Man narrates how police officer shot colleague for questioning him

A Facebook user identified as Mike Godwin, took to the platform to narrate how a police officer shot his colleague for questioning him.

Man narrates how police officer shot colleague for questioning him  lailasnews

According to the man, the incident occurred while on his way to Lagos at East West Road by Rumuge. Mike Godwin disclosed that the police officer shot his colleague who questioned him for delaying passengers of a transport company, whose driver he asked for driver’s license and tinted glass permit.

Read the post below;

“This happened on my way for Lagos yesterday on east west road by Rumuge, A police man stopped our bus asking for drivers license from our driver which he gave him after that , he requested for tinted permit then the driver told him that the car is a company car and that the copy of the permit was not with him.

We all came down pleading with him to let us go, but he bluntly refused. On seeing us another of same company bus stoped to ask his colleague what the issue was along side with some passengers the next thing was that the police man opened fire on the leg of this young man who was also presumed to be a force man just because he demanded an explanation on why we were unjustly delayed. Am yet to recover from the shock can’t believe that the people that are meant to protect lives and properties, can just open fire and shot at a live that they are to protect. Pls share let those in authority see it.”

Man narrates how police officer shot colleague for questioning him lailasnews 1

Man narrates how police officer shot colleague for questioning him lailasnews 2

Man narrates how police officer shot colleague for questioning him lailasnews 4

Man narrates how police officer shot colleague for questioning him lailasnews 4

Here is the video below;

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    • He didn’t have any right to shot him, he’s not the driver and I don’t think there’s any laws against it

  1. Nigeria police why?remember it’s just the uniform that is making you misbehave,and it can b removedo any day…..

  2. Wicked man, you asked for licence it was given to you what else did he wanted.
    He showed his anger on his collegue by shooting him I guess.
    Thank God the victim did not die. He should be sanctioned and purnished

  3. Is that one a police or a fool…i wonder what our securities are turning into….God help us…that man should not be left free…

  4. This kind of thing is very annoying, all this police men dey think dey can just behave any hw just because dey with d law wat nonsense….. Dat police man should be punished oooo wat am I even saying no be Nigeria we dey.. Dey will just let him go. If am dat man ehhh I will sue d police man

  5. Impatient is so bad , please hear the end of a story before concluding.always do the right thing at the right time please.

  6. This is not good at all, police that dey surpose to be protect people’s, they are the one shooting people’s just any how, das how one of them killed lastman officer in upper week, das too bad gorvement should find solution to what does police officer are doing Nowadays

  7. And so the tales of police brutality continues. A life you’re supposed to protect is what you want to take away?, he should be punished for this.

  8. Nigerian Police are something else these days instead of protecting lives,they are the one cursing damages

  9. This is just terrible. How can he open fire on someone just for questioning him? That officer must be punished

  10. Why things geting serious in this country.
    This is case of murdered, they shall arreste that police man, this is bad attended.

  11. That is bad ,why should police have this heartless behavior, their main arm is to protect life and prosperity they are again causing problem

  12. I pray for that nemesis will catch up with the blood sucking police officer. For the young man who was shot,take heart and thank your star that you didn’t die. Next time be careful because this is Nigeria where shit truly happens

  13. This is soo bad, Nigerian police are the worst police that kills and harm the citizen for nothing, we have heard this kind of incident very well but as we protest the police officer never jail. I guess the policeman should be jail for what he has done

  14. The police man lacks understanding, he should be disciplined. Anyone serving crowd should learn to control himself.
    He really needs serious re orientation

  15. In this country I think all our policemen need to be seated n remind them of their duty because what concern police with that I thought is d work of V.I.O to inspect that

  16. Police your work is to protect lives and property
    While testing the gun power on a helpless civilian
    Anything can happen in Nija

  17. The police are just getting worst every day, with the increased in their salary they stick prefer the 100 naira from the drivers,how can it be well with them?

  18. Is good that this came to the social media where the whole Nigerians will see it ,because they always deny that such thing happen.

  19. License to gun is not license to kill innocent citizens. I call on government officials to look into the matter

  20. The policeman should be made to face the law, this is pure wickedness, after they will say police is your friend

  21. What a despicable act. This is a corrupt and frustrated officer . I hopr this reaches the commissioner of police to fish out that man and stripe him off his badge . He doesn’t deserve to be a police officer

  22. The police man need to be taken to a psychiatrist for proper evaluation and then made to face the law

  23. That police man is incompetent….. And should pay for his wicked act so DAT he wouldn’t repeat such act again

  24. that’s not good,the police should stop all this nonsense I think there salary have been added and I think we have freedom in this country.

