Man regains his sight, demands divorce from “ugly” wife that married him blind

A man who married his wife while he was blind has demanded a divorce from his “ugly” wife after a successful surgery that helped him regain his sight.

The man who was blind when he got married now claims his wife who claims she borrowed money from her company to finance the surgery that helped him regain his eye sight is “ugly” and for this reason he will want a divorce so he could go after the many beautiful woman he sees.

Man regains his sight, demands divorce from "ugly" wife that married him blind

The heartbroken wife seeking advice on what to do to her husband wrote;

My name is Cynthia, I’m 36 years old and I got married to this man who I love not because of his money (we’re not rich though but we’re contented with what we have) but I love because I chose him from my heart. Although his parents begged me into marrying him but I still gave him love.

To cut all stories short, I married him a blind man and since then, due to the love I have for him I’ve been running helter-skelter to find a solution to his blindness. Two years later we finally did an operation for him and God gave him back his sight. This money I used was the one I borrowed from my company.

A week after he regained his sight he didn’t start sleeping home and I heard that he had been carrying a lady around. I never believed all these but if I don’t what reason do I want to give for him not coming home. So one day, he came home and I talked senses to him and told him the story of his life about how I suffered and gave him love when he was nothing. But the word he said to me is that “Love is blind, and it’s because of his blindness that made him marry me an UGLY woman” he said his eyes are now opened and he can see a lot of beautiful ladies.

What do I do to this ungrateful man because all I can think of is to send him back to how he was before. Because I’m already planning to pour acid on him to disfigure him back.

I need your advice, please?

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    • No u can’t let him has no conscience. No nemesis to catch up on him.just let him pay the money n y go your way.

  1. Take him to court and get your eyes back. Spousal support. Im pretty sure he didn’t work much. His eyes will do. No woman would wantbhim anyway once they read this. She may not be that attractive to him on the outside but she has a heart of a rare gem that makes her beautiful. The next woman is going to be the one to be his Karma

  2. Don’t ruin your whole life for such a superficial and ungrateful man. He will eventually get what he deserves and will live to regret what he did to you. Be safe.

  3. You are a beautiful person and you have a beautiful soul. Don’t destroy your future for a man who doesn’t know to appreciate what matters.

  4. Don’t worry ur self Jesus is alive in every situation let him go ahead and marry d lady she wanted there is seed time and there is harvest time

  5. Let him go, God will fight for u.he is so ungrateful and he shall leave to regret it. God will bless u and grant ur heart desires, amen.

  6. My dear their is a saying that says what goes around comes around always the truth is bitter but you have to just let it go because his time is their he will understand when it’s already too late for his to say sorry and you may not know Gods plans when one door closes he opens another one so just give your life to God and let it go he will make away you know in life everything we go through it’s a lesson so you have to learn from that lesson so that you wouldn’t make that mistake again.

  7. Comment*My sister dont take laws into ur hands,pouring acid on him might end u up in jail just go on ur knees and pray to God to fight for u.

  8. Don’t blind him as he is still blind. He may see beautiful women but he is blind to your love. You are beautiful in many mens eyes. Beauty of the body fades very quickly but beauty of the person lasts a life time. He needs some free time after years without sight. Give him time and be patient, he will soon realise the young beautiful women are after money as he is no Adonis.

  9. Don’t pour anything.Allow God to judge.He did not appreciate.God who gave him back his sight.You also have to be careful with your behaviour and alterances.You equally have to say the truth to the public.You said,”one week after regaining his sight he started sleeping outside”,was it just like that?,no offence?.Most times people present their good side for sympathy,but hide offensive lifestyles/subjects of the squabble.Check your conscience,if there is something reconcileable,do the needful.Don’t remain recalcitrant.

  10. Pls, don’t do that it will end you up in jail K. Although, it is painful and traumatic but you can sue him for damages because you didn’t force him to marry you in the first place. He consented with his parents who begged you to marry him and out of pity you accepted him and love him. Take heart k. God will give you a man who will see beauty in you than for you to commit crime and end up in jail K.

  11. do not go to jail for such an ingate. Many are like this to God our creator too. God will deal with him later…Just let him go. He will be sorry for how he treated you someday…

  12. Don’t do evil to him. God always takes care of things. If u do evil to him then evil will come back you. God has a better plan than that for u.

