Man narrates how his mum died due to medical negligence in India

A Nigerian man identified as Tobi marshal, on Twitter, has narrated the sad story of how his mother died due to medical negligence and malpractice from a hospital in India.

Man narrates how his mum died due to medical negligence in India lailasnews

Tobi marshal took to his Twitter page, @tobi_marshal_, to warn Nigerians against going to China for treatment.

Due to the level of our health sector in Nigeria, many people look to travel to India for treatment, but according to @tobi_marshal_, it is a bad idea.

See what he wrote about his experience below;

Rip mum 🌹🌹🌹
So this is how my mum died as a result of medical negligence and malpractice from a hospital in India

My mother, has been having some back pains for 5 years in which she has been treating with therapy and medications. Around June 2018 she was diagnosed with degenerative Lumber canal stenosis with instability and scoliosis at L4-5 & L3-4 at vedic lifecare hospital,Lagos

(you see this hospital is an Indian hospital where they lure people to India to do outrageous surgeries and extort money from Nigerians) with known diabetes and hypertension before leaving Nigeria with a maximum budget of $10,000 from Manipal hospital in India.

We were shocked when at the point of surgery at Manipal hospital, Bengalore that the total surgery fee doubled as claims were made that her spines were compressing her veins. this was very unprofessional as the x-ray & MRI Scan was reviewed by them before initial costing and decided to speak with the interface, Mr. Akash, in Nigeria to liase with Manipal to no avail. Actually this is what they do,they lure you into India with amounts that are affordable for you but when you get there they double the bills and leaving you with no other choice than

to pay. I am saying this with experience I spent 5 months here in India and I met a lot of Nigerians who had the same problem. The revised fee of $20,000 was paid in full. The surgery was done on the 4th of December and she was discharged on the 8th of December.

On the 14th of December, my mum was feeling weak, had fever and body pains. I immediately messaged the doctor and he said I should send her to his department immediately.And I rushed her to the hospital and blood/urine samples were taken he then advised that she should be admitted and I agreed so he asked me to make another deposit of almost 600,000 naira for her admission which was outrageous after paying 20,000$ , so I told him I don’t have such money so he advices that I could treat her at home that it wasn’t that serious that she just has a

urine infection so he prescribed some injections and asked me to hire a home nurse to give her those injections in which I did.

The next day her condition was the same she wasn’t improving in fact she deteriorated as she started having memory loss e.g she would chew and forget

that food was in her mouth so I called the doctor again and told him the condition so he then asked me to send her to the hospital but this time emergency ward. On getting to the ward an MRI was done and the result indicated that she had multiple strokes in the brain at

this point it wasn’t making sense I kept on asking how my mum could get a stroke after a surgery. Eventually the blood test result came out and it was positive that she had a bacteria infection. She was admitted immediately .

On December 19, results showed that she had bacteria

meningitis which led to stroke due to complications from the spinal surgery, so let me explain what bacteria meningitis is, it’s is a bacterial infection that’s in the brain and spinal chord so it damages brain cells and even the spinal chord and here’s the thing from my research

the meningitis is what protects the brain and spinal chord so even when you have infection in your body it shouldn’t get to those parts of your body the only way infection must have entered the meningitis must have been when the spine was opened which was during the surgery and

she was transferred to the ICU (@ N500,000/night), with another estimated bill of $12,500 which is outrageous and a total rip off. My mum left ICU 9 days after and was shifted to ward and she came back with a bed sore, which is another medical negligence on the hospital.

The bills were drastically increasing even after making about 2 million naira to the hospital we had an outstanding bill of 12 million naira(this doesn’t even include the 20,000$)so because of that the hospital refused to give her medicines and I had to start buying medicines

which was estimated around 150,000-200,000 naira daily and this went on for 1 whole month. Do the maths. this was hectic for me as I was the only one there in India.

After months of battling in the hospital my mum was finally free of infection but at this point there was a

lot of damage my mum could nearly move her body could nearly speak and couldn’t even recognize me at this point the hospital asked us to send her back to Nigeria .

In all of it Vedic life Care Lekki never gave us any form of support as the last time we heard from the interface

was 27th of Dec. We also paid a visit to Vedic life care on the 11th of March to see the Center Manager Kumarnswamy B.S to help intervene and provide a space for her in Vedic lifecare since they recommended her, as Manipal wants to discharge my mum with her present condition

asides us trying to gather about N4.5 million naira(flight as she was supposed to be coming in a stretcher, A nurse escort and myself) to bring her back to Nigeria. As I type the Center manager has been Ignoring our calls and Messages.
Vedic LifeCare uses every avenue to lure

unsuspecting Nigerians to their parent hospital in India.
They make sure they drain you financially.
My mum was worse than how she went there, she went there with her legs and had no memory loss, Now I wasn’t sure if she would ever walk or recorgnise us but I had faith in her


On the 13th of April my mum was again shifted to ICU as a result of low bp which was strange I called the doctor and he told me it’s nothing serious that since we are leaving soon he wanted her to be monitored properly so I said okay. Apparently my mum has gotten

another infection again and this time it was in the bloodstream my mum has multiple organ failures until she died on the 14th of April 2019.

You see I type this message with soo much pain as pray for my mother they made her go through a lot and they were unbothered I came to

the realization that my mum wasn’t only the victim. I had visited a lawyer in India and he told me he had several cases from Nigerians about hospitals there in India and that there was a case that was exactly the same with my mother and he showed me proof and I was soo sad.

Please my point here is I want to tell Nigerians that India is not safe to do surgeries and treatment they extort soo much money from us and still use us as lab rats.

You could go to China or Korea but please stay away from India they are heartless

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