Man reveals how F-SARS shot him in the leg during arrest

A man has revealed to a presidential panel how an officer attached to the Federal Special Anti-robbery Squad, shot him in the leg during arrest.

Man reveals how F-SARS shot him in the leg during arrest lailasnews

The aluminium fabricator, Adetiba Sunday, told the panel how Godwin Ogedengbe, shot him in the leg.

Sunday said he was not taken to the hospital after being shot in the leg, adding that none of his family members knew his whereabouts at the time.

He stated,

“When I was arrested at Ogijo, Ogedengbe shot me in the leg and took me to the Ogijo Police Station before I was transferred to Magbon in Abeokuta.

“When I was brought to the Ogijo Police Station, I met four other suspects, whom Ogedengbe asked if they knew me. One of the suspects said he knew me; when Ogedengbe asked if I knew them, I said no. My reply infuriated him as he slapped me, pushed me face down to the ground, and started kicking me on the floor.

“After four or five days at Magbon, I was brought out of the cell to write my statement, but I refused because I didn’t know what my offence was. Ogedengbe, who is an inspector of police, told me to stretch forward my second leg; he threatened to shoot at the leg if I didn’t write a statement. He later wrote the statement himself.”

The victim added, “I was in detention for about a month before I was taken to court. I was charged alongside six or seven people to court for conspiracy and cultism. I never knew these people.

“Before I was taken to court, my family searched for me. When they could not find me, they concluded that I was dead. It was when the officers took me to my house for a search that my family members knew I was still alive.

“We attended the court proceedings about eight times before we were discharged for lack of diligent prosecution.”

Sunday told the panel that after he was discharged by the court, Ogedengbe still threatened to send him back to prison.

Ogedengbe, however, denied the allegations against him, adding that Sunday was someone that he had good a relationship with and could not have shot him. He said;

“My team was sent to Ogijo due to clashes between the residents and land grabbers. We arrested one Rafiu, who made a statement about the members of his gang and Sunday’s name came up.

“It was at the police station that one officer said Sunday was a notorious cult member, who had different types of weapons. We investigated and after investigation, we charged him to court for conspiracy and cultism.

“I have a good relationship with Sunday; he is a notorious criminal, who might have got his injury from elsewhere. I cannot threaten someone that gives me information; Sunday is our informant because my team members pay him for that.”


  1. Who is lying now? It is just their words against each other. Is it sensible to lie against a group as notorious as Fsars? I think not

  2. Ogedengbe said Sunday is a notorious criminal and he has a good relationship with him,he really need to be investigated very well,how can he be in good relationship with a notorious criminal as he claim.

  3. Maybe he was trying to escape or resist arrest but shooting unarmed person while trying to arrest him is very wrong, our uniform men should learn how to do things in a professional way.

  4. This is what am saying the last one was police tripping a man’s ear now it shooting an innocent man’s leg even this SARS of a thing is not well recognised in Nigeria the government should do something about it please it getting out of hand or are they not given proper training

  5. This is really getting worse.
    people are really taking advantage of their fellow beings because they have gun and fake identity card

  6. Na criminal dey sabi criminal now, how could a law enforcing officer confirming having a very cordial relationship with a criminal?… All these MEN IN BLACK are mere EVILS WALKING ON BOTH LEGS

  7. Corruption at its Peck,arrested innocent man,shoot him charge him for cultism where is this country heading too

  8. This Sars are more than criminal, they will even frame up a story you can never imagine…. This is what is going on in Nigeria..look at what he just framed up against the innocent guy

  9. They way this people handle case sometimes is very bad,and this SARS or what ever they call them don’t they know there duty and how case should be handed

  10. shortfalls violated demands human rights by shooting him in the leg is a very very very big offence it should be prosecuted

  11. Even the police are they not worst than the Arm rubbers? Why must he wrote the statement by himself or is that how they should handle a case file?

  12. Imagine this,am sure a lot are still suffering from this same thing I don’t know what our government is doing to check mate all this SARs atrocities

  13. This so called SARS dey are heartless i hav never heard of any good news coming from them, justice must be done

  14. Why will they not confirm everything about this guy before they start threatening him like this. SARS hmmm.

  15. and that is the unprofessionalism on the part of this security operatives especially police and sars. why shoot a man whom is still a suspect? how are these people trained and on what basis are most of them recruited into the force? cos the way they carry out their duties is weigh below average

  16. i think there is no reform that will change the present SARS, may be new officers be recruited and properly trained. sorry about your pains.

  17. It’s not New news about them they do and conspiracy illicit even we’re begging for their eradication from the Federal government

  18. Why the discrimination this is so wrong why won’t we learn to stand and do things right instead of punishing innocent people

  19. i fear for my country this SARS are the criminals we have ,we dont want them again because they are not doing they job

  20. The truth is boldly written, this country full of wickedness… I wish government will assign a fire arm to all citizen so that the our force men will stop intimidating us..

  21. How can an officer arrest a man without prove, and again claiming to have cordial relationship with a man he accused of been a can only take the person for interrogation there after let the man go until you have solid evidence against him and not just listening to so called co_criminals.

  22. I don’t think this is the right time to have said that . They are majorly in kidnapping and robbery. They are reformed already . He should have spoke out a long time a go

  23. Too bad of them but is good to make a good investigation and the is really innocent the SARS should be penalized

  24. The corruption in this nation is too high. How come SARS were not reprimanded. Every thing taken casually wen someone could have lost his life.

  25. Lucky you finally got away with jail. There are countless people whom have been thrown in to jail for crimes they never committed. This is credited to SARS.

  26. Aba this is too cruel and uncalled for… justice has to be done rightly..and the sar should also be punished sef

  27. This is one thing about our Police officers they always act faster than their shadow u don’t have the right to maltreat a suspect because u don’t have any evidence against him.

  28. I’m sure he was the one that shot the man on the foot,f SARS men are very wicked,u see the kind of country are,because he is SARS, the authority don’t even care to persecute him

  29. This is abuse of power, using force to extract information without proper and thorough investigation. F_ SAR should learn to be humanely in treating suspects

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