wife cause you to kill her. Well, you will surely suffer eternal death for killing her and for suicide. Double wahalla for dead body.

  34. He has judged himself before anybody judged him, he will still another judgement from God for killing a soul he can not create.

  35. Why on earth willl someone kill his wife and set himself ablaze, this is serious may God protect us all

  36. This man is heartless ….is better he killed himself but I wonder why he did that….who knows….now there children will suffer it more

  37. The devil is just taking control of people’s families. This is very sad. I just pray that that poor woman did not die

  38. these is real madness, hnmmm
    wishing her quick recovery anyways
    as fr him?………i ve got no word fr him

  39. I don’t even understand what is happening in this world . Should we blame this one on mental health issue because i don’t know what to think about this

  40. I think the said man wasn’t truly normal, he must have some psychological problems to do such a thing, he butchered his wife and set himself ablaze, what good has he done by doing that

  41. What could have caused it? The man must b under some kind of evil manipulations.i just pray the wife will not die.

  42. He know what he did was wrong that why he set himself ablazed people are wicked just waste is life and that of is wife

  43. this is terrible, people allow themselves to be used by the devil…the world is turning into something else and any partner that has anger issues should be avoided

  44. This is really serious issue, the man want kill the wife now , so why was he afraid and went to set himself ablaze,wonderful.

  45. People should stop taken the laws into there hand they are not the giver of life. It pains me alot when i hear this of kind ugly news

  46. To me I think the man have this internal brain problem but people did not notice on time.
    Because for him to butcher is wife and set himself at ablaze something is wrong with him

  47. What kind of hopelessness could have driven him to such an action? Couples should learn to settle their differences amicably.

  48. the man must be mentally derailed, don’t know why on earth he will do that to his wife and killed him self cos of misunderstanding …wish the wife quick recovery and rip to the wife.

  49. This is so bad, what would have happened that will make the man want to kill his wife, God save the woman from dying and may the soul of the man rut in hell.

  50. Good for him.. He’s a very wicked man, how can you butcher someone’s daughter like that? Just because she’s your wife? No matter what the misunderstanding could be, it doesn’t justified your actions.. Go and rot in hell Ejike

  51. Nawa oo, was the misunderstanding that bad that it led to butchering? Hot temperament is very bad, may his soul rest in peace

  52. I pray this loving woman survive this death. May Ejike wrath in hell cos there’s no place for him in heaven.

  53. someone going to the southeast or about to settle down there need to have second thought concerning all this strange incidents

  54. Arguments and fight are normal as they can’t be ruled out but the recent murders as a result of it has become a serious problem
    I pray she survives the wounds

  55. I wonder what this world is turning to, killing his wife and finally killing himself, who will take care of the chlidren if there is any?

  56. This things sometimes, is not ordinary, some happen as a result of spiritual manipulations. One has to be prayerful.

  57. I understand, it can be painful, when things are not working out the way you expect . but is not enough reason , to kill,please never allow yourself to be depress to the extent you can reason rightly again.

  58. That is not him, that is why we need to be very prayerful and pray for our husbands as well because there is some powers that manipulated him to do what he just do

  59. This is very bad, what will he tell God now? Hmm God help us overcome all this devilish act. Wishes her quick recovery if she’s still alive

  60. I wonder what most have transpired between the man and his wife, simple miss understanding might be the cause…wicked world

  61. OMG!!! This is really bad which kind of man will be behaving like this….thank God that the wife hr butchered didn’t die…

  62. Hot temprament and fraustration has led many people to do things, well rest in peace to the dead wife and to the he can burn in hell even in the next life to come…

  63. This is so sad. Maybe he was scared of suffering in jail by life imprisonment that was why he took his own life.

  64. That man must be tormented, how can some one in his right mind butcher his wife and go ahead to set himself ablaze, only God knows.

  65. What is this world Turing into? If we keep hearing this kind of thing, hmm am afraid if we that r single will still have the mind to marry. God help us oooo

  66. Anger is a small madness. What you do when you are angry will be more than what caused the anger. Let’s manage it with the highest level of understand and silence

  67. The man is trying to escape the judgement of man now that he killed himself he will face the jugdment of God….wicked man

  68. Most Nigerian men are frustrated and they take out the frustration on anyone anyhow they think fit. Why set himself on fire he will dance to the tone of his music

  69. The worst mistake is to marry the wrong wife or husband because it will turn out to be ur worst nightmares, TWO STRANGER LIVING UNDER SAME ROOF.

