Man places N250K bounty on thief who stole his bag inside Bank

A TV producer, Val Obil has placed a N250,000 bounty on a thief who stole his bag within the premises of a commercial bank in Lekki, Lagos.

Man places N250K bounty on thief who stole his bank inside Bank

Val Obi, while releasing the surveillance videos showing the moment the thief carried the bag and moved with it, said it contains productions worth millions of Naira.

He wrote:

Please help us catch this thief and be rewarded with 250,000. This happened this afternoon and I feel so angry and sad right now. This has never happened before and its amazing this could happen in 2019. Had to check the bank CCTV footage today to get this video’.

The first video shows me, on black n black wearing shades entering fidelity bank, admiralty way, lekki phase 1 today around 11.40am, can see I dropped my bag inside the locker provided by the bank which is very common in Nigerian banks. I dropped my bag, padlocked the locker and then entered the bank.

The metal detector at the bank door didn’t let me enter and the guard instructed me to. The second video shows the thief entering the bank premises. He drops his bag, in another locker, looks around and then enters the bank (notice the presence of a bank security guard) (the bag is a black sports school-like bag)

The third video shows the guy come out from the bank, (notice the guard isn’t present anymore, when his security bosses questioned the guard later he said he went to eat, can you imagine? And no replacement came through ))) He checks around constantly, tries keys in my own locker, looks around again, feels the bag, looks around and then takes my bag alongside his.

I came out from the bank, tried my keys and it couldn’t open. Raised alarm with the security guards and they tried some keys before they could open it… This thief needs to be apprehended and dealt with terribly …. Please anyone who knows him or can recognise him should contact me and will be rewarded with N200,000 … My life’s work plus multi million naira jobs of @lindaikejitv and @officiallindaikejiare inside that bag….I wouldn’t make this post if it was just only money he took, but what he took from me in that bag is my sweat, my efforts and much more than gold..

Please repost, tag n comment till he is caught.. And to @fidelitybankplcAdmiralty way, you guys are so unprofessional in everything.

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