Man rapes and abducts 16-year-old girl he met on Facebook

A man raped and abducted a 16-year-old girl he met on Facebook. Social media is good for communication, but some people use it for evil.

Man rapes and abducts 16-year-old girl he met on Facebook lailasnews

The secondary school girl was lured on Facebook by one Vincent Idumonyi, who went on to abduct and rape in Benin, Edo state.

According to reports, Idumonyi invited the victim to a hotel, a month after they met on Facebook. However, on getting there, she was abducted for 3 days.

The suspect then contacted her family to demand a ransom of N500k before her release, but the family only parted ways with N382,000, before the police traced Idumonyi, arrested him and rescued the girl.

60-year-old man lures 8-year-old hawker with N100, rapes her

In his confessional statement, the suspect admitted that he raped the girl twice after threatening her with a knife and to inject her with a deadly substance.


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  1. Nawaooo things are really happening in this world people are becoming too wicked this days b no more human sympathy let him pay for his crime

  2. What a evil man and is a lesson for those ladies dating on facebook. I don’t say Facebook dating don’t work out but ladies should be very careful and study a guy very well before picking a date to meet.. a little word is enough for the wise.

  3. Train up a child in the way he should go and when old, he will not depart from it. Words of wisdom indeed….please what is a sixteen years old doing visisting a man in a hotel? What are these generation of children turning too? Hope it will serve as a lesson to others.

  4. Our children especially the girls needs more enlightenment on “despiracy”.cos I don’t see any reason why she would go and meet someone in d for d he just needs to die by fire..

  5. Do girls still take the risk of meeting people they meet on Facebook? I thought that was old. Haven’t we learned. Thank God he was nabbed.

  6. What is our work really turning into what happens to all the slay queen on facebook who are ever ready to jump at people like this, this is why i dont allow my kid sis to hve an andriod phone talk more social media.

  7. That is how they will keep disgracing us, why do all this nonsense , you have disgraced us and our nation. sorry my dear am very sorry for you.

  8. This Man is a wicked human being.. Wicked people every where. Social media is a place to meet people and communicate has been turn to something else by these people.

  9. Evil occurrence is now very rampant from all angles, an underage raped and parents forced to pay #320,000 on top to secure her release, rape and kidnapping should be about 30 years imprisonment without option of fine or parole.

  10. This should serve as a lesson to those ladies giving themselves to total strangers on social media all in the name of friendship.

  11. Thank God he was arrested. He must face the consequences or any purnisment that comes out. What a heartless human. Ladies has to be very careful because that’s a lesson to them.

  12. Why can’t people learnt, social media is not a place for you to get involve with a total stranger, this is alesdon to others

  13. What is 16yrs old girl doing on Fb, we parent should check our children properly, daily give them close monitor to reduce all this.

    Lucky u girl.

  14. But why are children of nowadays so careless about their lives? Just like that you met somebody on fb and went to meet the person at hotel,thank God she was rescued.

  15. The girl shouldn’t have gone that far without asking a family or friend to accompany her. Secondly our girls should be more careful to all this social media dates. May her rapist be punished for his crime.

  16. Sometimes the ladies are the cause of what is happening to them, why going to the house of someone you just met on Facebook, at least if at all you want to meet the person, you guys should meet in a public environment, then when you get to know the person more that is when you can come over to see the person

  17. Social media is used for good communication but some people like this criminal caught use it for bad and evil things. Thank God he was caught and the 16 year old girl in question was rescued before inflicting more damage to her than he already did. We have to be careful with whom we communicate with on the social media platforms.

  18. These are the people spoiling this country….wicked man…but ladies should becareful with men of nowadays especially those they met on social media…don’t trust anyone…this world is wicked.

  19. Hmmm… This is very bad for the girl and parents, sometimes parent needs to teach and educate they children on how to socialize

  20. This evil intentions, you lured her, rape her, and collect ransom from her family. Bros you are heartless. This is so bad and you need to be tortured for it.

