Man cries out as pastor fails to pray for his restaurant because he sells alcohol

A Nigerian man identified on Facebook as Ikenna Elendu has narrated how his pastor refused to bless his newly opened restaurant because he sells alcohol.

Pastor fails to pray for man's restaurant because he sells alcohol

According to the post he shared on Facebook, the pastor changed his mind about blessing the restaurant with prayer when he sighted a man drinking Smirnoff Ice at the spot.

Ikenna Elendu stated that the pastor left the spot immediately and accused him of encouraging sin.

Read his post:

“Umunnem,I need your advice,
I opened a big restaurant and in our church,if a member establish something new,he/she is free to invite our pastor to pray and hand the business over to God.
So I decided to invite my pastor and he honoured my invitation.
He entered the restaurant and spotted one of my customer drinking ordinary Smirnoff ice and he asked me if I sell alcoholic drinks too,”” I responded yes”

My pastor told me he cannot pray for me that am encouraging sin, I was speechless,who am i to correct my pastor?
I thought he was joking that he won’t pray for me but he mearnt it and walked away.
Umunnem,since he came to my restaurant, my conscious has never been at peace.
How can I own a big restaurant with no beer and drinks inside?even ordinary Smirnoff.
Does it mean big restaurant owners won’t make heaven?

So a devoted Christian should not manage a big restaurant where alcoholic drinks are being served? Umunnem achorom igakwa eluigwe ooo.
Am I really encouraging sin?”



  1. see .as d pastor say ,dont encourage pple to sins.u can do another business dt will bring glory to God

  2. hmmmmmm hilarious indeed. man let your heart at peace ok God knows why. but try to give him tithe with the restaurant profit lets see if he will not collect

  3. Hmmm! Ohhh! Please gather your family and pray over your restaurant. If you feel guilty about selling alcohol stop and sell natural fruit drinks. If not continue. That you are not a drunk does not guarantee you heaven. Do what is right always.

  4. You too should stop selling alcohol,if you did not sell it that does means you will not make it

  5. You are crying because you build your faith around your pastor instead of building your faith in Christ. Where did you read in the scripture that your pastor must pray for you before you can sell or do your business? I guess you are one of the people whom has be brainwash. Wipe your tears be on your kneel and pray to your creator you are more close to God than the so called pastor of yours.

  6. Most u call a pastor when u have mouth God has given us power to speak an ask anything in his name so pray for your shop yourself an forget d pastor.

  7. The Bible entails that its against this kind of act.Am very sure the Lord has deposited so many Gifts in you, looking for something else doing won’t be a problem.

  8. Since you have been a member of church, you should have known the do and don’t in term of business idea. The pastor has encourage as father is left for you and your conscience.

  9. You too can pray. Spiritual laziness cost us a lot at achieving many things.
    Kneel and commune with God if it is HIS WILL to start such biz.
    You don’t need to hunt on your pastor, he does what he seems right to him.
    Only God judges right.

  10. You are not even supposed to call your pastor to that kind of place. What if people spot him coming out the restaurant.
    well. Just kneel down and pray to God by yourself, He will answer you.

  11. Your pastor should have advice you on how to go about it. But did you part before starting up the restaurant business as a devoted Christian you call yourself. God will not tell to sell alcohol.

  12. Your pastor refuse to pray for you because you sell acholic drinks. But when it is time for Tite he will not remember that is acholic money that you are using to pay. May God forgive him.

  13. Before nko? You want to drag the pastor into your sinful business? Abeg let everyone carry his/her cross

  14. Please pray 4 urself n move on.. but if u see any1 drinking more than he can carry, then advise de person 2 stop. My dear it’s business not a sin..

  15. Abeg, only believe in your self if he prayed or not, that all the restaurant that sell alcohol will not make heaven because your pastor hold the gate to heaven

  16. You will still make big sales in your restaurant without selling alcoholic drinks so long as you know how to cook good food. Your pastor is a real man of God

  17. This is so funny, how will church members should be selling beer and invited a pastor to come and blessed or pray for him is not good enough.

  18. must the pastor pray for your business before it progress.everybody is given the power to pray and ask things from God. use your mouth and talk to God concerning your business don’t wait on your pastor.

  19. The thing there is the pastor has a point but you should not be worried hence he wont pray for you and bless your restaurant, go get another pastor that will do it

  20. drinking alcohol I don’t see it as a all depends the way you drink it. and beside if he is a good pastor he cannot leave immediately he will need to encourage her, with time she might stop it. there are sin the pastor does which know man knows about but God, why concluding on others people weakness.

  21. Can’t you your self pray for your restaurant. Stay there and be looking for a pastor to pray for you. Shallow minded people, sorry to say

  22. Well if its your line of business that fetch food on your table its no sin since you are not stealing but for the pastor he has acted too harsh well let’s leave everything in Gods hand

  23. Well, it depends on individuals thinking, for the fact that you are selling alcohol does not mean that you are committing sin, its left for the consumer to drinking little for stomach sake according to bible.