  25. I thought police ain’t supposed to be shooting anyhow, the have strength wen it comes to civilians, but wen dey hea gun shots of robbers, they throw their uniforms away

  26. * What a wicked world.. where he suspose to open fire he will be adamant about it but will do so in an unnecessary things
    he should be suspended for that

  27. Imagine this issues is becoming rampant police will just be shooting citizen as they like are they animal the police should be punished for this act.

  28. While we have the nice officers we also have loads of inhuman ones. Who behave like they are on something. May God help my country.

  29. Watched this videos countless times trying to phantom the thoughts on the policeman’s mind when he pulled that trigger and also what he would had done had it been night ,or had the passengers been a little more unconcerned as at the time of this happening. Please this video should be shared and reshared (pardon my English ) till it gets to the right authorities. Our friends in uniforms have taken laws into there hands and act uncultured and uncivilized. These news puts to mind the kind of training they had … Or if there was mental evaluation before inception. God help us in This country.


  30. That is how some police men misbehave. They are not qualify to be a force man. They may be a criminal before joining the police . This are the type of police men that give backup to arm -robbers.

  31. When will they stop all this their act…when you don’t have fault they will still try to find fault by all means to get money…..and still call themselves officers instead of calling themselves stylish beggars…

  32. Its because the policeman don’t actually have work to do had it been he was sent to combat insurgency in the north he will be took busy to engage in such action. Can you imagine the very people you are suppose to protect, when the actual criminals come now you flee into the bushes

  33. What happened to, “police is your friend”?
    Some officers don’t deserve to be given weapons at all. And you only open fire when you’re sure of an imminent threat

  34. Nigerians have only independent with no freedom. police work is to defend life and property not to affect life’s.

  35. Most police men are not worth it besides I don’t know why the give them gun when you know some are animal,police is your friend they say this one is police is your killer

  36. Oga police, why com shut? No b question he asked, u now decided to reply with fire. The police officer need to b prosecuted without delay.

  37. brother thank God you nor die o because those police nor get joy o. next time don’t question them again o

  38. The system should be put to check. The police has no right to talk no one’s life. They are supposed to stand for us. But seems is the other way round

  39. This is how our Nigerian police are doing there job,they won’t take thoroughly investigation before taking any step.

  40. The police officer should be dealt with accordingly with due considerations to the constitution of Nigeria. No man is beyond the rule of law.

  41. This is like the 3th time in less than 4weeks force men ate opening fire carelessly
    Fsars, a police and now a police
    What’s wrong with these half baked personnels

  42. What the police man did is wrong is meant to protect lives nd property nd nt the other way round,he should hav b patient nd also hav sense of reasoning

  43. This matter must be investigated and the police officer in question be punished. This are the kind of people that gives our police force bad image. Justice for the victim. And I thank God he wasn’t shit dead.

  44. That is very bad of the police man,he has made himself God because hebis in possession of gun,abeg let them take that gun away from him and arrest him

  45. I most say my mind, I hate police officers. Cos most of them are useless and can’t think with there brain. Don’t be surprise, if you ask that officer the police Creed he will not know it. If am to advise the police IG, I will say, that officer should be fired for the Nigeria police froce and let him face the law, so that it will serve as a lesson other officers.

  46. Oh! God this Nigeria Police self we are tired of them should we shout to the FG to banish u or what. Shooting of citizens without no reason haha and if they see thief like offa rubbery none of them can face them

  47. Useless police officer
    Because of Christmas hustling on the road
    Someone question u
    And u shot him..
    Big fool
    Just pray nothing happens to him

  48. Police officers now take others into their hands, their job is to interrogate and report back further directives from the higher authority. They now use their guns to intimidate poor citizens. We still have a long way to go in protection of the citizens and their rights. Let the law courts decide, stop doing their jobs for them.

  49. This is absolute rubbish, they should have beaten that officer there and then he should be queried when they get to the station

  50. If I’m to say, I’d advice that policeman shouldn’t be allowed to use guns again. This will also reduce criminality in the nation.

