Man on the run after allegedly impregnating his 15-year-old maid

Man on the run after allegedly impregnating his 15-year-old maid

A man has been called out after he allegedly absconded after impregnating his 15-year-old maid.

According to reports, the man identified as Oresanya Adebayo is allegedly on the run, after impregnating a 15-year-old girl who is now being held up in the hospital as she is unable to pay N150,000 for the C/S delivery she had to undergo.

Thegoziebridge hared on their social media page;

A 45 year old, Oresanya Adebayo who cannot control manhood got 15year old, girl named Mary pregnant while libing with his wife. They leave on the same street with this poor girl.

This misguided fellow as seen in fourth photo below, it was gathered has absconded leaving this poor girl and the fruit of his “labour” at the hospital.

The youg girl gave birth through operationa(cs) and she is billed 150,000. Worsestill, her mum is an imbecile leaving in Ibadan.

Thegoziebridge learnt that the Hospital where the 15year old is held hostage pending when she gets 150k is located in Bota Village (Odo Ona Elewe) adjacent Liberty Academy, Ibadan, Oyo state.

The culprit is on the run. Adebayo has abandoned his family and the one he just created. He MUST come and take care of his responsibility as the 15year old is accumulating bills and nobody to take care of the bills.

Here is a letter claimed to have been sent by a source;

A note from Ann

There is this 15 years old girl in my area Ibadan that was impregnanted by a 45 yr old man. I will attach the pictures now.

Yes the guy admitted wen he spoke wt the landlord association at first buh when he told his wife, he refused totally and treatened in all form. She made him change his mind.

When his pregnant wife gave birth, he pleaded with the girls family to let her be coming to assist his wife with housework. They live three houses away. Once the girl tarted to help his wife? he started sleeping with her every time madam is not around.

She said that sometimes he took her in his car to a lonely place and slept with her inside the car.

The girls mother is somehow not okay. She behaves like an imbecile and her dad is late.

The girl delivered via CS and we don’t even know how to get penny out of 150k

This guy has failed to show up.
The story has been use during a Yoruba program on Fresh FM Ibadan and was anchored by Ayefele and E.O.B.

Buh after the program the guy pleaded buh later he has absconded from his house

He has rented the house out to some people, Please share until he’s found. The girl needs help with the new baby. She’s still at the hospital.

The address is Bota Villa Oda Ona Elewe liberty Academy Ibdan

His wife has also been called out, see post below.

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