  24. If really your a Christian, you know what the bible says about alcohol, you must not sell that to succeed, God cannot be mocked, those people your selling it to, do u care about their soul, we as christains are suppose to be the light of the world, the pastor should call him and advice him properly then pray for him

  25. Pastors have principles, of he doesn’t want to pray for ur alcoholic business u seek the consent of another

  26. I don’t blame the pastor he is working according to the Bible my pastor will do the same,I think u should look for another pastor

  27. People should know that their pastors ate not God, pray to your God by yourself, and your God will hear and answer your prayers. You are making your pastor to look like your God, and he is not.

  28. Hmm,this is quite tricky,I don’t know what to say but then taking excessive alcohol is the sin not the alcohol itself ,I think everyone has this thing twisted …good luck to you,may your business prosper

  29. Your pastor is a good person because he told you truth but you don’t have choice go find another person

  30. Yes and in support of that pastor sin is sin wether big or small, Christ will say it just little so go to heaven.

  31. Lik seriously,kind of funny….aw pastor go pray 4 bar nau,well he should av preached and pray 4 u sha

  32. In the right tending a devoted Christian was not suppose to engage in an act that will make many to sin… God bless the work of his children to flourish but not by advising people to sin freely…..

  33. Hmmm am in short of words but if ur pastor refuses u can bless it ur self cause u are also a son if god and called by god

  34. I don’t see anything bad with alcohol. If alcohol is that bad it means that no one will make heaven. Nawa for some pastor self

  35. So how will you preach to people drinking by telling tgen that it is not good whikeu ate selling it? U are encouraging it and it is wrong. God bless Nigeria

  36. God is not in support of that business that was why the pastor left. He is right not to pray for him

  37. That is a true man of God,how can you call yourself a devoted Christian and srill be selling alcohol! Are you mad?

  38. It depends on you what is your mind telling you. That is where is stand you know what is good you are my a child

  39. some people are too heavenly conscious and earthly useless.
    Just bless the business and you are judging him or encouraging sin. If he decides to go into thief how will you feel, or beg you money will you give him?

  40. bible tells us to judge not the pastor should have prayed for the restaurant bible ask us to increase just too much of everything is bad

  41. The pastor don’t know what came over him because that is his business and from there pastor get his too as a Church member

  42. I think the pastor was right and praying for a restaurant where alcohol is being sold means that he too is encouraging sin.

  43. the pastor did the right thing on because a Christian don’t take alcohol. please repent don’t sell it again

  44. Drinking alcohol is not a sin. Over drinking is what is a sin, so you can just hand over your business to God.

  45. I don’t really know what to say but I think that excessive intake of alcohol makes one a fool. About you doing it for business I’m as confused as you are.

  46. Alcohol is not a sin but it becomes sin when you drink it in excess and misbehave. Just gather friends and family and pray and Dedicate it to God.He will do it in miraculous way

  47. Well, it all depends on your revelation and convenant with God. If your conscience is against it then I think you should find something else to make up for the selling of beer

  48. Hmm,this is serious but the pastor supposed to pray for you and advice you not to leave just like that

  49. A devoted christian should not sell alcohol because its path way to sin because the bible says too much of everything is bad for sure u will have customers whom will over drink to stupor and same bible says I will bless thee work of thee hand, just let ur heart leads u and don’t worry about ur pastor prayer by urself abi u no get mouth.

  50. Yes so look for other poster but you need to pray for yourself and no need to looking for someone to pray for you..

  51. Hum mm must your pastor be the one to bless your business, the bible says we have the sword in our mouths the sword of life and death,just tell God what you want for your life and business.

  52. Bless the new establishment yourself bro. What I know is that one should take things moderately and that includes the alcohol.

  53. Well you should have called the pastor early than you did and then you would have told me him that you are just thinking of making it a restaurant

  54. Lol the pastor proving that he his good pastor that he don’t do such a. Things so look for another pastor

  55. So u don’t knw its a sin to sell alcoholics? Ur pastor is even an honest man, some other pastors will bless it so far u bring in ur tithes monthly

  56. It will be wrong for the pastor to pray for a business that encourages sin. What kind of prayer do you expect him to pray, that customers will be coming to drink beer? No way. I stand with the pastor.

  57. Drinking alcohol is not encouraging sin the guy should jxt be strong and have faith that his business would flourish

  58. You knew what was right but you felt it doesn’t matter. Look for other means or better still you pray and tell your God to anoint and bless your shop.

  59. Look for another pastor is very simple to find one nowadays, there is no place in the Bible that says Alchol is a sin

  60. But you could have allowed the pastor go before serving anybody who cares for alcoholic drinks since it is against your church doctrine

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