Man reveals shocking reason his friend applying for F1 American visa got denied

A twitter user has revealed the shocking reason his friend said he go denied his F1 American visa application.

The US resident claims his friend who applied for an F1 American visa and reached out to him for assistance only to come back to say he was denied after he had previously insisted that God and his pastor are behind him and so he didn’t need to prepare that much.

Man reveals shocking reason his friend applying for F1 American visa got denied

See the post below.

A friend of mine that I haven’t heard from in years called me last month and said he applied for F1 visa. I was happy fam. I mean, that’s a good step right there. So, what’s up? how e dey go? I asked what the date of his appointment was and he told me it was Sept 10th.

Okay nice, so I asked “Wetin you need bro. I go help. For sure” he then said “since you don enter embassy before, abeg tell me Wetin dem go ask” I said fine. I need you to go read everything about your school, I mean everything. All the stuff the school sent you..

And don’t stop there.. get online and read more about the city your school is. He said OK. Out of curiosity, I asked “so where your school dey?” He said “where my school dey as how?” I no understand. 🤦🏾‍♂️, that was when I knew something was wrong. I said “where your school dey?

He responded “Na America now, shebi I tell you before” No fam! I think say Na Japan. Why are you doing like oponu laidis? “Which state your school dey for America?! Ha!” Wahala yaff come o. “He was silent for about 5 secs and said “hmmmmmm, I no know, I don forget” I said “your..

Appointment is in a month and you don’t know where your school is?, okay what’s the name of your school?” He said he forgot. I was really upset fam! I was like “so what have you been doing since the school sent you the sevis and admission letter. He said “Omo na pray.

I dey pray o” okay, It’s okay to pray! Thank God you called.. so I told him “I need you to go get your stuff, and tell me the city and state of your school” he responded “everything dey church” I asked “did you forget it in church? Do you have someone helping you in church?”

He said “yes o! Jesus Christ! He will take care of it” I laughed and said “wait! Wait! Since when?” He said “since the day wey I collect am. Pastor say make I bring am. E dey on top alter” 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️. I checked the time and it was about 3pm in Nigeria. So I asked “is there a way..

You can go to your church and get me all the info I need or just grab everything and call me back?” He said “pastor say, the night before I go embassy. I go collect am after we pray” I asked so “ there is nothing you can do” he said “Jesus and my pastor go help me”

I asked “so why are you calling me?” I said give me your pastors number. I need to speak with him or anyone in your church. This is crazy! He said “e go surprise you” I gave him the information I had. So he said “thank you, I go call you if I don collect the visa” I said..

“Okay, i will be praying for you o” he called me yesterday and asked why I didn’t get in touch because he remembered he told me when his appointment was. I said “I am sorry, I don forget.. which date again?”.. I forgot for real.. he said “I don go nah. Dem deny me”

I said.. “I’m sorry bro, Shey you won try again? Abi how far?, Wetin your pastor talk” he said “ Pastor say Na your fault, that he saw it in spirit say because you say make I come collect my passport and everything from God, and God vex for me” I was like “WTF?!”

Is your pastor okay? Abi what’s all these rakatia laidis? No be you call me? So I asked “so you think, it’s my fault?” He said “yes nah! If to say…. I was like BITCHHHHHH! Me *ends call* *blocks number* Don’t bring your OGUN IDILE into my life. You and your pastor are mad!

Life is hard right now. Don’t come at me with your ignorant ass and blame me for your misfortune and plain stupidity. Don’t make my life harder. Carry your oshi radarada and wahala away from me. You and your pastor should koshi and gedifok please.


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