Man recounts his hilarious encounter with a Muslim Keke Driver in Lagos

A Nigerian man, @trafels on Twitter has recounted his hilarious experience with a Muslim tricycle driver in Awolowo road, Lagos, on 11th January.

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According to him, the driver who wanted to go to Mosque for prayers after he drops him because they were both going same route, but saw more passengers and wanted to do another trip.

He then advised the driver to go to Mosque to pray instead, that he would still get more passengers after the prayer which won;t take long.

Read his story below…

“Lunch hour yesterday, I took a Keke napep to get to Awolowo road. I was the only one in it and the driver was feeling chatty. He told me he was heading to the mosque for prayers but he decided to pick me since it was the same route.

At Keffi, he noticed some passengers and..

I knew he was thinking of doing a return trip real quick, so I decided to preach. I told him to go for prayers since that was the initial plan, there will always be passengers when he’s done and it’s not going to take much of his time anyways.

Dude laughed and commended me saying “Oga, you be good man. For this country, everybody don chase money forget God, I go do wetin you talk”. I felt good & told him to keep the change.

Soon as I alighted, man did a u-turn and rushed back the way we came to pick the passengers.

I just stood there like”

Check out some replies to the story below…

“😂😂😂 He didn’t even wait for you to go far”

“You Got Played 😂😂😂 Moral of the story = Free Nigerians”

“You don play penalty go throwing 😂😂😂”

‏”Lol. Another way of looking at it is that there is probably a mosque back the way you guys came from.

Mr Tailor ✂ ✂ ✂(fisher 👖 👗 👚)”

“The man get plenty bukata to attend
And u know he can do it at once all together in the evening and meet up for the miss session”


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