Man narrates how his valuables were stolen at a police station in Lagos

An aggrieved Nigerian man whose valuables were stolen at a police station in Lagos, took to Twitter to narrate how the incident occurred as he also begged the Nigerian police to return his money even though he is in pain following the beatings he got.

Man narrates how his valuables were stolen at a police station in Lagos lailasnews

According to Dapsy_Justdapsy, the incident occurred shortly after he was arrested on his way back from work around 10:30pm, and driven to Paco Police Station in Amukoko. His tweets reads;

So on Friday I was coming back from work at about 10:30pm, stood at my bustop for a trycle(keke)a young man dragged me by the side, while trying to know who he was, another one wearing @PoliceNG black polo slapped me instantly..

“Move now, I say move!” those were what they were both shouting at me as they slapped me at intervals.., I got inside the shuttle bus, already filled with different people illegally arrested like I was..

They drove us to the station at Paco police station at Amukoko, we were lined up like creaminals to a small hot at the back of the station inside the station premises.. Our names were taken, numbers given to everyone, mine was no 6,plastered on my phone and bag,our shoes were taken, belts removed,I was ordered to pull my chain, kept it in my pocket..

Just to have a detailed evidence, I decided to conceal my android phone in my socks, so I did, and we were pushed in the cell.. People bailed themselves one after the other,I didn’t want anyone suspecting I had money in my hands, and moreover it was meant for a project, offcouse our phones were already siezed at this time..

We slept all pushed together like piece of sandine, smelling, hourable place where we urinated in the same place since we weren’t allowed to go out, call anyone or do anything..

In the morning I looked for a way to call a few of my friends and they came for my bail, I came out, couldn’t find my bag. And that was why am crying out this loud, I had my tape rull there,my documents, my ATMS cards@gtbank master card and @DiamondBankNG card.. It’s exctly 24hrs since I registered my complains officially 2 @PoliceNG_PCRRU concng hw I was Tortured,assaulted,beaten lost my belongings containg cash, lcked up illegally in d cell by d @PoliceNG on Friday night and yet no single word from them.i have pictures for prove #sad

Am using this medium to beg the @PoliceNG to please let me have my money, even though am still in terrible pains internally as I tweet this horrible experience,and if @PoliceNG_PCRRU wants me to take them to the station and point to those who did this am ready 100%.

Man narrates how his valuables were stolen at a police station in Lagos lailasnews 1


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