  51. Those that are meant to be protecting lives and property are same people destroying them,they should have giving him the beaten of his life

  52. That’s one the things that the police do which actually don’t like. Please Let the police be oriented on how to handle issuance on the traffic since they have become traffic warders.

  53. This is so sad, police is supposed yo protect Nigeria citizens and not to be shooting them for asking just questions. Police authority should dismiss him and prosecute him as well

  54. Not every person are fit to-be a force man or handle ammunition . Some have problem controlling temperament, they let go on any slight provocation.

  55. Most of the Nigeria Police men on the road need mental evaluation because majority of them are not in their right frame of mind.

  56. Nigerian government should please do something oh before those who are meant to protect us kill us all. They would have beaten up that stupid police officer

  57. That police officer should be sacked and remanded in prison for being so inhumane. What kind of people do we recruit into the police force to ‘protect our lives and property’? Appropriate authorities should take note and take charge immediately.

  58. The law should kindly clarify this, what do police have to do with Tinted glass Permit. This is a misplacement of duty.

  59. Police can be so funny at times, they suppose to beat life out of him anyway he should face the consequences.. Noncenss..

  60. Police men in Nigeria should be really educated before been put into the workforce to avoid taking of lives and bad stuffs that comes with all this uneducated police men who think they have the right to shoot anyone they want to shoot… They’ve done more harm than good in this country

  61. Government should dismiss this police man cos he can be an arm robber for him to shot carelessly. Wicked man he will perish for nothing

  62. Too bad of the police man. He is meant to protect life and not the other way round
    Government should dismiss this police man cos he can be an arm robber for him to shot carelessly. Wicked man he will perish for nothing

  63. Police have that bad character of delaying travellers on their journey, especially when you did not give them money. This police should be punished

  64. Not every body should hold a gun. A man who does not have self control and control over his anger should not eve. Join the police force. We have lost many people from police carelesness with gun

  65. Police should be friends of the people but Nigerian police aren’t friends of the people but wicked soul
    Always do what they like because they believe nobody can do anything for they are in the force

    I pray God save us from them

  66. Like it is said he with a weapon deserve more respect than the king, this police officers go through alot sometimes the don’t even no what they do we need be careful not involving in arguments that might provoke them

  67. All this trigger excited policemen, what even prompted him to shot the man. If they see robbers na, they won’t shot..rather they will runaway. Some of them are not fit to hlod guns

  68. Am not surprised this is happening. The police force is the most corrupt of all the forces. They can kill their family members because of money.

  69. Police men do unimaginable things nowadays. They are only there for the money, they have nothing to do with security nowadays.

  70. This is abuse of power. Police is suppose to protect the lives of citizens instead they are tge ones taking the lives of citizens.

  71. what manner of mad policemen do we have in this country,what if the bullet went to a delicate part of the body

  72. This police people their head is always hot and they are not friends at all not enemy. They don’t even spare themselves.

  73. I believe there is a law governing such reckless shooting, so people in charge should use it to bring the shooter to book.

  74. Why shooting anyhow? This is bad and it should be condemned.. the police officer should be tried and punished.

  75. Let the government look into this. The main issue is to train the police in order to be professional in their duties.

  76. Police themselves are the law defaulters.. As long as am concern 90% of them are not what we think they are. I think that black uniform they are wearing is disturbing them.

  77. He’ll say its accidentall discharge..He should face the wrath of the law..Its human life we’re talking about here

  78. If it is to catch arm robbers now he will flew away. You will face the law. So that others will learn from your mistake

  79. It is not good at all. The police man should be made to cater for the man’s treatment. Thank God he didn’t kill him.

  80. It is not good at all. The police man should be made to cater for the man’s treatment. Thank God he didn’t kill him. The police man should be questioned.

  81. Nigeria this is the life we are living in this country
    Is there a way u will explain this to foreigners
    Shameful thing

  82. Pls this police brutality should stop please it should . Cuz I don’t see any reason why a policeman should shoot a driver.

  83. Nigeria police why?remember it’s just the uniform that is making you misbehave,and it can b removedo any day…

  84. The police man is very stupid for that act by firing a force man like him. But who knows if they have an argument before that time. It has been done, he should face the penalty by the law.

