Man prevents wife from getting a masters before him “due to potential impact on their marriage”

Nigerian doctor, Dr Ola Brown, has taken to social media to narrate how a man prevented his wife from getting a masters degree before him, due to the supposed impact on their marriage.

Twitter user, Dr Ola Brown @NaijaFlyingDr, the lady turned down a masters degree and job offer, because her husband felt it would be bad for their marriage if she got the degree before him.

He wrote;

There was a lady who I wanted to come
and work with us. But she didn’t have an
MBA. So included it in her offer letter.
She turned the offer down because her
husband said that it would be bad for
their marriage if she got a masters
before him.
Maybe this has something to do with
the reason why people insist on calling
my hubby Dr Brown even though he
isn’t a Dr. I am Dr Brown. And that’s
perfectly 0k. I also got my masters
before him.
He really doesn’t give a hoot about such
things. Supports me through everything.
Honestly I promise you. He REALLY
doesn’t care abt stuff like that.

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