Man robs policeman of TV, phone, laptops in Abuja

A Karmo Grade I Area Court in Abuja on Wednesday sentenced one Stephen Musa to three months’ imprisonment for stealing a police officer’s television, phones and laptops in Abuja.

All the items are valued at N1.5million, Punch Metro reports.

Man robs policeman of TV, phone, laptops in Abuja lailasnews 2
Man robs policeman of TV, phone, laptops in Abuja

Magistrate Inuwa Maiwada, however, gave the convict an option to pay a fine of N11,000.

Musa, who has no fixed address, was arraigned on three counts bordering on house breaking, theft and mischief, to which he pleaded guilty.

Earlier, the prosecutor counsel, Mrs. Ijeoma Ukagha, had told the court that the convict, on September 25, at 11:45p.m., broke into the house of ASP Musa Maina but was arrested.

Ukagha said that during Police investigation, the convict confessed that he broke into the same house in August and made away with a television, phones and laptops.

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She added that Musa also confessed to have stolen four generators and buckets.

She also said that the convict confessed that he had been arrested for stealing.

The offences contravene the provisions of sections 346, 287 and 327 of the Penal Code.


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  1. See the height of insolence… Somebody wants to steal, he did not see any other place to steal than a police officer’s house… It’s okay, let him face the music.

  2. Lol he is seriously confessing,he should better confess more,he has been arrested before and yet still doing what he is doing,

  3. That’s hilarious, how could he steal from a custodian expecting to go free or unnoticed sorry is his case anyway. Next time he will learn how to work hard and buy things he needs

  4. Serves him right. What was he thinking when he got himself into this mess? He didn’t even see where and whom he should steal from but a custodian of the law. What insolence. He should face the music.

  5. oboi, for someone to gather mind and break into the house of a policeman in the name of robbing him means hes got some ball though. this one will really suffer loss while in cell or prison as the case may be. he made it simple by pleading guilty at once, instead of letting them torture him before he admits. he will regret breaking into that house and only wish he can turn back the hands of time. i wish they will be apprehending people like this more often

  6. Musa as put himself in a great trouble for stealing items from police officer, may the punishment let him change to better person.

  7. Na wa o assuming he wants to stay shouldn’t go to a policeman’s house to stay you should have look for a civilian to steal from

  8. Very absurd thief rob police officer it funny to me finally he has award for his punishment, when he arrive back he will learn it’s lesson.

  9. I can’t stop laughing what ! this one na village hand work oooooh, the manipulation automatic transmission transfusion I mean transfuse to his medulla oblongata without the help of nervous system oooooo. Can you imagine an unprofessional robber is robbery a police officer Hmmmm interesting sha. If this is the way you choose then celebrate your Christmas In prison ok

  10. It really serve the police man well because they aid this criminal in operation. In this life one never know how painful evil deed is until you have been a victim. I believe the police man got a piss of it

  11. The dog as come into the lions den, it will be a bloody day for it. Like seriously that guy has some guts, his boldness Don lead him to his punishment. Make them deal with him wella

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