  85. All this tragger happy cops we have around today .don’t they evaluate their mental state before enforcing them?

  86. Can you imagine, the police man needs to be arrested and jailed with hard labour to serve a lesson to others

  87. Why will he fired at an unarmed man. This is barbaric. Something must be done to address this act of incivility.

  88. Those that are meant to save lives have now become a terror to honest people all in the name of police,the lagal practitional should do their work.


  90. This is so bad and I wish the commissioner of Police should see to this issue, police are to make peace and not other way round

  91. I said it beforehand and will still be saying it .Nigeria is a lawless country… And u will see now he will go Scott free….

  92. That police man should be jailed for attempting murder because he is meant to protect lives not to destroy

  93. The police officer should be brought to book for such behaviour against his fellow officer. The law should be allowed to take its free cause

  94. That police officer needs to be Locked up and forfeit his 3months salary for opening fire on an innocent Nigerian, he has acted stupid and must be stupidly dealt with

  95. The officer in question must be sued for this and the law must take its course, things are just getting out of hand everyday in this country

  96. Wow. I hope they got the details of the police. Let him be brought to book. People like him can even kill somebody

  97. We are not safe anymore in this country are we talking about Boko Haram people or the corruption from the upper house or even the misuse of gun this military guys are now into. God have mercy.

  98. Nigerians what is happening? Let the government arrest the ldiot and dismiss him from the position he is please

  99. This is really stupid of the man to have shot someone because if the boys had settled him he would not have been asking for too much

  100. I think Nigeria would be a better place without the police force because they are the criminals
    and killers of the nation.

  101. Police that is meant to protect life their are the ones killing us I hop that man will be send off the force and to jail

  102. That is so wicked and senseless of the policeman…he should be apprehended and made to face the full wrath of the law!

  103. This police people should be mindful of how they maltreat their fellow human beings. This is Tokyo awful

  104. I’m really happy for yiu he didn’t shoot you in a place where you could have died, the police man needs to be dealt with

  105. Some of Nigerian police are illiterate, why will he shoot because he question him. Seriously it is getting too much

  106. It’s unfortunate that the Nigeria Police Force have lost it’s credibility to greed , and all forms of social vices. The government needs to check the recruit in the police now because some are joining the force for their own selfish interest .

  107. Our Nigeria police some of them are illiterate. Wicked man, you asked for licence it was given to you what else did he wanted.
    He showed his anger on his collegue by shooting him I guess.
    Thank God the victim did not die. He should be sanctioned and purnished

  108. What’s wrong with some of these police, once they are in their uniform, they will like to turn heaven to earth.


  110. This is one of the reasons I hate Nigeria police they are wicked and corrupt I really love soldiers in all way…I can never forget my sch sign out party police men were called instead of soldier when fight started imagine they enter their car and zoom off and when the fight is over they came back wat a mess they are corruptl

  111. Nigerian Police and thier nonchalant attitude, I’m very sure that if the driver had bribed them they would have let him go even if he’s carrying dangerous weapons.

  112. God help Nigerian Police with thier nonchalant attitude, I’m very sure that if the driver had bribed them they would have let him go even if he’s carrying dangerous weapons.

  113. So many of these men (police) are always under the influence of hard drugs, and as a matter of fact, they cannot control themselves most times. They need proper orientation

  114. What a wicked act. Some policeman enjoys harrasing and assuaulting people. Dat police officer shld be thoroughly dealt with

  115. Just imagine? This set of people are among the problems we have in ninja. Very uncivilized people…just negodi.. Just simple question

  116. This kind of thing keeps repeating because appropriate punishment has not been given to the defaulters. How can someone meant to protect be the same to destroy? If they see armed robbers now they will go and hide, even Boko Haram, now he’s showing his power on an armless civilian.. I pray the authorities get to see this video, so that you face the consequences of your actions.. Mcheew

  117. All these trigger happy policemen that will be preying on innocent citizens life but when they see armed robbers, they will not wait. The force needs a reform.

  118. What is wrong with our Nigerian police with the way they are policing their job with people,that police should be prosecuted

  119. You know in Nigeria everyone is a boss in his own territory. Even those in public offices they are the same. The only difference is that they are not with guns.

  120. Wicked man, you asked for licence it was given to you what else did he wanted.
    He showed his anger on his collegue by shooting him I guess.
    Thank God the victim did not die. He should be sanctioned and purnished

  121. Something should be done about these officers collecting money from vehicles, human lives mean nothing to them all they are concerned about is there extortion money

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