  13. Let go and Let YAH handle it. No need for you to go to jail because of a broken heart. YAHUAH will mend your heart and punish, or break him because of his wickedness. Kick the dust off your feet and keep it moving. May YAH barak you Amein.

  14. Well Jesus. Don’t disfigure him because you’re going to jail but honestly if he wants a divorce make him pay for the eye surgery it has to be paid off completely then sign the those papers because now that he can see he will definitely find out that “ Everything That Glitters Is Definitely Not Gold” you my dear good woman Go out and live your best best life without him free and clear! There’s someone better waiting for you!!!

  15. don’t do it lady just leave his pitiful , waste of skin mf alone God has something for him vengeance is mine saith the lord —you don’t have to do anything —you will be ok WATCH !!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Comment* Pls Just Let Him Go, God Wld Make Him Worst Than He Was, Cos If U Pour Him Acid, U Will Ruin Ur Life By Going To Jail,

  17. there is beauty in everyone and the right one will find it.we as women dont have to have a man to be whole love urself first others will follow.

  18. Sue him and get your money back. He should be Happ that his vision is back or he would never known how you looked. Beauty is inside the heart.

  19. Let him be, dont put yourself in trouble their is a thing name did what you did out of the goodness and love of your god will bless you abundantly…pretty gurls dont last forever..

  20. Let him go!!! Don’t stay with someone who doesn’t want you. God will take care of him, do not do anything to him. Let God handle him. The same is going to happen to him, these women will leave him, don’t take him back!!!!!!!

  21. He’s not a handsome man, at all if you’re ugly on the inside your ugly on the out side,
    You are a beautiful and loving lady, let the ungrateful scum bag go, he’s not worth losing your freedom nor your dignity for, Jehovah God has beautiful plans for you,

  22. Karma will get him, leave him alone. Hes a very selfish and heartless man. dont worry, all that is glittering in his eyes now, will become very dull, and then he will know your value, when its too late.

  23. He isn’t exactly Prince Charming. He is disgusting. He needs to think, those pretty women he’s seen might not want him!!!!!

  24. You don’t have to do anything god give it god take it away listen to wrong does not make it right so hold your head up high because god don’t make no mistake just let him go head on because he will be on the outside trying to look back in let the door knob hit him were the good lord split him

  25. Comment*You will never be happy with this ungrateful man as far as you’re together,don’t look at what you’ve don to him,he’ll never ever love you forever,therefore,you should’ve to divorce him and marry another one who will gives real love to you.

  26. Hello i had hear all wat happen to you so all i can say to you leave him God know wat to do one day come he will pay for his ingratitude I swear u I know wat I say pray and u will see nothing is eternal

  27. Madame sorry what he is doing.
    You are so beautiful ,cute,lovely and has humanity.
    He didn’t know ugl.ugl is himself not you.
    So leave him. God will be there.
    I am sure he is blind not only his eyes but also his brain
    God be with you(madame)

  28. All I can say is let him go cause from his picture he has a lot of nerve.
    Oh yes sue him for the money your out plus pain n suffering.
    Without money no as he call pretty woman will be with a broke and UGLY MAN.

  29. Its not worth it. I know it is easier said than done, but walk away. I know u are hurt beyond belief. Vengeance is mine says the Lord. Give it to God an let handle this man. I hope u can find peace. He will get his. The unjust don’t prosper. KARMA IS A BITCH!!! BABY GIRL U ARE A QUEEN. TIME HEALS ALL WOUNDS. U ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  30. That’s the true him just lead your life and move on his conscience will hont him down.
    You can never run away from your shadow.

  31. Please! Remember the BIBLE says vengeance is mine says the LORD, I will repay! Trust that he will! The LORD also has a BIGGER and BETTER plan for your life!
    Much Love!❤

  32. let go, let God, Karma is a Bitch, don’t do anything that you will regret, he will get his 10x fold, hopefully he will SEE how this world really is and realized what he LOSS, you are a beautiful Black woman, and there is someone for you that will give you the true love you deserve, God Bless! HOLLA~

  33. I understand that you’re hurting right now and that you borrow money and that you married a blind man and took care of him and now he says you’re ugly and he wants a divorce. But you said God gave him back his sight God also said vengeance is mine not yours His. Don’t do anything that would jeopardize your freedom or your life.