  21. This is absolute nonsense, the man Is just too crazy.
    That girl also need to be dealt with. what the heck is she looking for, in a hotel for that matter

  22. Children of nowadays how can you go and meet with someone you don’t even know just thank your stars that he didn’t inject you with the deadly substance wicked soul

  23. Meeting social media friends is very risky especially for girls
    The man should be prosecuted and the girl should be treated for STD

  24. Social media has linked many people and also damage many lives
    The man is wicked ..hw can he commit this.he is not normal, he must face the consequences

  25. the stupid man should be charged to court…
    the government should endeavor to to give him his prison sentence .
    Others needs to learn.

  26. Chai!!.
    I won’t blame the guy
    It’s the girl I’ll blame
    Some one you met online told you to come meet him in a hotel and you agreed
    That’s very foolish of you

  27. What business does a secondary school student have honouring an invitation to come to a hotel, especially from a facebook acquaintance. Sometimes we open up ourselves to Danger, but thank God the police has intervened.

  28. This are the people who are making social media a danger zone for good people, I believe he will be in for a very long time.

  29. Can you imagine, a 16 years old teenage girl meeting a grown man in an hotel. This girls they won’t listen, upon all what is going on around them. This raging hormones will not kill them.

  30. Why would a young girl go out and meet a man who she doesn’t know well. Parents should be careful and watch their children carefully to prevent these kinds of things. This is a lesson to all those that rely on social media for relationships

  31. Wow this is sad much rape case now is alarming and this our social medial girls still wont give themselves brain nawah oh…God help you recover from the traumer as for the rapist he should face the maximum purnishment as per the Law no mercy for such deviancy in character

  32. Why should the girl agree to meet in a hotel. This should serve as a lesson to others shaa. Even if you are to meet with a friend you met online. it should be somewhere public, so public that a lot of eyes can detect your slightest discomfort.

  33. This is very poor attitude. The guy create co ordial relationship in other to take advantage. He should compare the lady with his own sister

  34. The guy is evil he must not go un punish that is how they go about deciding and killing innocent soul God will punish them

  35. I don’t say Facebook dating don’t work out but ladies should be very careful and study a guy very well before picking a date to meet

  36. What a stupid man, wonder shall never end. Our girls should be very careful, mind the kind of guys they make friends with on Facebook.

  37. That is too bad, every day for the theif but one day for the owner, thank god that dey caught this guy, and he must be jail for what he has done to that gurl

  38. some people just like to bring course upon their own generation later they will say witchcraft is doing them.. You are automatically a witch…

  39. Online dating,girls should becareful on who they date and visit in the name of I love you. Thank God is rescued, the man deserve to spend the rest of his life in prison.

  40. Na wa o
    That man should be jail o
    He get heart pass witch safe and all this girls need to be careful on who they met or went out with.

  41. Na waooooo. 16 years old girl going to hotel to meet a man she met just a month ago…. She should have chosen an open place like eatery. The wickedness of man is inside of man. But thank God she is back with her family

  42. The word minor doesn’t exist in this society. How can you rape a 16year old? Moreover, some of these girls I don’t understand.. You met a man on facebook just one month you are already going to visit him in a hotel @16.. Thank your stars he didn’t kill you for ritual.. I wonder when some people will learn from others mistakes.. Idumonyi you deserve a severe punishment by law..

  43. Facebook was made to bring old friends together and help make new friends but now, bad elements have caused serious issues and have made it hard for anyone to trust on Facebook.

  44. Why is my generation this wicked and heartless, and underage that you have raped and still demand for cash, was the rape not enough damage

  45. The level most Nigerians have degenerated to is really disheartening. I advise most girls on social media to be careful of whom they relate with online. The days are perilous.

  46. It isn’t news again that the world is a wicked place filled with wicked and desperate people.
    I can only blame the parents of the poor girl for lack of proper home training.

  47. Social networks not for teenagers but for adults. I don’t blame the man I blame the teenagers who leave their book and hunger for men game

  48. Why would the girl to and meet someone she doesn’t know in such a place. In fact what’s she doing on Facebook, 16yrs old for that matter.. Well hope she will learn from this.

  49. This is bad all because of money, this kind of human should not be living around human beings. He should serve his punishment.

  50. Our young girls should be more careful with whom they get involved with on social media.
    I don’t know what a sixteen years old girl seeks on facebook to the extent of hooking up with the man and eventually led to her abduction and rape.

  51. This guy is a very stupid human man, so 500k is his problem in life that he didn’t only ask for, he even ended up raping the girl, but come to think of it what was she expecting when she accepted the invitation to meet him in a hotel.

