Man reveals how sister’s boyfriend sexual abused him

A man, Ross Jennings, has revealed how his sister’s boyfriend, George Parker sexual abused him when he was just 12-years-old.

George Parker was last month convicted for committing 21 serious sex offences.

Man reveals how sister's boyfriend sexual abused him lailasnews

Ross, from Kent, was repeatedly raped and manipulated into keeping quiet for three years. He has now spoken about how he “completely lost his childhood” thanks to Parker’s heinous crimes. Ross said:

“I was just an innocent, happy, young lad and that day literally changed my whole life forever. “It took away my innocence, all these things. The abuse just changed everything. “I lost my childhood. I completely lost my childhood.”

Parker, previously of Tunbridge Wells and then Leeds, manipulated Ross by telling him he should keep the abuse secret or his mum would “be ashamed” and would “abandon him”. Ross said:

“He (Parker) said that my mum would abandon me, she’d be ashamed of what I’d done. “’She’ll chuck you out on the streets. She’ll be ashamed of what you’ve done. Your sister will be heartbroken. She’s in love with me.’ Things like this.

“I felt like, how can you tell anyone that? “I was just in a position, I could not physically go and tell anyone this. “I couldn’t tell my sister because as he said it would have broken her heart, all these things, and I was questioning at the time, am I gay?”

Ross said: “I want to show others that it’s good to come out and there is light at the end of the tunnel. “I always told myself I’d never tell anyone and I had it in my head I’d take this to my grave basically. “My message is not to suffer in silence. “There’s no need.

“It could be out of your family out of your friends, there is always support. “Someone will always be there.”


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