  34. Let that MF go because he is one ugly man his self who would let him carry them around.. miss lady let God handle this retard he look slow…dont do any harm to him darling just make peace keep running your business because because he will try to come back to you.. focus on yourself

  35. Let him go.You are a pretty young lady,someone else will come along and see the beauty in you.Let his ugly azz go and sue him for reimbursement for the loan you had taken out for his surgery. Sister let him go, do not do anything to harm him, God will give you justice.

  36. My dear u are beautiful soul u not ugly he is , he is ugly , why u want to take gods matter in ur hands u will find true love and better man than him , u are better than this u can’t put acid on him just let him go pls u leave this in gods hands my prayers with u I’ll pray u find someone who cares for u not for ur money or beauty he love ur true beauty which is ur soul

  37. Hello beautiful, my honest suggestion to u is pls leave this matter to gods hands u not ugly he is …why u even want to put ur self down to his level he doesn’t deserve ur beautiful soul he doesn’t deserve ur beauty let him go , u will find a man who truly loves As I can feel ur soul is beautiful lots of love , prayers for u

  38. Yes, let him go, Karma is a real B**ch. Also pray that god will send you a good man. Remember God don’t like ULGY and he is ULGY inside and outside. Just continue to live your life. You are Beautiful on the inside, the outside don’t matter. Your soon to be Ex husband will reap what he sow. Good Luck Hunni.

    P.S. please don’t pour acid on him, you will be charged with attempted murder or assault.

  39. My dear is so unfortunate that this is happening to you but believe me don’t take Laws into your hands God is a faithful God LEAVE Him to God to handle him

  40. Fuck him he’s a loser and you deserve better but just as sure as you borrowed money from your company to give that clown his ugly eyes back trust and believe God sees everything and he doesn’t bless a bunch of mess so he’ll suffer and loose his sight and for good as he definitely forever and the next marriage will be a transgender that would have his whole family blindsided thinking it’s a woman who happens to be absolutely gorgeous but the only thing is he’s a man married to another man who lost his sight after disrespecting his previous wife who sacrificed for a very selfish man

  41. God has a helper who’s name is Karma , give him his divorce. Make sure in your divorce that he repay the money you borrowed.
    God will see you though !

  42. God has a way of testing our FAITH, sometimes he will allow certain things to happen in our lives so that we can lean on HIM. Be still and know that he is God. Begin to pray and ask God to show you
    Unconditional Favor with your husband. Forgive him so that God will Bless you.
    Don’t mind him You’re Beautiful inside and out, remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder!!!

  43. Throw him to the curb! Give him his divorce; why would you want to be w/ such a shallow minded person. Hope he finds a beautiful, self-centered, selfish woman who will teach him looks aren’t everything.

  44. Let him have his divorce, why would you want to be w/ someone who is so superficial and selfish. Hope he finds a beautiful, selfish woman w/ attitude like his. He’ll find out looks aren’t forever!

  45. you are too good for him and too pretty too! Let him get the heck on his way, but sell everything he owns to pay you and your company back for his eyesight! Just don’t do anything illegal where you end up in jail cuz this scum bag is not worth ruining your life over!

  46. This might be temporarily you reep what you sow, you worried about other womens and throwing acid in his face because now you’re jealous, but if you was good to him and didn’t do anything bad to him while he was blind, you know what I mean? then what comes around go around….

  47. He is so not worth you going to jail love yourself and you will find who supposed to be in your life because he gone reap what he so

  48. It’s not worth your future. You needed to see his true colors. He will reap what he sows. The universe never forgets! He will come back and then you will have the control you desire. USE IT WISELY!

  49. Leave him to God he is the one UGLY let his ungrateful ass go take him to court so he can pay u money back so u company get back they money he will lose his sight on his own and u won’t be there for him

  50. Take him to court. Hey your money back. He one ugly ass man. Don’t pour acid on him, Then you be in jail. Just let him be. He gonna go bling again you watch and see God don’t like ugly

  51. You do not have to pour medicine or him are you about it like it’s a God he will take care of it and she said in the first time I do not like ugly, is a b**** and he’s ugly as hell anyways I don’t know what he’s going around calling someone ugly for he looks like a coyote God bless you baby girl

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