  52. This a big lesson for the teenage girl out there. They should be careful with the kind of male friend they mingle with. The world is not wicked it is the people living in it that are wicked.

  53. Why would 16 years old girl accept to go and meet a stranger in an hotel in the first place. Nigeria is now becoming the most corrupt nation with high level of crime everyday.

  54. Why would a 16yr old honour such invite to a hotel.. She wanted the sex though but got more than what she envisaged.. The man needs to be castrates as well.. Rape is rape.

  55. She’s the cost of her problem naaa, why would she honor an invitation from a total stranger to come to an hotel, she got what she’s looking for.

  56. This is an evil act how can he invite her and take her to a hotel and rape her and after that he kidnapped her the man is so wicked lets bim face law

  57. What a wicked man, he raped her and still abducted her to collect ransom and even threaten her life, these girls should be careful with men especially when they don’t know before, this man should be locked up in jail

  58. It is a sad story. Facebook is doing more harm than good. We should be careful of who we relate with in GB. Many have gone. Both the boy and girl should be warned.

  59. Everything has it’s good and bad.
    Social media can be used positively. However, when some people use it negatively, then other users should be careful about how the share personal information and agree to meet people unfamiliar to them

  60. Parents should be on the lookout for their children. Social media is causing a lot of havoc because it is misused. Thank God she was rescued.

  61. Words of wisdom indeed….please what is a sixteen years old doing visisting a man in a hotel? What are these generation of children turning too?

  62. That is the problem with our ladies in recent years. Some you don’t know, invite you to a hotel, and she went. She is luck that he didn’t use her for sacrifice.

  63. The world is wicked, people should be careful especially girls. People want to make money at all cost . Why will a girl visit someone she don’t know, someone she met online in an hotel . Thank God for delivering her

  64. This is wickedness in display from a wicked heart.
    He should be dealt with without pardon.
    Can anything redeem the emotional and psychological damage he has inflicted on the girl.
    He should not go unscathed…

  65. I am very happy that you are caught in the act,you didn’t go Scot free and also the girl was rescued.But girls of nowadays should know how they will be mingling with strangers on social media.

  66. The so called Vincent should be jailed for life but what on earth will make a 16 year old girl visit a guy she meant on facebook in an hotel, girls of nowadays…

  67. What will you be doing in a hotel room with someone you meant on Facebook? And parent should monitor their children to know what they are up to, and let that rapist she punished very well.

  68. The girl is at fault for allowing herself to be lured by a stranger through social media into a trap of sex and asking for ransom for her release. All these under aged teens should be informed adequately before engaging in the social media platforms.

  69. The man should be charged to court and jailed for commiting two offenses, parents should take charge of their children in how they go through the social media to avoid this.

  70. This is serious but how can he so that social media nowadays is been use for evil agenda ladies be careful of all this guys on social media they are if no good

  71. What is the girl doing in hotel room, with a stranger, girls of nowadays are something else, and the man is an animal by raping such girl, this is called child abuse

  72. This is a total misuse of the social media… Thank God she was rescued safely …I just hope she hasn’t contacted any infectious disease

  73. Social media has turned into another thing,,it suppose to be a means of communication, but is now used for kidnapping, ritual killings and raping, thank God the police were to rescued her and arrested the culprit. This should be a lesson to all Facebook users

  74. People are really misusing Facebook. I blame the girl for going to a hotel to meet a stranger. The man is a very wicked man. Thank God he has been arrested. He should be punished accordingly.

  75. We should not only blame the man, we are to blame the girl too, why did she meet a stranger at a hotel. She was probably aiming to be a big girl at 16, the society is really evolving.

  76. Young girls of nowadays, what will a sixteen year old girl going to see a man for you just met on social media, I think now she will learn her lessons and will serves as lesson to others.


