Man robbed off 3 UK used MacBooks in broad daylight at Lekki , Lagos

A young man who is into sales of gadget and laptops has allegedly been robbed of 3 Macbooks and an Hp laptop while on delivery at Lekki, Lagos.

According to the him, he got an order for the MacBooks and went to deliver it in Lekki, Lagos as it was a pay on delivery sale, only for him to get robbed off all he had on him in broad daylight.

Man robbed off 3 UK used MacBooks in broad daylight at Lekki , Lagos - lailasnews

He shared his story through social media, he wrote;

On the 25th of September, 2019, I was robbed by the guy that requested for 3 UK used MacBooks in broad daylight at lekki second roundabout. He texted me on 24th September around asking for 3 UK used MacBooks that his main plug has disappointed him and he got my number on twitter

I asked for the configuration of laptop he wants, we agreed on the price and the specs yesterday morning and to be delivered same yesterday. We agreed to meet at second roundabout since that’s his nearest bus stop and it’s a pay on delivery package. Reason for the public place.

I texted him when I got to the bus stop. And he replied that he’s coming that I should look out for a blue corolla. Not up to 5 mins, he arrived and I signaled at him to know I was the one waiting for him. As I was about entering his car, I got a shove at the back from someone .who I think must have been there before me and watching me, and immediately they drove off. I was threatened I would be killed if I don’t comply and if I make a scene, they would “waste” me. They stripped me of all the laptops and cash I had with me. (3 MacBook air), 1 hp 440

And one hp folio. I have not been myself since yesterday, one of my close friends had to come and stay with me yesterday so I won’t try anything stupid. Right now all I need is help from you guys, the owner of the Macbook isn’t aware of what happened to his laptops yet.

While, the other hp owners are from clients who ordered for laptops from me. They have been calling me since yesterday and I can’t pick because I don’t even know what to tell them. The police said I have to wait for 10-15 days for them to track

The culprits. I am in serious dilemma right now. I need help to raise the money for the laptops because I don’t have that time the police is giving me. Pls I am begging anyone that sees this. Any amount you can raise me or loan

Me, I won’t mind. You can refer anyone who wants to buy laptops too so I can make my profit off it. Pls this is not a scam and you can go to maroko police station at lekki to confirm my story. Pls I am begging, this is the first time I am doing this. And I am doing it because,

I have no choice. Pls Retweet for people to see. I will be posting new laptops too. Pls Retweet and refer people I need to pay back, pls. Thank you all as you do so. Pls any amount at all, I won’t mind. My account number is 0037178597 gtbank olarele adedamola Fabian

They seized my phone, switched it off , put it in my bag. And instructed me that as I come down I should not look back or else they’d shoot me. Before I could turn back, they zoomed off already.


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