  70. Things are happening in this nation, may God take control. Both of them just wasted like that and it might be a little argument that led them to this.

  71. Why are all this couples killing themselves all in the name of marriage. What message are we passing to the young ones that are ready for marriage.

  72. He knows that if the wife die finally he will face the law that is why he killed himself i guess. I wish the wife quick recovery.

  73. No matter what happens, he did.not suppose to make attempt to kill another person not to talk of himself. Maybe he is under spell

  74. Let him go and answer his call on judgement seat, thank God the wife didn’t die. I wonder what sort of anger will make u want to use weapon on ur wife, someone u have been living with for years! God forbid

  75. Acting like setting himself ablaze justifies the fact that he could actually beat/matchet his wife with a cutlass… #Barbaric

  76. Evils Everyday, God forgive us oo, that man Is something else, May his soul Rest in pieces, Quick recovery to the wife

  77. People need to calm down and see more to life than all this violence and suicide actions here and there

  78. This life is a wicked world ,this is spiritual the man can’t do this intentionally, maybe he is possessed.

  79. This is really pathetic! Partners are supposed to endure through the hard times too rather than resorting to violence.
    Know your partner well before you say I do!

  80. Jesus Christ, what an abomination, this man is a wicked man if after butchering his wife he has heart to set himself ablaze hell is calling

  81. This kind of news infuriates, angers and saddens me… Why are people just wicked.. This can even point to psychosis

  82. What a heartless human being. He thinks he’s running away from the law not knowing he’s entering into eternal condemnation.

  83. Why didn’t he butcher himself before setting himself ablaze… wicked man so he don’t wanna go to prison to suffer for his crimes but he can butcher his wife…. Women should know the kind of men they are getting married to Cox love is sometimes really stupid and blind

  84. I hope he rots in hell.what a terrible man he is.what crime can this woman commit against you that could make you end her life like that

  85. It doesn’t seem that the man is okay. If he is, he will ran away with the car instead of burning himself. It’s unfortunate.

  86. This is really cruel. I wonder why some people are heartless to the extend of the man butchering his wife. Now that he has ended his own life, what comes thereafter?, absolutely nothing. Everything is vanity upon vanity. But I will advise that let more research be conducted to know the reasons why the man did that, and what actually caused the sad incident.

  87. Drugs and alcohol at work. Only them knows what drugs and alcohol is doing for them.
    If not what type of misunderstanding could make a man to commit Murder and Suicide at the same spot…

  88. This man is evil! You butcher your wife and set your self ablaze? Hell fire straight. .you won’t escape judgement on earth and escape Hell judgement.

  89. That’s very wrong, killing wife and himself cannot solve any problem. May God help us out of frustration

  90. What is happening in this country self
    Strange things happening everywhere
    What kind of misunderstanding will lead a man to butcher is wife.
    The devil is really at work

  91. He has no place in heaven, he killed himself just because of a little misunderstanding, families that pray together stay together.

  92. Honestly thats just too bad, the way people kill these days really surprises me, may both their souls rest in peace

  93. What is really going on in this country why most he kill his wife join while can’t he kill him self alone

  94. He was lead by an unknown evil spirit to butcher his wife and the same spirit lead him into judgment of fire.God is good.I pray for the wife,may you survive the injuries and be a living witness of God’s grace .
    Whatever argument that might have lead to such disastrous scene is a work of anger and impatience. We really need to learn how to be patience and take things easy with women no matter the case.women are of weaker vessels,therefore,take heed men so that you don’t Fall into condemnation just like that man

  95. This is very heart breaking story. What is really happen to most of the the family nowadays. Let exercise patient in everything.

  96. See what frustration is causing people to do. If anyone want to the person should die alone and there spouse

  97. Family unrest, the man has mind sharing and it’s wickedness that gives that kind of mind to butcher his wife and set himself on fire.

  98. What a tragedy. It I pray d woman survives. D man is not in his correct sense for him to even set himself ablaze

  99. What could have happened between them to warrant such grievous acts, this is so complicated and confusing. Thank God the wife survived.

  100. This world is really turning to something else.May God help us and hope the lady survived this incident

  101. Stay single, problem
    Marry, another problem

    Whatever the case maybe, this is too bad.
    I wonder how people can stand the site of their wife’s blood on the ground

  102. That man shouldn’t have taken it this far..butchering the wife isn’t the best option either..what a tragedy

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