  78. This terrible
    Young girls of nowadays are carried away by social media
    I pray God should have mercy on these girls not to fall victim
    This man should be dealt with sivielly
    He should face rout of the law…

  79. God have mercy ooo,wicked man ,please ladies should also becareful with this social madia people ,although we have the good,bad and the ugly ,may God help us

  80. After all the nonsense act what did you gain? I don’t understand why somebody just allow the devil to use them anyhow.. Go and cool your heels in the cell

  81. I think I want to agree with the parental control in there use of mobile devices. Who used phone when I was her age? We need to be careful this days and this goes out to our parents

  82. The way social media are used nowadays isn’t good at all.Parent should always enlighten their children about the good and bad effects of social media

  83. The man is a very wicked man and as of the girl,why will she accept an invitation from a man she don’t even know to add up in hotel again

  84. He’s one of the evil people that they are using their evil stupidious to corrupt social media, he was already confess the Law shout take action instantly no cause for delay again.

  85. this is serious oo, but this wont make some girls still wise, they will still continue to be going to facebook’s friends house

  86. Wicked world, wicked man. Girls should be careful with the guys they date on social media platforms..but this wont make some girls still wise, they will still continue to be going to facebook’s friends house

  87. Some of these young girls have not reached to use social media because most times they can’t handle what they encounter there, she did not tell anybody before she left for the appointment

  88. The rate at which crimes is being committed now is alarming, kidnap today, ritual tomorrow, killing tomorrow, our security agencies should step up to reduce the rate of crime in Nigeria

  89. I don’t know when our girls will learn their lessons about this Facebook of a thing
    But that man should bit go unpunished oooo

  90. Thank God he is rescued if not the parents will have lose a huge money we really need to be vigilant our young lady need to me not everybody on Facebook That appears nice is nice

  91. All this small girls that will not have sense… How will a guy tell you to come see him in a hotel as small as you are and you carry your senseless self to meet him… Based on he will give you money bah?

  92. Upon your evil doing you didn’t not still gain anything rather you were disgraced in public both on social media the evil you do is the evil you get in return

  93. Na wa o.. Be care with who u chat… And parents please let’s be vigilant.. Especially when it has to do with our kids on social media… Monitor them if u have to

  94. This should serve as a lesson to all young teens. I don’t really know what’s wrong with these teenagers despite series of news spreading on how some guys use to rape, kill or inject a deadly substance to girls the met on facebook yet some are still falling victims. The craving for money by these teens will surely put them in trouble. A word is enough for the wise

  95. This is not the first time something like this is happening so pls I urge all the girls to learn from so that the won’t fall a victim. For the heartless rapist is punishment should be very heavy.

  96. The truth must be said. What did 16 years old girl know to accept a invitation of someone you only know on Facebook in a hotel?
    More blame should be in the girl.
    Although the man did something very wrong by abducting and raped the girl.

  97. Secondary school girl nawaooo …..the girl also have to be blamed honesty she met guy within a month and u have already decide to meet him…..intact this world is getting worse everyday..

  98. This is so sad because both the girl and the man will definitely pay for their misdeeds. What on earth is a secondary school girl looking for on social media and why can’t they learn any positive thing other than to look for boyfriend on social media. Going to meet a man she barely know in a hotel room, shows immaturity. Ladies still has a lot to learn.

  99. In this modern days with so much happening one will stil go and visit someone you met on Facebook hmm there are good people but I advice no one to take the risk well I guess she has learnt a lesson in a hard way

  100. This is the reason why ladies should watch their back, not all flashy things are real… May God return her home safely without been wicked.

  101. Thats so sad people should be careful of travelling to see social media boyfriends. Its actually not safe because you dont know them before and have never seen them.

  102. Hmm so sad. She didnt see the handwriting on the world..why on earth should make a 16years visit a total stranger at the first place.

  103. How can a teenager meet a guy on Facebook within a short period of time and went to meet him in a hotel? She is senseless and has learnt her lesson in a hard way.

  104. Evil things are increasing every day. Social media has really done more harm than good. Young girls will always fall prey

  105. If you talk to a small girl of today she will not listen but will feel you hate her, that should be a lesson to her and others

  106. All this children with social media problem, how can you meet a guy you don’t know on Facebook without the content of your parents.

  107. Desperation for quick money is the route of the problem…girls should be mindful of ppl they meet on Facebook…dnt meet ppl in a hidden place for the 1st time, tell ppl at home b4 goin to see sombody 4 the 1st time…public place like eatery is ok…not in a hotel.bewarned!

  108. Parents should try and monitor what their children are doing on social media to avoid all this evil act, the man that is responsible for this evil act should be Imprision for life

  109. This is terrible! The girl also should not have visited him, the man must be made to face the consequence of his action..

