Man remanded in prison for attempting to rape a 110-year-old woman in Ekiti

56-year-old Abraham Benjamin who tried raping a 110-year-old woman in her home, was on Thursday remanded in prison by an Ado Magistrates’ Court sitting in Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State.

Man remanded in prison for attempting to rape 110-year-old woman in Ekiti lailasnews

According to the Magistrate, Mrs Taiwo Ajibade, who gave the order, the accused should remain in prison pending advice from the State Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), as she further directed that the case file should be duplicated and a copy sent to the DPP for advice

Police Prosecutor, Insp. Caleb Leranmo, had told the court that the accused committed the offence on April 30 at No. 12 , Igbehin St., in the state capital.

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According to him, the accused committed the offence on April 30 at No. 12 , Igbehin St., in the state capital, an offence which contravened Section 359 of the Criminal Code, Laws of Ekiti State 2012. NAN reported that the case was adjourned until May 22 for mention.

Few months ago, we reported that a 29-year-old man, Kehinde Ariyo, was arrested by the Osun Police Command for allegedly raping an 85-year-old woman to coma at Ilesa town in the state.

The police commissioner in the state, Mr Fimihan Adeoye, who spoke to newsmen in Osogbo said the incident happened at Ogudu area in Ilesa, where the suspect forcefully had canal knowledge of the old woman after gaining access to her residence around 11pm on Oct. 27.

He added that the woman sustained various degrees of injuries on her body, including her private organ, and eventually passed out in the process before she was resuscitated at a private hospital.

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According to Adeoye, the suspect lives in the same area where the victim resides, and had gone on errands for the old woman severally in the past.

“The woman passed out during the rape, but came back to life after some hours, the suspect was arrested the next day.

“This is the height of wickedness in our society. The boy injured the woman in the process, but she has been treated “, Adeoye said.

The suspect admitted to have committed the act, claiming to have been drunk at the time of committing the heinous act.

“Mama asked me to sleep on a couch in the passage. I was already drunk and did not know what happened afterwards,” he claimed.


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  1. Oh wow! Nigeria is where you hear some of the most horrendous of vices. I mean, how did this get into his skull, the sexual urge? Was there any, I mean, sexual urge? How could anyone even think of it let alone try to activate the thought. The old woman at 110 must be shrunk like a dug up, mummified, 20 year Egyptian dead body.

    Quote me, when this is investigated, 999% of the chance, it might be religious related, he might be a Pastor trying to start a scam church or induced by a pastor, if that fails, must be related to some superstition, and stupid beliefs in easy coming over of money in their Billions without working. That’s what fills the minds of youths in Nigeria. Everybody wants to become Millionaires next morning thru fraudulent prayers or thru investiture into some foolish occult idiocy or through sex.

    Look how everyone last one of them was eulogizing Davido’s girlfriend, none even bothered to look at that car very well to see it is only a 2009 model that may not even be worth 7 million Naira. None bothered to think, what if Davidoe’s girlfriend already got HIV or one of the womb destroyers, none of them stops to consider, where is her family and why are they not saying anything in support of the Chioma Davido?

    Now, I know a bit about Babcock University, that is an upsacle school right there, anyone who could send their child there is a bit comfortable finance wise in Nigeria, means she comes from a comfortable family. Wondrous – why then is she consumed with fantasies, acting like a needy, gold digging open ass? The talk now is that she has dropped out of Babcock University and I cant agree less. Babcock is a very strict school. Otherwise than that, how can a student maintain flying about, clubbing, servicing his sexual urges and being everywhere with Davido like she is getting paid daily or monthly for it? How does she meet her school course outline?

    In my estimation, that car and a few bags and clothes Davido bought for her is not commensurate to the damage being done to her body, her’s and her family reputation, if and when Davido leaves her, this might be in the horizon, she might be wasted ‘bigly’ and I am watching.

    Buhari might be right, the Nigerian youths are lazy or at least, lazy minded. All they do is exact minds to religion, without the requisite morality. What Davido and Chioma are committing, is it not fornication that is number 3 in God’s 10 commandments in the Bible? Nigerian youths are so sinful but hypocritically religious, shame!

    Let one come and call this epistle and get what’s coming to him from me!

    • Wow Wow! This is really Epic. So glad to know Chika is Nigerian and not all Nigerians have same mindset after all. I have been amazed how everyone has been joyful about the low grade car gift, even the Nigerian celebrities with none thinking about the big picture. BTW, I am Canadian and I get on this blog and other Nigerian blogs trying to have a feel of the Nigerian people and cultures. Nigeria has brilliant people though.

    • OK seriously?? I just saw this… please Laila can you get an option on this website where we get an instant email if Chika drops a comment on any post? This will save time for everyone because they will not have to go through each post looking for Chika’s phenomenal in every way comments. Whether they admit it or not that is what all your readers are doing so please consider it, thanks.

  2. Chika you are always thoughtfully different, sometimes I dont even want your scripts to end lol, want to keep reading. Kudos much

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