  110. What do you say to the young girl that left her Father’s house to meet a stranger? The things these teenagers do these days shows that parents are not doing enough, and at the end of the day, it falls back to them because they loose too.

  111. Just imagine, so up until now girls have not learnt their lesson, why will you go to meet someone you just met on social media and at a hotel, I’m sure she had sex in mind if not why agree to meet in a hotel, unfortunately she got more than she bargained for.

  112. Up till now some girls are not still wise, why much she meet him in a hotel, that man is an evil man,may God help us in this country.

  113. a girl of 16years what is she looking in facebook please no budy cares let her be may be he call her his baby or sweetheart ko

  114. A lot of lunatics are on Facebook and other social media site deceiving young kids… Pls let’s be careful with the kinda people we chat with

  115. These are one of the people that usually make social media a dilemma and vulnerable place for young people and he must surely face the justice

  116. When someone says social media is somehow not good it will be as if the person is not serious. Just tell me what will warrant a girl of such age to go visit a man in a hotel.. Nawa o

  117. This is pure evil. Facebook is good but it can also be bad for the under aged. Parent should please monitor their children and who they communicate with.

  118. Everyone needs to be careful especially with strangers what he did is bad taken advantage of other people in dishonest. Very bad

  119. I think its high time sentence for rapping be looked into
    Such cases will not happens, this is very sad and traumatizing for the girl involved

  120. Social media palava but the girl in question have mind how would she meet someone she barely knew in a hotel well depending on how they have known each other with their chat only God the substance that was injected in her

  121. This is supposed to be a lesson for gullible girls to learn but they will not. I blame the girl and her parents who didn’t find out where their daughter was going

  122. Young ladies should please learn to desist from social media matchmaking. Imagine what would have become of her if she wasn’t rescued on time. And the idiot rapist should be castrated for it

  123. Parents please monitor wht hour ward are doing with their phones especially girls infact don’t give them phone till they are true with their secondary edu..and for the evil let him pay for his sins

  124. Social media is meant for communication but it’s now used to carry out evil. People should beware making friends they don’t know.

  125. This is wickedness in the highest order. I don’t know why everybody thinks for you to make it in life, you must involved in negative things. Impatient is what is leading to all this. Girls this is a lesson to you all.

  126. Social media is good but it can be very dangerous too if one isn’t careful. The girl allowed herself to be used and she will live with this trauma for life. Girls must learn from this terrible situation and not just leave themselves to be used by one useless guy that don’t deserve them. The parents are to be dealt with and the girl should be allowed to go free because is the parents that led her into it.

  127. Parents should also warn their children to be careful in social medias … will a 16 year old girl even be hanging out with such person he met online

  128. People can be heartless, she satisfied u, sexually, u weren’t still ok with it, u went as far as asking the parents to give you money.

  129. This is a very pathetic story… Where were the parents of the girl when she decided to meet a total stranger in an hotel. We need to beware of people we chat with on Facebook. You might be chatting with the devil himself. I thank God , she was rescued.

  130. Social media has its own side effects! Why will a small girl of 18 years leave her parent custody to meet a man he did not see before….. Parent should be very careful and children should be vigilant. Let the man face the law and be dealt with

  131. Terrible
    But what would a 15 years old girl go to an hotel to do when invited by someone
    She lacks moral
    And she should be happy
    Her life’s length wasn’t cut short

  132. parents should do their part by educating their wards about all these criminals online of the danger attached to it

  133. I think this will serve as a lesson to those girls that always after whatever they see on social media without a proper investigation before acting on it

  134. I wonder why people are not learning from other people’s mistake. You will still see similar thing happen in 2019.the guy should face the law.

  135. What is Avery man what he did is very wrong and for the sixteen years old girl who gave her phone and what is she doing on Facebook

  136. What a wicked world..
    These world is full of wickedness
    How can someone do that to a teenage girl
    He should be arrested and persecuted ooo

  137. This is one of the side effect of social media. How can a well reasonable man do that to a teenage girl. The man must be sentenced to life imprisonment

  138. Words always keep coming across Facebook each time.
    What is love or likeness on social media.
    This days children has made social media a love center.

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